Dreyfus Corporation announces that it is expanding its securities backed lending into Russia

Dreyfus Corporation announces that it is expanding its securities backed lending into Russia.

Executive Vice President Rhys J. Aldous, “We are proud to announce that we are extending our financing of publicly traded securities to Russian equities, located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia, holding a strong presence in the world, Russia is a great financial hub. As Covid continues to cause mayhem with our economies, it is vital that the Dreyfus Corporation extends its funding and abilities to offer in countries from Asia, to America’s and throughout Europe.”

The Dreyfus Corporation proudly widens its lending parameters in securities backed lending to Russia, offering much-needed support to shareholders & Corporations looking for finance.

Malcolm Jameson, Director of Compliance, said: “Dreyfus Corporation will continue to push the forefront to fund new continents and new projects throughout the world.”

Head of Company Operations, Maia Braginsky say’s “Expanding into Russia puts Dreyfus Corporation in a great position to continue our strong relationship with Asia and Europe.”

Dreyfus Corporations flagship product for investors and shareholders is our innovative stock loan program, which has been used by most major banks for the last 80 years. Our securities lending program is the perfect solution that enables investors to hold higher-performance assets in a portfolio with a simultaneous ability to realize cash liquidity as quickly as they need for cash arises. In response to our stock loan program and in a short amount of time, investors have come to recognize Dreyfus Corporation as the premier lender in the international stock loan industry. We built our house from stock loans, and now we proudly use our fund’s to make the worlds house a better place. Dreyfus Corporation renewable energy projects are exclusively for the European union economic zones.

To find out more visit our website for more information; https://www.dreyfuscorporation.com/

Dreyfus Corporation is the worldwide leader in business and welcomes the news of new partnerships and funding for our clients throughout Europe.

Dreyfus Corporation securities financing was created by Dreyfus Corporation to fund our clientele in the European Union, South America and Asia.

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