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Supermarkets Cause Uproar Over Ramadan Period

It happens every year! From discounted Whisky to half price Pork, why do Supermarkets cause a stir among Muslims during the Ramadan period? Are they carefully planned PR stunts? as the saying goes “There is no such thing as bad publicity”.

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Tesco promotion for Ramadan pork-flavoured Pringles

Pork is forbidden for all Muslims, the failed Ramadan Mubarak promotion is not entirely Tesco’s fault, the branding seems to be on the Pringles display board.

The news was picked up by the national press, Tesco immediately responded to the complaints on Twitter but the PR crisis was already causing offence.

On the plus side, the Pringles were “Pork Favouring” and suitable for Vegetarians.


Ramadan Special – Pigs in blankets at London supermarket

A Muslim shopper was unhappy with an independent, West Hounslow supermarket displaying the below Ramadan celebration sticker, place in front of the XMAS staple Pig’s in Blankets. The Evening Standard quickly reported on the news.


Happy Ramadan signs causes upset in Australia

Ramadan promotions across 239 Woolworth stores in Australia have caused a ferocious debate with customers threatening to boycott the chain, citing that the advertising is “un-Australian and offensive”. The stir caused many people to lash back at the racist comments and people who were easily offended by the signs, one Australian Women said “40 year old white mums on facebook getting mad because woolworths put ramadan signs in their stores need to get a life”


Over in Dubai – Free groceries during Ramadan

Over in Dubai a supermarket is offering free groceries for people who are unemployed or poor.

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Did you know that Ramadan boosts the British economy each year by around £100m? Read more here

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