A Socially Responsible And On-Trend Social Network With Celebrity Backing Is Being Launched

A female founded, Gen Z group has created a powerful new network specifically for positive conversations around social issues. The platform is designed to enable everyone to build an online identity that highlights and discusses the causes they’re passionate about.

The Ethos Network will launch a new socially-oriented app next month in response to a huge growth in social discussion amongst Generation Z. The first-of-its-kind network promotes conversation about shared issues and offers a space for everyone to talk about what matters to them.

Following two successful rounds of funding, and with internationally renown personalities showing strong interest in the concept, The Ethos Network is on track to promote the importance of learning, communicating, and understanding through the normalisation of discussions around social issues. With existing social networks such as Facebook and Twitter currently walking the line between meaningful social discussion and personal lifestyle updates, ETHOS is set to become the new all-inclusive home of social matters.

Alejandra de Brunner, Founder and CEO of The Ethos Network said, “Everyone has something that they care about, yet there’s still somewhat of a reluctance attached to sharing and promoting these causes through traditional social media channels, where selfies and posts about nights out conflict and clash with more meaningful and impactful content.”

“It’s becoming increasingly easy for powerful social discussions to lose their positive momentum, which is why we believe that it’s so important to create a platform where it’s normal for everyone to represent that other side of themselves; that side that passionately speaks up about issues that really matter to them.”

19-year-old de Brunner, a former Physics and Philosophy student at Magdalen College Oxford, has joined forces with an in-house team from universities including LSE, Cambridge, Bristol, Edinburgh and Bath to build a new online community which supports passionate conversation. Through partnerships with key Gen Z celebrities, notable models and vocal personalities such as young environmentalists and civil rights activists, The Ethos Network has already laid the groundwork for a platform that really makes a difference.

Digital activism and freedom of speech are themes that have become much more prominent during 2020. The Ethos Network, which was conceptualised in January, has coincided with the rise in digital activism from the younger generations and big figures in particular during the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Normalising social discussion is a mentality that’s growing anyway, I feel like this is something that was waiting to happen.”

The new mobile app ETHOS is due for release on the 27th of September 2020 for Android and iOS, with further expansions and exclusive collaborations already planned. The ETHOS launch campaign, "Social matters.", will encapsulate the core values of the company in a creative, explorative piece directed by and featuring a variety of very notable young models, activists and creatives from around London. Brands can soon expect to be welcomed into the socially responsible online community which offers a unique opportunity to connect with consumers through their ethical practices and shared passions.

To find out more about The Ethos Network, visit https://theethosnetwork.com/


Founded by 19-year-old university student Alejandra de Brunner, ETHOS is the on-trend home of social discussion. A socially responsible alternative to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, the channel provides a safe and connected online space that encourages conversations which discuss a variety of social issues. It aims to encourage others to learn from, engage, and interact with unique content that inspires and motivates a new generation. Its goal is to make these discussions the new norm for Generation Z. The Ethos Network is collaborating with a number of key figures to further the conversation.

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