Biotech Venture Announces Breakthrough in Treatment of IBS

Following recent clinical trial, biotech firm ENBIOSIS announces breakthrough in treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, which affects one in every ten people

London - ENBIOSIS, a biotech venture that develops personalised medical solutions, has achieved a significant breakthrough in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), company officials announced this week. “Seventy-eight percent of the IBS patients who took part in our study saw their symptoms improve dramatically,” Professor Dr. Tarkan Karakan, a gastroenterology specialist who helped conduct the study, says. “We believe this achievement represents a significant step towards demonstrating the efficacy of personalized medical solutions.”

Pioneering Research

A relative newcomer to the biotech world, ENBIOSIS launched its operations in 2019. Since then, it has sought ways of using human gut bacteria to treat a range of common health disorders, including obesity, diabetes, eczema and IBS. It has also developed a system of personalized nutritional programs based on the findings of microbiome tests, which analyse human gut bacteria. ENBIOSIS artificial intelligence technology provides excellent results for the prevention and the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Following a recent clinical trial, ENBIOSIS claims to have achieved a significant breakthrough in the treatment of IBS, which is said to affect roughly one in every ten people. “We examined intestinal flora of IBS sufferers before prescribing dietary regimes based on the findings,” Dr. Karakan says. This novel approach to IBS treatment, he adds, “is the first time for microbiome modulation to be used to alleviate symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders.”

78% Success Rate

According to Özkan Ufuk Nalbantoğlu, ENBIOSIS chief technology officer, 78% of those who followed microbiome-based diets saw their symptoms ease – from severe to moderate – by the end of the study. “We hope to soon present these excellent findings before an international medical forum,” he says.

ENBIOSIS has also developed unique prebiotic prescriptions for IBS sufferers. “Not to be confused with probiotics, prebiotics are non-digestible compounds that aid the development of beneficial gut bacteria,” Nalbantoğlu explains. “So along with providing dietary strategies based on sound nutrition, we also help IBS patients fortify their gut flora – thus easing their symptoms – through the judicious use of prebiotics.”

Personalized Health Solutions

ENBIOSIS was founded with the aim of developing treatments for health disorders by providing personalized solutions based on the outcome of microbiome testing. “Increasing numbers of scientific studies now show that bacterial balances in the intestines have a bearing on potential illness,” Nalbantoğlu says. “Through the intelligent use of microbiome testing, we’re coming up with ground-breaking techniques for the treatment – and prevention – of numerous illnesses.”

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Biotech Venture Announces Breakthrough in Treatment of IBS