Element Events Ask ‘Are You Leaving a Lasting Impression’?

It only takes 10 seconds for an individual to make an impression on others, however, how do you ensure this impression is a good one? Here, the creative marketing firm Element Events shares how to stand out for all the right reasons.

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Introductions are everything, and research conducted by Managing Director, Carlton Roach, revealed that it is within 10 seconds that someone makes a decision about the conversation. Within these 10 seconds, the impression on the second party will have already been made, and if a negative impression is relayed the conversation will become unengaging, uninteresting and ineffective.

Element Events is a direct and event marketing firm based in Manchester, which offer their clients a high return on investment and provide the solution to the problems of customer acquisition and brand awareness. To help form an active and engaging conversation, the firm aims to ensure that all customers leave the conversation in a more positive mood than that of which they had at the start of the conversation.

By leaving customers in a more positive attitude, they can build longer lasting relationships. After having been able to connect with the customers, this relationship becomes more meaningful and personal. This enables the firm to fulfil their mission of developing relationships between their clients and the customers.

The company has discussed their tips to allow others to commit to engaging and compelling conversations of which will lead to a more positive outcome.

1. Being on time

The only thing that comes before the introduction is turning up. Arriving on time when meeting someone for the first time starts the process of leaving a good impression.

2. Being true to yourself

Being uncomfortable and on edge puts the other party in the same position. Make sure that throughout the conversation both sides are feeling at ease around each other and showing personality to connect.

3. Presentation

First impressions are not only made up of conversations but of presentation as well. No one wants to attend a meeting with new people to find the other person or people don't look well presented. BE smart, dress smart.

4. A word about individuality

Most people go wrong when they try to start a conversation with a suggested line. This can be very transparent, and it is recommended that everyone maintains their individuality, opening the conversation using their own unique methods.

5. A winning smile

Smiling creates a good first impression. It is friendly and welcoming, and gives off a warm energy. Others are more likely to listen to someone who appears happy.

6. Be open and confident

Body language is critical in many situations. During any conversation, it is vital to appear open and confident in the company of the other person, to generate an engaging and personal conversation. Open body language allows the opportunity to let someone in.

7. Small talk goes a long way

Keeping a conversation going can prove difficult, and this is where small talk can be useful. Finding common ground and similar interests can create a more natural flow to the conversation, and open more doors.

8. Be positive

A person’s attitude is visible in everything they do. By projecting a positive attitude, they are likely to attract other positive people to and also spread the same feeling among others. This generates a connection between two people, and they are more likely to listen.

9. Be courteous and attentive

Excellent manners and a polite attitude go a long way. By being courteous and attentive, the conversation can result in both parties feeling appreciated and understood, but it also defeats any distractions, leaving a lasting impression on the other person.

Element Events' Managing Director, Carlton Roach, explains that by following these tips and taking them onboard ensure the day to day success of business conversations, creating more meaningful and personal exchanges and resulting in more positive and desirable outcomes!

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