A Genetically-Engineered Virus. The Ultimate Biological weapon. A World under Threat!

Phillip Strang writes murder mysteries. However, five years ago, he wrote THE HABERMAN VIRUS, not knowing, as none of us did, that the coronavirus would enter our lives. Nor did he know that Bill Gates would make a speech in 2017 about a genetically-engineered smallpox virus.

A team of genetic engineers and virologists, at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, develop the ultimate bioweapon.

However, the most brilliant of the team isn’t who he seems to be. Sam Haberman, an Israeli Jew, hides a secret. He’s neither Israeli nor a Jew.

CSIRO, the Australian government scientific research organisation, had conducted researched on how to control the mice plagues that occur in rural Australia.

Their aim, to enhance a mouse’s auto-immune response by splicing IL-4, a species-specific protein, with mousepox to act as a contraceptive. However, it killed the mice.

Smallpox, easily transmitted by a sneeze or a cough, is the ideal bioweapon, as the infected person is highly contagious before they are laid low with the disease.

There are only two places that store smallpox. One is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia; the other is in Russia.

A village dies in Afghanistan. It’s smallpox, and it’s from the CDC.

The first release, after the trial in Afghanistan, is in an ultra-orthodox Haredi settlement in the West Bank, the second closer to Tel Aviv. And then, it enters Gaza, and all hell breaks loose.

Israel is unwilling to accede to Haberman’s demands. As they become more intransigent, his tactics become more aggressive.

The Egyptian military is not willing to let the Palestinians leave their homeland, and they resort to force. The Israeli’s can’t allow the disease to ravage their country. It’s either the disease or death at the end of a barrel.

Frustrated and confused, Haberman releases the virus in the USA and the United Kingdom. Soon, millions are dying, and it’s up to a few hardy individuals to track the man down.

Back in the Hindu Kush, they find the man living as an Afghan villager. And, even though he’s handed over to Mossad, he finds his way out and back to America.

Only one person can get close enough to him to stop him; the one person he cannot kill.

The book is well-researched, fiction based on fact.


“Chilling in its proximity to what could be tomorrow’s headline.” Ted Taylor.

"Frightening Truth in Fiction. This is fiction at its best." Leland Snead.

"My main thought through it all was, this s*** can really happen!" Cyndy Pugh.

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A Genetically-Engineered Virus. The Ultimate Biological weapon. A World under Threat!