Music video shows a man turn into a woman in one shot

The music video for the song Changes by Partners in Motion shows a man who gradually turns into a woman over three minutes.

The video features model Christian Deshayes, who as a gay person always wanted to be part of a significant project that would touch the LGBTQ community. Working on Changes sounded like the perfect opportunity. “This video is about changes, the discovery of your true self and this is something that every gay person goes through at some point in their lives. I hope this will be inspirational for everyone who is still in the process of discovering themselves and their sexuality,” says Christian.

Vaiga, the filmmaker behind the video, came up with the idea five years ago. All she needed was a song. A song where the singer’s vocals gradually change from male to female. She approached several musicians who all said it was too difficult. That was until she presented it to music producer Gabriel Lim. Gabriel was excited about the project and agreed to compose the music. Together with his bandmate Chris French he wrote the lyrics for Changes. They took what started as a conceptual idea and gave meaning to it.

“At different points in our lives we reach forks in the road where we have to make life-changing decisions. It's about finding the path that leads to your own truth, and summoning the strength to traverse the sometimes hard and dark road to get to our individual truths,” says Gabriel Lim about the song which will be released on major streaming platforms on the 31st of January.

Creating a visual transition effect seemed like an easy task for Saie Surendra, a motion graphics artist who has worked on big film productions. Then he was presented with the full concept: just one continuous take. It proved to be a challenge but Saie was up for it. “I had to leave computers tracking the singer’s face over and over again and manually fix all the mistakes,” he says. A fun fact – he chose Penelope Cruz’s face as a reference.

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Music video shows a man turn into a woman in one shot