100 Million Zloty dEEp building renovation program to replicate F3 Building Energy Efficiency Facility.

Deep renovation of buildings – Poland follows Latvia

Poland launches a 100 million zloty program based on the Latvian Building Energy Efficiency Facility (LABEEF): private sector on-bill financing "Energy Efficiency First" Renovations guaranteeing safety, health and comfort.

FinEERGo-Dom is an ambitious 4-year European H2020 project. Based on Funding for Future BV's forfeiting model, it implements financing schemes for energy efficiency and renewable energy in the deep renovation of buildings in 5 pilots: Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria. Already in its 2,5-year milestone, the project builds on the experience of the Latvian Building Energy Efficiency Facility (LABEEF), deployed successfully in Latvia. LABEEF is the first private-funded financial scheme for building renovation developed through the Building Energy Efficiency Facility (BEEF) model, designed by the Funding for Future B.V. team.

By replicating LABEEF, the pilot provides 20 year Guaranteed Performance contracts to owners through an On-Bill payment scheme. This allows for a deep renovation of the building and the maintenance of the works guaranteed for the duration of the contract.

Our FinEERGo-Dom project partner Polish National Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOSiGW) has launched the EPC+ priority program using Guidelines (EPC+ contract, Forfaiting and Maintenance Agreement) adapted from the LABEEF model.

Receivables from service providers will now be bought based on the Guidelines. We congratulate our FinEERGo-Dom project partners, KAPE and NFOSiGW for their cooperation with the Polish Development Fund that will support the Polish financial scheme developed under the priority program.

Launching this priority programme will provide Polish citizens access to capital up to 100 million Polish złoty for financing deep renovation projects.

Nicholas Stancioff, director of Funding for Future and director of the board in LABEEF said “Commitment by NFOSiGW to replicate the BEEF model within a Polish context serves as a demonstration to other European countries that financing deep renovations is possible while guaranteeing CO2 savings and better homes for 20 years or more.”

Apart from the Polish Priority programme launch, partners in Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia have already adapted the LABEEF EPC+ contract and received legal opinion and approval. This allows Energy Efficiency Service providers of these countries to implement deep renovations of buildings to the best standards and practices, financed through energy-saving while guaranteeing safety, health and comfort.

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100 Million Zloty dEEp building renovation program to replicate F3 Building Energy Efficiency Facility.