AutoProtect’s Williams F1 Ceramic Paint Protection - Keeping That Showroom Shine for Longer

News provided by AutoProtect on Tuesday 18th Dec 2012

AutoProtect has taken a fresh and imaginative approach to helping dealers to instill confidence in paint finishes and overcome any buyer resistance. The F1 Williams Ceramic Paint Protection offered by AutoProtect carries a unique 5-year guarantee and the credibility of the F1 Williams branding. A further and crucial difference is that it can only be purchased at the time of purchase.

The ‘time of purchase only’ approach is an interesting feature ensures that buyers know that they really can ‘lock-in’ that showroom finish there and then, protecting paintwork, alloys, bumpers and interior surfaces and fabrics for five years.

Restricting the purchase opportunity to the point-of-sale works on a number of levels. On a practical level, it really is the best time to protect a car’s finish, when it is already looking its best. Buyers’ recognise this reality, which provides a strong emotional incentive, especially when the product benefits from the F1 Williams name. On a practical level, the five year guarantee means that buyers appreciate that helping the car look its best through the worst that nature and road conditions throw at it enhances the car’s future re-sale value when it comes to their next car change.

The point-of-sale only opportunity also means that sales personnel have to offer the product there and then, or the opportunity is lost. Procrastination is not an option!

What should dealers be doing now to prepare for sales of paint protection in Q1?

“Source a product that is credible.” This is the quick and easy reply from XXX at AutoProtect, adding, “Dealers need to have a product and processes with which they are comfortable. We encourage dealers to talk to us to take advantage of best practices and to understand the significant difference that a high calibre product and branding can make.”

2. Can you give some indication of the profit potential of paint protection for car dealers over a full year with specific example/s?

“Whilst ‘profit per pack’ is one metric that is used, I think this is part of the short-term approach that misses the wider opportunity afforded by a quality paint protection product. We prefer to work with dealers to leverage the wider opportunity; sales penetration, impact upon customer satisfaction, retention, advocacy and the use of the product as a marketing tool are all part of the way in which dealers can benefit.”

3. What can dealers do to overcome customer resistance in the showroom to paint protection sales?

“Credibility is a key issue with paint protection. It is not just customer resistance that needs to be overcome; frequently sales resistance also needs to be overcome, as well.

“The F1 Williams branding delivers a level of trust that is significantly enhanced by the point-of-sale only option. The proposition is a compelling combination of trust and science that creates real value in the product and the customer/dealer relationship.

”We support the F1 Williams branding through training and a high quality range of point of sale merchandising.”

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AutoProtect’s Williams F1 Ceramic Paint Protection - Keeping That Showroom Shine for Longer

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