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The leader in worldwide golf reservations and technology plays a key role in the growth of the €270 million Irish golf tourism market

London, United Kingdom — 17 September 2019 — Following the success of its European expansion earlier this year, golfscape announced today its launch in Ireland. The fast-growing golf tech business has integrated with multiple courses on the Emerald Isle to expose the region’s world-class facilities to an international user base. The first and only worldwide tee time booking platform is making golf easier to book for both local and international players by moving courses online to increase accessibility while supporting the area’s rapid growth in golf tourism.

Earlier this year, the Irish Times highlighted the importance of golf tourism in a feature revealing that more than 200,000 overseas visitors play golf in Ireland every year. Golf plays a significant role in Irish tourism, resulting in considerable increases in the hospitality sector. International golfers are estimated to contribute almost €270 million to the Irish economy, with up to 50% of them coming from the United States.

“We are driving our international user base to Ireland and accelerating the growth of overseas visitors to the area. We are supported by a global team of talent that continues expanding to benefit our partner courses,” said golfscape CEO Raghad Mukhaimer. “Our unique expertise will play a key role in promoting the region abroad to achieve Ireland’s goal of growing international tourism. Players all over the world can book golf online as easily as they book hotels and flights on Expedia.”

Established in 2013, VC-funded golfscape has seen huge success in implementing its cutting-edge technology solutions in Africa, Near East, and Asia-Pacific. With over 400,000 users from more than 200 countries, golfscape is positioned to add value to its partner golf courses and provide golfers in Ireland and around the world with a more seamless, secure, and easy way of booking golf.

golfscape has received tremendous support from the region’s golf courses including one of Ireland’s leading golf properties – Fota Island Resort – partnering in the launch of the Irish market. Earlier this month, golfscape invited US golf sensation Katie Kearney to review the top golfing destination. In collaboration with world-class Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links, the journalist and influencer of over 300,000 followers helped introduce the campaign to promote golf in Ireland.

About golfscape:

golfscape was founded in 2013 with a vision to revolutionize the golf industry with technology for the modern golfer. Today, golfscape is the industry leader providing its reservations and operations services in over 30 golf destinations across Europe, Africa, Near East, and Asia-Pacific. golfscape's OS platform delivers course operators next-generation tee sheets, member and visitor mobile apps, as well as revenue-generating technologies and services. The golfscape team is dedicated to developing intelligent systems that empower the golf industry with tomorrow’s technology.

Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or learn more at golfscape.com


Press Contacts:

Jenna Heidstrom, Marketing Director
jenna[at]golfscape.com, +44 20 7183 6863

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Golfscape.

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<![CDATA[ Job-Filling & Job-Finding App Hela Job Launches as UK Gig Economy Doubles ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/job-filling-job-finding-app-hela-job-launches-as-uk-gig-economy-doubles-84fc881420a0e5c5db2aeef60709a13b https://pressat.co.uk/releases/job-filling-job-finding-app-hela-job-launches-as-uk-gig-economy-doubles-84fc881420a0e5c5db2aeef60709a13b Monday 9 September, 2019

With one in 10 UK adults now working on gig economy platforms, the Hela Job app is the first to focus on local job markets. Launching in London this week and then cities throughout the UK, the app will help business owners find local, part-time workers with a click on their smartphone and help job seekers find work in their own neighbourhood just as fast.

September 9th, 2019, London, UK – In the latest sign of the increasingly digital UK job market, Hela Job launched in London this week. The app is the first in the nation to focus on the HR needs of restaurants, retailers and other businesses that rely more than most on a local, part-time workforce. While other gig apps help businesses find contractors and freelancers for work that is primarily managed online, Hela Job helps local businesses find local workers.

“Just as entrepreneurs with skills focused on niche markets are the most successful in a gig economy, Hela Job is focused on the needs of local businesses and local job seekers,” said Hela Job Founder and CEO Ioannis Antypas. “While most job apps help companies find workers around the world, we help companies find workers around the corner."

A recent study by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) found that Britain’s booming gig economy more than doubled in size over the past three years and now accounts for 4.7 million workers. The study also concluded that one in 10 working-age adults now work on gig economy platforms, up from one in 20 in 2016.

While Uber, the ride-hailing smartphone app, is the most notable exception, most gig platforms are not focused on fulfilling the HR needs of local job markets.

Enter Hela Job, an app focused on helping businesses find local, part-time employees in an instant. How does it work? Once the business owner or HR manager posts a job on the platform, the most qualified local worker is notified instantly on their smartphone. Similar to Uber, if a worker doesn’t respond within a few seconds; the job automatically rolls over to the next local, pre-qualified worker. Also similar to Uber, when a worker accepts an offer, the app uses GPS to physically track them as they drive or, if they live in the same neighborhood, walk from their home to the job site.

HR managers in the UK who previewed Hela Job before this week’s launch, believe the app will save them time and money, allowing them to avoid paying large agency fees. Employers were particularly impressed by the app’s digital shift tracking feature, which allows employees hired through Hela Job to scan a QR code with their smartphones at the start of every shift and scan another code when their shift ends. This makes time-sheets digital, more accurate, and dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to track employee hours.

HR managers save even more time during the hiring process because Hela Job pre-screens and pre-interviews job seekers before they are eligible to be hired through the platform, a step that eliminates the time employers would use to interview job candidates themselves. In addition to interviewing prospective workers before the are eligible to be hired through Hela Job, they’re also subjected to an AI-powered security check.

Job seekers who previewed the app before its launch found it empowering. “The location feature is great, who doesn’t want to work closer to home?” said Sia Tehrani, a London resident who works part-time at a London coffee shop. “I like the freedom the app gives me. Just like Uber, when I want to work, I’ll turn it on and make myself available. When I don’t want to work, I'll turn it off. I’m in charge of my work schedule and I love it!”

After launching in London this week, Antypas plans to make Hela Job available in every major UK city by December. And later, to keep pace with the booming gig economy worldwide, the company will introduce its job-filling, job-finding app to international markets. Hela Job’s next target - the United States, where an estimated 57 million workers have joined the gig economy.

The company’s slogan, “Fill a Job, Find a Job with Hela Job”, will likely be translated into multiple languages as service industries in industrialized countries worldwide undergo a fundamental, digital transformation, relying less on full-time employees and more on part-time, local workers looking for jobs in their own neighbourhood.


MEDIA INQUIRIES: To schedule an interview with a Hela Job Manager, please contact Gary Gabriel at the company’s London headquarters on 020 8080 2775 or gary.gabriel@helajob.com.

Other: <iframe width="1280" height="720" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/cb_N9EiDtDE" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Hela Job.

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<![CDATA[ PHILIPS Projection launches a new accessible NeoPix mini projector ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/philips-projection-launches-a-new-accessible-neopix-mini-projector-74c11c1bae3f74674174f569ea2e9f25 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/philips-projection-launches-a-new-accessible-neopix-mini-projector-74c11c1bae3f74674174f569ea2e9f25 Thursday 5 September, 2019

Lausanne, Sept 5, 2019 — Philips Projection is unleashing today the brand new NeoPix Ultra mini projector. The NeoPix Ultra joins the current Collection composed of 4 mini projectors bringing solid imaging and connectivity in a high-quality design, subtle yet striking high glossy finish for high durability, at exceptionally accessible price points. Now you can enjoy all your favorite videos, images and even play games in native Full HD, along with Wireless Screen Mirroring and Bluetooth. The NeoPix Ultra will be launched at 499Euros/USD

NeoPix Ultra

Go beyond expectations with a 120” screen size that offers up to 4200 Led lumens and native Full HD resolution. With NeoPix Ultra, see and experience the opportunities for large image projection in every area with its full brightness and all the connectivity needed: HDMI, USB and microSD… Stream videos, image and sound via Wi-Fi screen mirroring and play all your movies and tv shows thanks to the internal media player. The stereo speakers will provide a wonderful sound for a total immersion. With the 3.5mm audio jack and Bluetooth audio, get a bigger sound by pairing any Bluetooth boombox. The PicoPix Ultra is perfect for watching a movie, playing games or enjoy a soccer games with friends, yet with an accessible price.


Screeneo Innovation SA, official global Philips Licensee, makes products for those who believe that what makes technology smart is what you can do with it rather than what it can do. We do this by combining our design expertise and innovative Philips heritage as well as democratizing innovation that makes sense to consumers giving access to technologies that enables people to do more, watch more, and enjoy more. With these combined strengths, we bring premium award-winning Projectors to the market: caring, innovative, easy to use, and impactful.

Whether you are a value seeker, a freedom lover or a cinema addict, we bring you the real emotions to emphasis, enlighten and supersize your content to bring you the best projection experience you deserve.

Website: https://www.usa.philips.com/c-m-so/projectors

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Philips Projection.

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<![CDATA[ Art with Heart: Finalists announced in New SFS Introducing Art Conservation Initiative ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/art-with-heart-finalists-announced-in-new-sfs-introducing-art-conservation-initiative-f1fda39ba73e2dae749c4a5ccb1ae4d8 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/art-with-heart-finalists-announced-in-new-sfs-introducing-art-conservation-initiative-f1fda39ba73e2dae749c4a5ccb1ae4d8 Tuesday 3 September, 2019

Norfolk based wildlife conservation charity Explorers against Extinction has announced the 100 finalists in its innovative SFS Introducing
free-to-enter art competition. Finalists come from over all over the United Kingdom with dozens of endangered species celebrated.

SFS Introducing is a new initiative for 2019, which aims to showcase up and coming artistic talent while also raising awareness about endangered species and funds for nominated projects.

The SFS Introducing artworks will be exhibited in the UK this autumn alongside the charity’s core invitational Sketch for Survival collection, which has successfully toured for the last three years, attracting over 10,000 visitors last autumn.

Anyone over the age of 16 years old can submit an original work featuring an endangered species to SFS Introducing.

This year, over 450 entries were received from five continents. Trustees were joined by an international panel of award-winning artists led by Gary Hodges, the UK’s best-selling wildlife pencil artist, and were tasked with narrowing the selection down to just 100 finalists.

Finalists have their artwork exhibited alongside the core Sketch for Survival collection, comprising work by established professional artists and celebrity supporters and patrons, including Sir Ranulph Fiennes. The exhibition tour starts in October and venues include Bristol, Harrogate, Norwich and London.

Finalists also have the chance to win three awards, including SFS Introducing Artist of the Year which will be presented at the charity’s ‘On the Edge’ event at London’s Royal Geographical Society in London on 14 November 2019.

Trustee, Sara White explains the thinking behind the initiative: “Our annual Sketch for Survival exhibition and auction has gone from strength to strength and has proved to be a hugely effective vehicle in raising awareness about endangered species. It all started with an exhibition of 26-minute sketches, because an elephant is poached for its ivory every 26 minutes. This new initiative gives aspiring or fledgling artists a chance for their work to be seen on a wider stage, while also contributing to wildlife conservation.”

Lauren Asquith, 22, from Wakefield in Yorkshire graduated in illustration from the University of Leeds this summer and hopes to set up a freelance illustration business. Her digital depiction of an orangutan is one of the artworks selected by the panel. Asquith said: “I wanted to choose a species with character for my artwork and the orangutan has a good face for drawing. The campaign by Explorers Against Extinction is very close to home given my interest in nature and science and wanting to learn from the subjects I illustrate.”

All artworks are sold either by auction or in the charity’s online gallery in aid of Explorers against Extinction wildlife conservation projects which range from a Nubian giraffe translocation in Uganda, support for anti-poaching teams in Hwange, Zimbabwe protecting critically endangered painted dogs, a community project in Bandipur India aimed at safeguarding tigers and field study in Batang Toru, Sumatra where the world’s rarest great ape, the Tapanuli Orangutan is under threat.

More information at explorersagainstextinction.co.uk

Contact Sara White sara@explorersagainstextinction.co.uk
01603 964 985

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Real World Conservation Trust.

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<![CDATA[ MiFinity與銀聯國際加強合作推出新的跨境匯款服務 ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/mifinity-5f7514a898da584155f05d6186434ac2 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/mifinity-5f7514a898da584155f05d6186434ac2 Wednesday 28 August, 2019

都柏林, 2019年8月28日– MiFinity,一家支持全球支付服務的提供商,今天宣布推出一項新的以消費者為中心的跨境匯款服務。

該服務允許聯合王國和歐洲用戶通過銀聯網絡,向中國大陸發卡行發行的銀聯卡匯款。目前,全球已累計發行超過70億張銀聯卡, 成為中國市場中的佼佼者。


極具競爭力的轉賬費用,低至1.90美元中國大陸銀聯卡持卡人收款金額為人民幣結算為實時交易或12小時內完成(取決於交易時間)利用銀聯全球速匯網絡高度安全、方便以及高效的匯款解决方案中國大陸銀聯卡持卡人高枕無憂即可接收匯款資金登錄https://www.mifinity.com/how-does-money-transfer-to-china-work/ 註冊

我們旨在成為在線支付的市場領袖。與銀聯的這種合作關係使MiFinity能夠在匯款領域為消費者提供優質服務。 MiFinity首席產品官Michael McDevitt表示,這將增強目前MiFinity的支付組合,以及推動進一步成為真正的 “全方位渠道支付提供商” 的總目標。

MiFinity首席財務官Kieron Nolan表態, “我們對此發布感到非常興奮,並感謝銀聯支持我們進入消費者(C2C)領域。我們將在未來幾個月內推出其他附屬產品,我們期待與銀聯建立更為密切合作關係。”


MiFinity是一家支持全球支付服務的提供商,提供一系列優質高效的端對端支付解決方案。我們已有17年以上的線上支付領域經驗,擁有不斷增長的全球合作夥伴以及一流的、高度安全和受監管的技術平台。 MiFinity已發展成為全球線上支付市場的真正 “全方位渠道” 支付提供商。有關更多信息,請訪問www.mifinity.com

MiFinity UK Limited,簡稱MiFinity,擁有金融行為監管局根據2011年電子貨幣條例授權【註冊參考號碼900090】用於發行電子貨幣。註冊於北愛爾蘭。註冊地址:28 Schoolst,Newtownbreda,Belfast,BT8 6BT,Northern Ireland。註冊號為NI611169。


銀聯國際是中國銀聯負責運營國際業務的子公司。通過與全球2000多家機構合作, 目前銀聯卡全球受理網絡已延伸到174個國家和地區, 55個國家和地區發行了銀聯卡。銀聯國際正在為全球最大的持卡人群提供優質、高效、安全的跨境支付服務, 並為越來越多境外銀聯卡持卡人提供日益便利的本地化服務。更多信息, 請訪問www.unionpayintl.com

No media attached. Please contact MiFinity for more information.

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<![CDATA[ MiFinity and UnionPay International strengthen partnership to launch a new consumer money remittance service to mainland China ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/mifinity-and-unionpay-international-strengthen-partnership-to-launch-a-new-consumer-money-remittance-service-to-mainland-china-d66d38b9a080482cf26d1a4a35f80963 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/mifinity-and-unionpay-international-strengthen-partnership-to-launch-a-new-consumer-money-remittance-service-to-mainland-china-d66d38b9a080482cf26d1a4a35f80963 Wednesday 28 August, 2019

DUBLIN, 28 August 2019 – MiFinity, a global payments provider, today announced the launch of a new consumer focused cross-border money transfer service to UnionPay card holders in mainland China.

This service allows consumers to send money from the UK and Europe back into mainland China via the UnionPay network. With over 7 billion cards issued accumulatively, UnionPay is the market leader in China.

Here are some of the key benefits for consumers:

Very competitive fees starting as low as $1.90Domestic cardholders receive remittance in RMBSettlement is either real time or within 12 hours (depending on timing of transaction)Leverages UnionPay MoneyExpress network Highly secure, convenient & efficient remittance solutionDomestic Cardholder does not need to do anything to receive the fundsSign Up to use today at https://www.mifinity.com/how-does-money-transfer-to-china-work/

“Our goal is to be a market leader in online payments. This partnership with UnionPay enables MiFinity to service consumers, in the money remittance space. This will enhance the current MiFinity payment portfolio and help it move closer towards the overall goal of becoming a true ‘omni channel payment provider’ said Michael McDevitt, Chief Product Officer, MiFinity.

“We are very excited about this launch and would like to thank UnionPay in supporting us in moving into the consumer to consumer (C2C) space. We have additional complementary products that will launch over the coming months and we look forward to building upon our close relationship with UnionPay. “said Kieron Nolan, Chief Financial Officer, MiFinity.


MiFinity, a global payments provider, offers a range of cost-effective and efficient end-to-end payment solutions. It has more than 17 years of experience in the online payments space with a growing network of global partner relationships and a best-in-class, highly secure and regulated technology platform. MiFinity has evolved into a true ‘omni-channel’ payment provider to the global online payment market. For more information, please visit www.mifinity.com

MiFinity UK Limited, trading as MiFinity, is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 [Register Ref. 900090] for the issuing of electronic money. Registered in Northern Ireland. Registered address: 28 School Road, Newtownbreda, Belfast, BT8 6BT, Northern Ireland. Registration No. NI611169.


UnionPay International (UPI) is a subsidiary of China UnionPay focused on the growth and support of UnionPay’s global business. In partnership with more than 2000 institutions worldwide, UnionPay International has enabled card acceptance in 174 countries and regions with issuance in 55 countries and regions. UnionPay International provides high quality, cost effective and secure cross-border payment services to the world’s largest cardholder base and ensures convenient local services to a growing number of global UnionPay cardholders and merchants. For more information, please visit www.unionpayintl.com/en

No media attached. Please contact MiFinity for more information.

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<![CDATA[ MiFinity与银联国际加强合作推出新的跨境汇款服务 ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/mifinity-1db08b18362a3a5dc7fa42d652037be6 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/mifinity-1db08b18362a3a5dc7fa42d652037be6 Wednesday 28 August, 2019

都柏林, 2019年8月28日– MiFinity,一家支持全球支付服务的提供商,今天宣布推出一项新的以消费者为中心的跨境汇款服务。

该服务允许联合王国和欧洲用户通过银联网络,向中国大陆发卡行发行的银联卡汇款。目前,全球已累计发行超过70亿张银联卡, 成为中国市场中的佼佼者。


极具竞争力的转账费用,低至1.90美元中国大陆银联卡持卡人收款金额为人民币结算为实时交易或12小时内完成(取决于交易时间)利用银联全球速汇网络高度安全、方便以及高效的汇款解决方案中国大陆银联卡持卡人高枕无忧即可接收汇款资金登录https://www.mifinity.com/how-does-money-transfer-to-china-work/ 注册

我们旨在成为在线支付的市场领袖。与银联的这种合作关系使MiFinity能够在汇款领域为消费者提供优质服务。MiFinity首席产品官Michael McDevitt表示,这将增强目前MiFinity的支付组合,以及推动进一步成为真正的 “全方位渠道支付提供商” 的总目标。

MiFinity首席财务官 Kieron Nolan表态, “我们对此发布感到非常兴奋,并感谢银联支持我们进入消费者(C2C)领域。我们将在未来几个月内推出其他附属产品,我们期待与银联建立更为密切合作关系。”


MiFinity是一家支持全球支付服务的提供商,提供一系列优质高效的端对端支付解决方案。我们已有17年以上的线上支付领域经验,拥有不断增长的全球合作伙伴以及一流的、高度安全和受监管的技术平台。MiFinity已发展成为全球线上支付市场的真正 “全方位渠道” 支付提供商。 有关更多信息,请访问 www.mifinity.com

MiFinity UK Limited,简称MiFinity,拥有金融行为监管局根据2011年电子货币条例授权【注册参考号码900090】用于发行电子货币。注册于北爱尔兰。注册地址:28 Schoolst,Newtownbreda,Belfast,BT8 6BT,Northern Ireland。注册号为NI611169.


银联国际是中国银联负责运营国际业务的子公司。通过与全球2000多家机构合作, 目前银联卡全球受理网络已延伸到174个国家和地区,55个国家和地区发行了银联卡。 银联国际正在为全球最大的持卡人群提供优质、高效、安全的跨境支付服务, 并为越来越多境外银联卡持卡人提供日益便利的本地化服务。更多信息, 请访问 www.unionpayintl.com

No media attached. Please contact MiFinity for more information.

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<![CDATA[ Greatest global celebration of sound walks starts on Sound Walk Sunday, 1 September 2019. ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/greatest-global-celebration-of-sound-walks-starts-on-sound-walk-sunday-1-september-2019-0409675a3b3ea2c1d76e3a2b946fa8d3 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/greatest-global-celebration-of-sound-walks-starts-on-sound-walk-sunday-1-september-2019-0409675a3b3ea2c1d76e3a2b946fa8d3 Tuesday 27 August, 2019


Greatest global celebration of sound walks starts on Sound Walk Sunday, 1 September 2019.

With more than 60 live events and scores of self-guided walks the London-based Museum of Walking and the global Made of Walking network launch a month-long celebration of sound walks starting Sunday 1 September 2019.

From Vancouver in the west, where you are invited to play the tension wires of the Burrard Bridge as a percussionist, to Queensland in the east, where aboriginal communities come together to share their stories, there are live events across the globe, more than 30 alone taking place on Sound Walk Sunday (1 September).

Just what is a sound walk? You may ask. A sound walk, or walking piece, is any walk that focuses on listening to the environment, with or without the use of technology, or adds to the experience through the use of sound or voice. This can include a scripted or choreographed score or work that has additional audio elements.

“We are humbled by the number of artists and producers from all over the world who have contributed a vast number and huge variety of Sound Walks, such that we are fast approaching a full September of events, rather than our initial Sound Walk Sunday!” Andrew Stuck, founder of the Museum of Walking, and Sound Walk Sunday co-producer.

To illustrate the variety of sound walk events on offer, you can join a group of sound artists as they capture the sounds and silences of the world largest and Britain’s most famous library; participate in a choreographical walk event that takes place simultaneously in Oxford Street, London and downtown Boston, USA; dance amongst the trees in Chichester, walk through the night or practice a Chinese audial meditation in the Polish city of Krakow; immerse yourself in an audio-drama played out on a bus route in London or in Cape Town; or becoming a tortoise as you follow it through the Botanic Garden in Athens; or sing your heart out on a walk in a palm house in a botanic garden in Belfast.

Can you stop fidgeting, cease the chatter, or turn off your smartphone for very long? Many of the events encourage you to try your hand at ‘deep listening’ to your surroundings. There are silent walks in Berlin, Germany; Frome, Somerset; Birmingham, West Midlands; and Krakow, Poland. You can listen to the haunting sounds of a saxophone as it is played on a walk along a canal, or listen to the trees in a rainforest, or a hidden London river as it flows beneath the streets.

You can vote for your favourite - any sound walk produced in 2019 and included in Sound Walk September is eligible for an Award decided upon by public vote. There’s a second Award decided by a professional jury vote.


Sound Walk Sunday takes place on Sunday 1 September and launches a month-long Sound Walk September celebration of listening and sound walks.Museum of Walking is the brainchild of Andrew Stuck, a London-based walking artist Made of Walking is a global network and nomadic gathering for walking and sound practices, now in its 6th edition, with main encounters and satellite events extending to cities and places around the world. Sound walking events are being run independently by individuals and collectives and have been submitted to the Museum of Walking in the last 4 months.The Museum holds a publicly accessible directory of more than 150 sound walks and provides tips on how to make a sound walk of your own, as well as running ‘walkshops’ (workshops on foot) encouraging and demonstrating how to make sound walks. Event map and listing can be found here:https://www.museumofwalking.org.uk/events/categories/sound-walk-sunday-2019/Directory map and listing can be found here:https://www.museumofwalking.org.uk/walkingpiece_tag/sws19/Voting is open to everyone at the URL above.Media Resource pack and images available here: https://www.museumofwalking.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Sound-Walk-Sunday-2019-Media-Resource.pdf

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Museum Of Walking.

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<![CDATA[ Institute of Urban Arts Launches in London ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/institute-of-urban-arts-launches-in-london-f057ac24bc4e5c081d9c6b887af59b02 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/institute-of-urban-arts-launches-in-london-f057ac24bc4e5c081d9c6b887af59b02 Thursday 22 August, 2019

The Institute of Urban Arts (IOUA) has been founded by an international collective of writers and artists to create a platform to document and expose pioneering work from the urban avant-garde through projects, publications, film and exhibitions.

In our founding year we initially aim to create an online resource for study, research and debate. Our long term mission is to find a physical space where we can house our permanent collection and further our work through education, exhibitions and participation.

To achieve this we need support in the form of volunteers, contributors and sponsors. We are now actively seeking this support and are open to discussion with those who share our vision for what the IOUA could be.

The Collection

Between the group we own a collection of significant paintings, publications and artefacts that we wish to share with the public via a permanent collection in London. To house this we need a physical space. At present we are in discussion with local government, arts funds and private sponsors in hope of finding a suitable location.

Abstract / Urban - Book

In essence, urban art was born of experimentation and abstraction. The wildstyle, the scratch, the collage of sampled sounds, b-boys battling against gravity...

Slanted, on its head - challenging perceptions across the cultural spectrum.

In this new book we examine the birth, fusion, and evolution of urban arts through a series of landmark works. Discussing defining moments and key contributors with the those who drove and bore witness.

This isn’t a hip-hop who’s who or an A-Z of style writers. This is about the challengers, the left-turns, the pioneers, the forgotten, the fearless, the upsetters... the game changers.

We Join the dots, crossing the tracks, focusing on the works that redefined the art form.

Support the IOUA by ordering our first book

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Institute Of Urban Arts (IOUA).

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<![CDATA[ Haerfest opens at CCA Derry~Londonderry ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/haerfest-opens-at-cca-derrylondonderry-4f6f02876ecd0318ceb9e65f2123ec4f https://pressat.co.uk/releases/haerfest-opens-at-cca-derrylondonderry-4f6f02876ecd0318ceb9e65f2123ec4f Wednesday 21 August, 2019
Åsa Sonjasdotter, Asunción Molinos Gordo, Kevin Gaffney, Sonya Schönberger
27 August – 12 October 2019Launch event: Thursday 29 August 2019, 7–9pm

Bringing together four artists working with ideas around agriculture, trade and the politics of produce, Haerfest takes its name from the Old English word for the harvest season. Works in Haerfest draw on historical and contemporary narratives around inequalities within the international “free market” that produce both scarcity and glut, and consider the environmental and social impacts of changing farming methods and scales of production. The exhibition includes film, photography, textiles and audio works.

Kevin Gaffney is currently studying for his PhD at Ulster University. His film A Numbness in the Mouth takes place in the near-future on a self-sustaining, militarised island where climate change has benefited agricultural production. An enforced ration system shows a surplus of flour and, in order to retain economic balance between supply and demand, each citizen is requested to consume more than five pounds of flour per day resulting in absurd and increasingly horrific outcomes.

Sonya Schönberger is a Berlin-based German artist whose practice combines her studies in social anthropology and experimental media design in her artistic practice. Following her research into the impact of the Kenyan cut flower industry, she has developed a body of work, Kenyan Roses for the Kingdom. This project combines photography and documentary to discuss the geopolitical background story of the cut-roses and their colonial entanglement from the time of the British Empire until today.

Asunción Molinos Gordo divides her time between Cairo, Egypt and her hometown of Guzmán, Spain. Her practice is centred around the social and cultural changes that are taking place within the rural context, “always looking at what we are leaving behind in the rush of progress”. Ghost Agriculture (Unlimited Resource Farming) uses source material from satellite images of the delta and riverbanks of the Nile showing the thousands of small, rectangular plots of land cultivated by 4 million fellahin (Egyptian peasants) supplying the food demands of the nation. By contrast, large circles, roughly 25 times larger, appear in the reclaimed desert land, cultivated by a handful of private companies in partnership with the central government for the international export market.

Åsa Sonjasdotter is a Swedish artist who has devoted much attention to the potato plant. The potatoes that were bred and cultivated during the introduction of industrialisation of food systems carry memory of early colonial and capitalist transformations. The cultivating of these older varieties today, make possible a reconnection and re-reading of their embodied memory. Åsa presents different perspectives on these historical spacetimes. She works across narrative formats in various long-term projects. CCA is presenting a special screening of a new film produced by the artist on Saturday 5 October 2019, 3pm.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a Public Programme of events.

This exhibition and associated events are made possible through the generous support of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and with the further support of Derry City and Strabane District Council. Sponsorship from Caldwell & Robinson, The Sandwich.co.

CCA Derry~Londonderry10–12 Artillery StDerry~Londonderry BT48 6RG, Northern Ireland+44 (0) 2871 373538Opening hours:Tuesday to Saturday, 12–6pm (during exhibitions)Admission Free

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Centre For Contemporary Art Derry~Londonderry.

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