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This program is ideal for an entrepreneur; someone who has gone beyond just coming up with ideas and has already had some success by turning those ideas into something tangible and making some money. Specifically, the program focuses on entrepreneurs ready to take their business to the next level while simultaneously creating a healthier work-life balance.

Mentorship and Guidance

Our ideal client has already been successful. Throughout the program the participants will receive ongoing mentorship to help them build on that success. The mentor will be there for guidance and will place emphasis on implementing strategies to work smarter instead of harder and to leverage strengths while compensating for weaknesses.


Developing and maintaining a strong mindset is critical for entrepreneurs to compete at a pro-level in the short-term and sustain in the long-term. Under the tutelage of the program mentor, participants will take steps to strengthen their mindset by improving their clarity and confidence, while learning to differentiate what really matters and how to better prioritize their time.


Throughout the program the entrepreneurs will take calculated actions to better align passion and expertise, in the process shedding or delegating the activities that threaten a healthy work-life balance. This repositioning is critical for participants to run a process driven business that works around their ideal lifestyle, not the other way around.


Consistently focusing on results instead of information, together with proper positioning, enables entrepreneurs to enjoy making money while doing something they are good at; a goal most entrepreneurs set but few actually achieve. Program participants will work under the guidance of their mentor to implement and test result and process driven systems geared towards making their business run consistently and efficiently while leveraging one thing they cannot create more of; their time.


Small business owners with limited resources often operate in fear instead of adapting to the constantly evolving economy. While working through the program participants will not only receive guidance to adapt their present operations for maximum output but also to forecast and adapt in the future for long-term sustainability.


In entrepreneurship momentum is very difficult to attain but very easy to lose. Throughout the program entrepreneurs will learn how to capitalize on opportunities and effectively allocate resources to maximize momentum while minimizing burnout.


While working through the program participants will be guided through periodic assessments along the way. These assessments are designed to afford participants the opportunity to re-evaluate and make any necessary adjustments mid-stream to better position their businesses for long-term success and sustainability.


The ultimate success of each participant is predicated on their ability and discipline to follow the program, utilize the mentor and be coachable. In simplistic terms this means if participants are able to consistently work smarter, not harder, then they can achieve a healthy work-life balance while also making more money.

Through a series of result focused actionable steps under the mentorship and guidance of the program instructor each entrepreneur will dial in their mindset, perform market analysis, develop and test simplified systems and processes, then refine and optimize the systems and processes. The summation of these steps will result in the entrepreneur developing a process driven and efficient model tailored to work around their individual dreams and goals.

What will entrepreneurs achieve as a result?

The entrepreneurship cycle can be brutal at times; but it doesn’t have to be if proven steps are taken and applied directly to a business. This program will teach entrepreneurs when and how to take the steps, so they continually improve while strategically differentiating and separating from the competition. As participants work to take their business to the next level, the program and mentorship will streamline the typical entrepreneurship cycle and guide the entrepreneur through each step helping to avoid the normal pitfalls; resulting in a process driven business with a healthy work-life balance.

With mindset, messaging, positioning, back ends, and sales all working in harmony, the entrepreneur is on their way to developing a process driven and efficient model tailored to work around their individual dreams and goals. By the end of the program the entrepreneur will position themself to enjoy success on their own terms and achieve something most entrepreneurs will aspire to but never actually achieve – Entrepreneurship Work-Life Balance.

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