Absolute Digital Media Reviews How Paid Social Complements Organic Social Media Marketing

The award winning creative digital marketing agency are reviewing the benefits of both organic and paid social media marketing, taking into account the trends of the platforms. This will help them to create effective social media campaigns for their clients to help them increase brand awareness and build their profiles on a local, national and international level.

Absolute Digital Media have been running client campaigns on social media for a number of years, but it is only recently that they have begun to see a major shift towards paid social media marketing. Due to a change in Facebook’s news feed algorithm and other major factors such as the shift towards paid advertising on the channel, Absolute Digital Media are weighing up the benefits of combining both paid social and organic social media marketing when developing their clients’ campaigns.

Ben Austin, CEO, stated: “There has been an ongoing argument about the benefits of both paid and organic social media marketing for a number of years, but we have found that with social channels developing a stricter policy against business promotion, paid social has benefited our clients.”

He added: “Paid social media marketing allows businesses to target their audience far more specifically, and allows them to reach a much broader market than ever before. This is particularly important for niche businesses, who may need a boost when it comes to attracting clientele in the first place.”

Paid social media allows Absolute Digital Media’s clients the chance to enhance their brand’s visibility, by correctly targeting the right audience, on the right device, at the right time. Absolute Digital Media noticed a decline in organic traffic to their client’s sites through social media channels like Facebook, and noted that this was down to a change in Facebook’s news feed algorithm. This targeted businesses in a negative way, pushing any promotional status updates further down a user’s timeline, ultimately decreasing the reach and impressions that the status would organically receive.

Absolute Digital Media further noted that a paid social strategy that posted specific, organic content at appropriate times would reach the correct audience on the devices that they wanted.

Absolute Digital Media concluded through their in-house research that in order to generate the best results for their clients, a small budget paid social media campaign combined with an effective organic campaign could have a beneficial effect on the objectives of the businesses. Through combining organic, high quality blog content on a social media channel, and targeting a specific audience with a paid social budget, Absolute Digital Media found that the most effective social media strategy was a combination of the two.

Absolute Digital Media are an award winning, digital marketing creative agency based in the heart of Essex. Through a combination of a hardworking, professional team in all departments within the business, and by generating innovative processes, they are able to develop campaigns that meet and exceed their clients’ requirements.

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