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The leader in worldwide golf reservations and technology plays a key role in the growth of the €270 million Irish golf tourism market

London, United Kingdom — 17 September 2019 — Following the success of its European expansion earlier this year, golfscape announced today its launch in Ireland. The fast-growing golf tech business has integrated with multiple courses on the Emerald Isle to expose the region’s world-class facilities to an international user base. The first and only worldwide tee time booking platform is making golf easier to book for both local and international players by moving courses online to increase accessibility while supporting the area’s rapid growth in golf tourism.

Earlier this year, the Irish Times highlighted the importance of golf tourism in a feature revealing that more than 200,000 overseas visitors play golf in Ireland every year. Golf plays a significant role in Irish tourism, resulting in considerable increases in the hospitality sector. International golfers are estimated to contribute almost €270 million to the Irish economy, with up to 50% of them coming from the United States.

“We are driving our international user base to Ireland and accelerating the growth of overseas visitors to the area. We are supported by a global team of talent that continues expanding to benefit our partner courses,” said golfscape CEO Raghad Mukhaimer. “Our unique expertise will play a key role in promoting the region abroad to achieve Ireland’s goal of growing international tourism. Players all over the world can book golf online as easily as they book hotels and flights on Expedia.”

Established in 2013, VC-funded golfscape has seen huge success in implementing its cutting-edge technology solutions in Africa, Near East, and Asia-Pacific. With over 400,000 users from more than 200 countries, golfscape is positioned to add value to its partner golf courses and provide golfers in Ireland and around the world with a more seamless, secure, and easy way of booking golf.

golfscape has received tremendous support from the region’s golf courses including one of Ireland’s leading golf properties – Fota Island Resort – partnering in the launch of the Irish market. Earlier this month, golfscape invited US golf sensation Katie Kearney to review the top golfing destination. In collaboration with world-class Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links, the journalist and influencer of over 300,000 followers helped introduce the campaign to promote golf in Ireland.

About golfscape:

golfscape was founded in 2013 with a vision to revolutionize the golf industry with technology for the modern golfer. Today, golfscape is the industry leader providing its reservations and operations services in over 30 golf destinations across Europe, Africa, Near East, and Asia-Pacific. golfscape's OS platform delivers course operators next-generation tee sheets, member and visitor mobile apps, as well as revenue-generating technologies and services. The golfscape team is dedicated to developing intelligent systems that empower the golf industry with tomorrow’s technology.

Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or learn more at golfscape.com


Press Contacts:

Jenna Heidstrom, Marketing Director
jenna[at]golfscape.com, +44 20 7183 6863

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Golfscape.

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<![CDATA[ TRUSTEES ARE WALKING OVER CANCER THIS CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS MONTH ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/trustees-are-walking-over-cancer-this-childhood-cancer-awareness-month-5925aa8eb6123e4e6bdfd1c5fc68d611 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/trustees-are-walking-over-cancer-this-childhood-cancer-awareness-month-5925aa8eb6123e4e6bdfd1c5fc68d611 Thursday 5 September, 2019

Thursday 5 September 2019: For immediate release


Neuroblastoma UK’s Chair of Trustees, Tony Heddon (from Four Marks, Hampshire) and the Charity’s Secretary, Shirley Clark (from Kew, London) are taking part in the Thames Bridges Trek on Saturday 7th September to raise vital funds for neuroblastoma research. Shirley, along with Tony and his family, are walking in memory of Shirley’s daughter Joanna, who sadly passed away in 1995, aged 8, after being diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

Shirley, Tony and his family (wife Karen, 57 and daughters Emily, 25 and Sophie, 18) will join 2,000 walkers to trek 25km over 16 Thames Bridges. They’ll be “#GoingGold for Joanna” as they trek over the 16 bridges, includes the Golden Jubilee Bridge, to celebrate Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Shirley previously took part in the Thames Bridge Trek in 2016, for the 21st anniversary of Joanna’s death, raising over £2,000. Shirley will also be running in the Kew Gardens 10k as part of Richmond Runfest on Saturday 14 September. This will be Shirley’s first 10k in 37 years!

Shirley, aged 62, who joined the Board of Trustees at Neuroblastoma UK in 2006 says, “September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and it's also the month we lost Joanna, so what better incentive to take on this challenge in her memory.

“As a Trustee of Neuroblastoma UK, I was heartened that this year - due to the generosity of our supporters - we were able to allocate £1.177million into research projects looking for new and more effective treatments for this aggressive childhood cancer. For the next biennial grant round our aim is to double that amount. Only by funding leading research will progress be made in combating this disease and give hope to the families of children with neuroblastoma.”

To support Shirley, Tony and the team, please visit their fundraising page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/forjj


Photographs and further interviews available on request.NOTES TO EDITORS

Event details:

https://www.thamespathchallenge.com/thames-bridges-trekStart location / time: Bishops Park, Fulham, South West London. The team will start their trek at 11.10am Finish location / time: Southwark Park, East-Central London. The team hope to finish in around four hours (at approximately 3/330pm)

About neuroblastoma:

On average, every week in the UK, two families are told that their child has neuroblastoma, a rare and life-threatening cancer. Neuroblastoma is a cancer of the nerve cells. It usually affects children under the age of five, and can occur before a child is born. It is the most common solid tumour in childhood after brain tumours.

About Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, Neuroblastoma UK will be encouraging people to join them in #GoingGold by wearing a Gold Ribbon, an awareness symbol to show support for children with cancer and their families.To find out how to support Neuroblastoma UK this September, visit www.neuroblastoma.org.uk/childhood-cancer-awareness-month

About Neuroblastoma UK:

Neuroblastoma UK is a national charity dedicated to finding a cure for neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. We do this by funding leading research projects to deliver new, effective and kinder treatments for children with neuroblastoma. We rely entirely on voluntary donations and receive no government funding.Neuroblastoma UK is supporting nine new research studies this year, with a total funding of £1.177 million.Every two years, we run a research competition to ensure that public donations fund the best neuroblastoma research which have potential value to neuroblastoma patients. By funding leading research projects, Neuroblastoma UK can help scientists to deliver new, effective and kinder treatments for children with neuroblastoma.As part of our commitment to drive forward research into this terrible disease, we want to double our annual income over the next two years.Registered charity number 326385To find out more, visit www.neuroblastoma.org.uk

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Neuroblastoma UK.

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<![CDATA[ As freshers' week approaches, charity warns that over 264,000 students could be at risk of problem gambling ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/as-freshers-week-approaches-charity-warns-that-over-264000-students-could-be-at-risk-of-problem-gambling-c616e73891f15e8c2ad67516c2d39844 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/as-freshers-week-approaches-charity-warns-that-over-264000-students-could-be-at-risk-of-problem-gambling-c616e73891f15e8c2ad67516c2d39844 Thursday 5 September, 2019

The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) has published the results of a survey that looks specifically at higher education students, their attitudes to gaming and gambling and considers the related behaviours and potential challenges.

Whilst a large number of those asked said that they enjoyed the social side of both gaming and gambling, the survey results indicate that it can also have a negative impact on the academic performance of students and the quality of their friendships and social activities. In addition, for the students who gamble, nearly half said that they are constantly concerned about their financial situation.

Summary of results

Gaming is a popular way to reduce stress. Students are finding the university experience stressful. With 79% of students playing digital games, easing the pressures may be a positive benefit but 48% of those who game every day said it has got in the way of friendships and studies.The more frequently students game, the greater the impact. The research revealed that for those who game every day, one fifth have a negative sense of belonging at university, and over one-third say it has got in the way of their social life. 264,000 students in the UK are at some risk from gambling with around 88,000 already defined as problem gamblers.59% of students who gamble say they are always worrying about their financial situation while 16% have gambled more than they could afford.Students gamble to escape the stresses of university. For students who are moderate risk or problem gamblers the findings show they are more likely to gamble to ‘cheer them up when they are depressed’, even though 9 in 10 feel guilty about the way they have gambled. One third of these students say their gambling habits have a negative effect on their wellbeing, over half have considered dropping out of university and one in seven have a negative perception of their overall university experience.

The full report is available to download at www.ygam-research.org

Helping to Improve student life

As a charity committed to practical action, YGAM will be expanding their work with universities, students’ unions and others working with students in higher education on the key recommendations from this research.

Increase understanding of the wellbeing and support services available and how to access them, reaching students whom gaming or gambling is negatively affecting them.Raise awareness of gambling and gaming as addictions, providing students with a safe space to explore the risks and seek support.Provide accessible budgeting and financial advice particularly for students starting university.Extend easy access to social events and communities to help students build positive social relationshipsProvide additional academic support to reduce the anxiety about academic performance, workload pressures, uncertainty about the future

Former gambling addict, Joe Woof explains: “For me, going to university fuelled my addiction, it gave me independence and access to more money than I’d ever had before. I could go wherever I wanted and spend money on whatever I wanted, without anyone really knowing. My mind was on gambling 24/7 which meant I missed numerous lectures and essay deadlines, I was living two lives, it was exhausting, stressful and really effected my mental health. Sadly, my problems continued for years after, which led to the breakdown of my marriage and at my lowest, I even attempted to take my own life.

There is still a long road ahead but I’m off the bet and I can see a better future. Raising awareness of the potential dangers is so important, especially whilst at university. I didn’t even know that you could be addicted to gambling. I was careful to avoid the other dangers I was exposed to at that point in life (e.g. alcohol) but I was very naïve when it came to the harms of gambling, as I just didn’t have the awareness – awareness campaigns, like YGAM’s may have helped me or one of my friends spot the warning signs and do something about it.”

Of the findings, Lee Willows, YGAM CEO says: “There has been growing concern around the impact of gaming and gambling for young people and the purpose of this survey was to better understand a less well researched community, students in higher education. Students at university are often away from home, managing their finances and their lives independently for the first time. The research shows that we need to continue to expand our university partnerships and work together to raise awareness around financial advice, well-being, support services as well as the potential risks of gambling and gaming.”

Dr. Sarah Hodge, Lecturer in Cyberpsychology and Psychology, Bournemouth University, welcomes the research: “This insight report provides valuable statistics on the prevalence and behavioural habits for university students. Representing university students is particularly important as university life provides potential vulnerabilities, such as the changes in financial circumstances and time management.

Gaming continues to be a popular past time among university students, with developments in technology creating more potential overlaps between gaming and gambling. Some of these developments include the gamification of gambling and increased accessibility of both gaming and gambling. This combination of gaming and gambling behaviour also provides a good foundation for the following: further research in the area, teaching students about gaming and gambling behaviour, comparing and contrasting gaming and gambling behaviour, and developing further support for university students.”

Helen Rhodes, Programme Director
at the Gambling Commission said: “We welcome this research by YGAM which provides further information, detail and understanding on the relationship between young people and gambling.

There are a variety of actions and educational initiatives which are connected with the research and it is important these are undertaken in a planned, joined-up way. The National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms, launched earlier this year, will be the most effective way to ensure this vital coordination and partnership work takes place and drives faster progress to reducing gambling harms. We look forward to working with colleagues at YGAM in the months ahead.”

The survey of over 2,000 current students in higher education was developed by Red Brick Research, specialists in higher education and student research and carried out independently of the gaming and gambling sectors.

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Young Gamers And Gamblers Education Trust.

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<![CDATA[ Parents of little girl whose heart was restarted on fundraising mission for charity ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/parents-of-little-girl-whose-heart-was-restarted-on-fundraising-mission-for-charity-1bc6f8c56c19903d9d64d9f9b5a88850 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/parents-of-little-girl-whose-heart-was-restarted-on-fundraising-mission-for-charity-1bc6f8c56c19903d9d64d9f9b5a88850 Tuesday 3 September, 2019

The parents of a little girl whose heart was restarted at just a few weeks old are fastening their running shoes to raise money for The Sick Children’s Trust and CHUF, two charities that helped them throughout their ordeal.

At just a few days old, little Holly Hutchinson developed a temperature and was diagnosed with viral meningitis. Discharged home after 48 hours as no treatment was required, the tot’s condition rapidly deteriorated and she became life-threateningly ill. At Sunderland Royal Hospital, Holly’s heart rate climbed to 320 beats per minute in an abnormal rhythm caused by an infection in her heart. Doctors had to try and shock Holly’s heart into the correct rhythm, resorting to dunking her head into a bucket of ice cold water for five seconds. After multiple attempts to shock her heart with other methods, she was rushed to Newcastle Freeman Hospital where the process was repeated and she was intubated.

Despite the bleak initial outlook, Holly made an incredible recovery spending just ten days at Freeman Hospital before being discharged home. Throughout her treatment in Newcastle, her parents, and older sister Emily, were supported by The Sick Children’s Trust which gave them a place to stay at its ‘Home from Home’ Scott House. Dad Ian, who is running the Great North Run to raise money for The Sick Children’s Trust, said:

“Right in front of our eyes, we could see the blood retracting from Holly’s limbs to try and protect her core, making her go grey. It was absolutely horrendous to see our newborn become so ill, so quickly. Watching her being submerged in the water and be prodded with needles like a pin cushion is something no parent wants to see. It was so hard knowing there was nothing we could do.

“When we arrived at Freeman Hospital we were taken into a side room and left there while they tried to save Holly’s life. We felt like we were there for an age, but we knew she was in the best possible place. Holly is a little legend, and she started to fight back after they shocked her heart and various other procedures. It was only ten minutes until midnight on New Year’s Eve when we received the news that her heart had gone back into its normal rhythm and was stable. Suddenly fireworks were going off and people were cheering – it was surreal. If we’d arrived 20 minutes later, Holly might not be here today.

“We spent a couple of hours with our baby, who was unrecognisable and covered in wires and tubes. It was the early hours when a nurse popped in and said we needed to get some rest and told us about The Sick Children’s Trust. She handed us keys to Scott House, which was a short walk away. It was such a relief knowing we didn’t have to drive home, we could stay as close as possible to Holly. We unlocked the door and found our own private room. We needed to be together that night after what had happened and what could’ve happened, The Sick Children’s Trust made that possible.”

The Sick Children’s Trust supported Ian, Jen and their eldest daughter, Emily, while Holly recovered at Freeman Hospital. With direct phone access to the wards from their room, the couple were able to get a peaceful night’s sleep while being safe in the knowledge they were only minutes from Holly’s side. Ian added:

“It’s completely underappreciated how important it is to be together as a family when your child’s in hospital. Being with Emily and Jen made such a difference, it kept me sane. The Sick Children’s Trust takes away the stress of being separated so you don’t have to worry about it. You can just focus on getting your child home.

“The Sick Children’s Trust relies entirely on voluntary donations to run its ‘Homes from Home’ and give families, like ours, a place to stay. Jen and I are so grateful to the charity for keeping us together that I wanted to do something for them. It costs them £30 to support a family for one night, so I’m aiming to raise £500 which I’ve already exceeded!

“We’re up to nine miles in our training and it’s tough. But if Holly can hold on with a heartbeat of 320, a half marathon should be pretty simple right?”

To support Ian in his fundraising, visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ian-hutchinson35

For further information about The Sick Children’s Trust, please visit sickchildrenstrust.org

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact The Sick Children's Trust.

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<![CDATA[ RUNNING FOR FUN THIS CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS MONTH ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/running-for-fun-this-childhood-cancer-awareness-month-f5ae3217afea506efd885e2b7f2c6b6d https://pressat.co.uk/releases/running-for-fun-this-childhood-cancer-awareness-month-f5ae3217afea506efd885e2b7f2c6b6d Wednesday 28 August, 2019

Lauren Ashley - a childhood cancer survivor - aged 37 from Bedford, is taking part in the Big Fun Run on Saturday 1st September to raise money for national charity, Neuroblastoma UK.

Lauren was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma when she was 16 months old and was given a 10% chance of survival. Now aged 37, Lauren is taking part in the Big Fun Run in Milton Keynes in aid of Neuroblastoma UK, on Saturday 1st September to raise awareness of this rare childhood cancer during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Lauren has already raised nearly £200 for Neuroblastoma UK and hopes to raise even more to fund vital research into neuroblastoma.

Lauren said, “I am running for 'fun' this September with my little sister Fern and my children Eryn, aged 13, and Greyson, aged 3 to raise money for Neuroblastoma UK because it’s an incredibly important charity to me. I want to give something back to an organisation that saved my life and gave me the opportunity to enjoy everything I do today, so other kids can also live to experience the joy of middle age!

“Raising awareness of the disease is so important - it can help with earlier diagnosis and the research funded by Neuroblastoma UK will continue to save more young lives.”

Katherine Mobey, Fundraising Manager at Neuroblastoma UK said, “We’re thrilled that Lauren and her family are taking part in this great event to kick off our activities for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We are a small charity but we have big plans. We want to double our income over the next two years and double our research investment. Thanks to our generous supporters like Lauren, we have already awarded nearly £7 million to UK research focusing on neuroblastoma. But more needs to be done. We rely entirely on donations to continue driving forward research into this terrible disease and give more families like Lauren’s hope.”

To support Lauren and Neuroblastoma UK, please visit Lauren’s fundraising page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lauren-wright24

To find out how to support Neuroblastoma UK this September, visit www.neuroblastoma.org.uk/childhood-cancer-awareness-month


No media attached. Please contact Neuroblastoma UK for more information.

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<![CDATA[ UK explorer achieves THIRD ‘world first’ - completes amazing year-long feat at end of 4,000-mile Yangtze River on 10 August ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/uk-explorer-achieves-third-world-first-completes-amazing-year-long-feat-at-end-of-4000-mile-yangtze-river-on-10-august-adf38824ffab24e4abd4c05b3c63ce43 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/uk-explorer-achieves-third-world-first-completes-amazing-year-long-feat-at-end-of-4000-mile-yangtze-river-on-10-august-adf38824ffab24e4abd4c05b3c63ce43 Tuesday 30 July, 2019

Ash Dykes (28) arrives in Shanghai on the 10th of August having traversed Yangtze River in China in what is his third world first
At 24 traversed 1,500-mile length of Mongolia, with 18 stone survival trailer, solo and unsupported, in just 78 days
At 26 trekked 1,600-mile through Madagascar, summiting the eight highest mountains along the way. Contracted deadliest strain of Malaria, held up at gun point, avoided bandits, crossed crocodile-infested waters on self-built rafts and hacked way through near-impenetrable jungle
At 28, traversed Yangtze River – the third longest in the world -where he was followed for two days by a pack of wolves, walked at 5,100m altitude in temperatures dropping to -20°C
Partnered with World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and Water To Go in conservation efforts

British explorer, Ash Dykes (28), is set complete his third ‘world first’ on the 10th of August 2019 when he arrives in Shanghai, having been the first person ever to traverse the 4,000-mile Yangtze River in China on foot.

The expedition has not only been a huge personal achievement, but has also seen Ash get involved in several important conservation projects along the way including initiatives for World Wildlife Foundation and Water To Go.

Ash has overcome many difficult and extreme physical and mental challenges to achieve this third world first. At the very beginning, the source of the Yangtze River (at 5,100m almost the same height as Mount Everest base camp) was difficult to reach and four of his team left the expedition before it even began due to altitude sickness and the very real possibility of bear and wolf attacks. It wasn’t long after they left that Ash was followed for two days by a pack of wolves, which had killed someone only 24 hours previously.

In addition, Ash faced extreme weather conditions and at the start of his trek, he tackled blizzards and temperatures as low as -20°C while at the end of his journey he endured extreme heat of up to 40°C.

Commenting on his latest expedition, Ash said: “This is more than a personal achievement; it is unlocking human potential and showcasing that in a world where every corner of the planet is occupied by people, there are still things that haven’t been done. I’ve shared my journeys with millions around the world, with the message ‘if I can, then you can too’. We must enjoy this world we live in, but also highlight issues, showcase the positives and most importantly, protect it.

“Of course, this is far from just a challenging journey, it’s a cultural one. I’ve been extremely fortunate to experience the wonderful hospitality, traditions and cultures of the people of China, both rural and urban, in all its diversity. China has really taken me to its heart and I’m overwhelmed by the support I’ve received across the country.

“I’ve worked with the Green Development Foundation, WWF and many other organisations and it’s been a privilege to capture and share their work.

“Throughout my journey, I’ve also been able to take note of the amount of plastics and pollution that I’ve seen from source to sea. The good news is that I’ve also seen a huge increase in knowledge and understanding within the communities, towns and cities along the way. People are aware of the damage being caused to their water sources and are now actively changing their ways for the better - it’s inspiring to see.

“Having had huge support from the Chinese media and people, this has not only been one of my most ambitious journeys, but also most enjoyable. It’s been amazing to be able to share the whole journey on my social media, including Instagram and Facebook, as one of the most interactive world firsts.”

Ash’s world first along the Yangtze River follows world firsts in Mongolia and Madagascar.

In 2014, aged just 24, Ash became the first recorded person to walk the length of Mongolia from west to east, solo and unsupported. He trekked 1,500 miles over the Altai Mountains, through the Gobi Desert and across the Mongolian Steppe, while pulling 120kg/18st of survival supplies on a homemade trailer - in just 78 days!

Two years later in 2016, he became the first recorded person to traverse the length of inland Madagascar, trekking 1,600 miles in just 155 days and climbing eight of the country’s highest mountains. Here, he contracted the deadliest strain of Malaria, was held up by the military, avoided bandits, received spider bites, built rafts to cross dangerous, crocodile-infested waters and hacked his way through near-impenetrable jungle to achieve his goal.

Ash concludes: “This trip was extremely challenging but truly incredible and the people I met along the way have spurred me on and made it all worthwhile.

“We’ve captured the whole journey, as it was professionally filmed and we are preparing for an international TV commission. I’d also like to thank all those who joined me along the way and my teams for showing such immense support. I will be sad to leave the country, but I’ll be returning to China in September for an Asia wide speaking tour.

“When I return to the UK again I’ll start working on some exciting new projects – so watch this space!”

To find out more about Ash Dykes visit www.ashdykes.com
or Instagram @ash_dykes


For further media information contact Paula Hunter on 07739 989915 or paula@prhunter.co.uk

Notes to Editors:

Conservation Efforts


Partnered with the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), who help to protect the water sources of China.
Showcased the work of WWF and its work along the Yangtze River (https://www.wwf.org.uk/where-we-work/places/yangtze)
Yibin Fishery Department, who help protect the species living in the Yangtze, like the finless porpoise dolphin, Yangtze sturgeon and Chinese sturgeon.
Water-To-Go.. used bottles on all expeditions, to have access to fresh drinking water, with the 3 in 1 built in water filtration system and to reduce my use of plastic, whilst educating and encouraging others to do the same.


Helped to raise awareness of climate change and the effect it has on the nomadic way of life, while raising funds for the Red Cross, who help to supply the nomads livestock with shelter and the locals with Ger insulation, through the very difficult and harsh winters.


Partnered with the Lemur Conservation Network, which has 60 organisations on the ground, helping to protect and preserve the unique biodiversity.

Bringing lemurs back from the brink of extinction, planting more trees, expanding national parks, providing locals with good means of work and the younger generation with good education.


Ash is UK Ambassador for Malaria No More UK and Madagascar Tourism

Danger Points


10 of 16 people leaving the mission due to altitude sickness/fear of wildlife
Source of Yangtze so isolated
Freezing temperatures
Bears: lots of warning from locals and Ash was shown photos and videos of horrific attacks. The bears were now coming down from the mountains, because it was too cold for them and they were searching for food before they go into hibernation.
Wolves: followed Ash for two days right after killing a local lady.
Wild yak: had to set off Chinese firecrackers to keep them away
River crossings
Hot season


Three weeks over the Altai mountains (3,000 meters), five weeks across the Gobi Desert and three weeks over the Mongolian Steppe.Nicknamed by the locals “The Lonely Snow Leopard”, due to the wolves keeping a respectful distance from Ash, as they do the snow leopards.Snow blizzardsIsolationLonelinessWolvesSandstormsAlmost died in the Gobi Desert, running low on water and suffering severely with heat exhaustion (heat stroke too, which is usually fatal).Had to break down goals and only manage what he could visualise, which 100 meters. 100 meters walking, then five minutes under his trailer hiding from the sun, repetitively for four days, until he made it to a small community. *Only just made it and took eight days painful recovery before pushing on.


Held at gun point by the military
Had the deadliest strain of malaria with only three hours to go, before slipping into a coma. Pushed on and just made it to medical help.
Crossing croc infested rivers
Hunting and gathering in the jungle
Cyclone season
Hacking through almost impenetrable jungle
Building rafts using natural resources
Crossing rivers in cyclone season and almost losing my photographer during a night-time river crossing

Other: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/kx1Bzj7g43M" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Ash Dykes .

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<![CDATA[ Hundreds Take on TrekFest The Beacons, Raising Thousands for Charities Nationwide! ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/hundreds-take-on-trekfest-the-beacons-raising-thousands-for-charities-nationwide-2035bd90915d83823575d25bd23856d2 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/hundreds-take-on-trekfest-the-beacons-raising-thousands-for-charities-nationwide-2035bd90915d83823575d25bd23856d2 Friday 12 July, 2019

Hundreds joined together in the Brecon Beacons National Park, to take part in TrekFest The Beacons, a mass participation trekking challenge.

On Saturday 6 July Brecon Showground was transformed into an atmospheric TrekFest Village, where over 800 participants tackled the 25km or 50km trekking challenge. Organised by Global Adventure Challenges, TrekFest The Beacons raised over £50,000 for charities nationwide.

Both the 25km and 50km treks involved climbing to the summit of Pen-y-Fan, South Wales’ highest peak at 886m above sea level. The routes took in some of the Brecon Beacons’ most picturesque locations, including tranquil reservoirs and breathtaking landscapes.

Cheryl, from Swansea, completed the 25km challenge; "It was excellent, from the time we arrived on Friday until we left Sunday everything was superb and well organised. I would definitely recommend Global Adventure Challenges to anyone wanting to take part in this type of event. I am already looking forward to next year's TrekFest!"

Everyone who took part in the challenge did so for their own reasons, whether to raise money for a charity close to their heart, to challenge themselves to something new or to push their boundaries and beat the clock.

Operations Manager, Craig Wilson, was delighted with how well the day went; “It was definitely one of the best TrekFest events yet, with hundreds of like-minded individuals joining together to take on the Brecon Beacons and raise an amazing amount of money for both local and national charities!

To date, TrekFest has raised almost £2 million for a range of different charities. Our participants are truly inspirational, pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones and achieving incredible things!”

Upon arriving back at the TrekFest Village, participants were welcomed with a well-deserved medal and celebratory drink as well as a complimentary massage.

The weekend was a great success, with an amazing atmosphere throughout. Participants had the option to relax in the Chill Out Tepee or celebrate their achievements at the TrekFest Bar, plus camping was available on both the Friday and Saturday nights.

If you would like to take part in next years TrekFest The Beacons challenge, then you can now register your interest at www.trekfest.org.uk. TrekFest The Beacons 2020 will be launching soon, and is set to be the biggest TrekFest event yet!


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<![CDATA[ Cycle London to Paris and witness the Tour de France live in 2020! ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/cycle-london-to-paris-and-witness-the-tour-de-france-live-in-2020-e8f8d30376b9326d95fda698c6097753 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/cycle-london-to-paris-and-witness-the-tour-de-france-live-in-2020-e8f8d30376b9326d95fda698c6097753 Friday 5 July, 2019

In celebration of the 106th
edition of the Tour de France, charity challenge organisers Global Adventure Challenges are offering a discount on registration fees on their iconic London to Paris Tour de France cycling challenge for 2020!

Taking place on 15th
– 19th July 2020, the London to Paris Tour de France challenge will take participants from capital to capital, spending four days in the saddle and cycling 315 miles through stunning English countryside, along quiet French country lanes, through traditional market towns and past the war memorials and cemeteries of the Somme. The pièce de résistance of this incredible challenge will be the final cycle to the Arc de Triomphe and on to the Champs-Élysées, following in the tyre tracks of the cycling greats before seeing them cycle the same route the next day in the finale of the Tour de France!

Peter Robinson, Company Director at Global Adventure Challenges said: “The London to Paris Tour de France bike ride is our most popular cycling challenge – and it’s not hard to see why! With the finale of the world’s greatest cycle race waiting at the finish line the atmosphere on the challenge will be incredible – plus many individuals will be taking part in support of charities close to their hearts.

“This challenge attracts participants of a range of ages and cycling abilities, from complete beginners to experienced riders – so whatever your level of experience, you’ll be in good company and the team spirit will be flying high!”

From 9am on Friday 5th
July, you can register on this exciting adventure for just £99 using the code TDF99 and then either pay the challenge balance of £800 or commit to raising a minimum of £1,600 for the charity of your choice. The offer ends at 5pm on Monday 29 July, so don’t wait to secure your space!

For terms and conditions and to sign up to this cycle challenge of a lifetime just head over to globaladventurechallenges.com.

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Global Adventure Challenges.

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<![CDATA[ Never Miss another Premier League match on TV again with WherestheMatch.com ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/never-miss-another-premier-league-match-on-tv-again-with-wheresthematchcom-ab8e92391c581f535e3d3df7e0fead1e https://pressat.co.uk/releases/never-miss-another-premier-league-match-on-tv-again-with-wheresthematchcom-ab8e92391c581f535e3d3df7e0fead1e Thursday 4 July, 2019
It's been a long off-season and you've probably been filling your live football void with a mix of Cricket World Cup action and a sprinkling of Women's World Cup Football to tide you over. However, the wait is nearly over as August approaches fast! 

Alas, the new football season will kick off before we know it and normal service can resume, with 200 live Premier League games being broadcast on TV and Online for the 2019/20 season. In addition to this, hundreds more European Domestic and Cup games will be live on TV throughout the campaign such as the EFL Championship, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League and more.

Welcome to WherestheMatch.com - the perfect football companion as you prepare to get all the excuses ready for avoiding those weekend jobs. Plump up those cushions on your sofa or get the best seat in your local boozer and get ready for another round of Super Sunday!

WherestheMatch.com is the ultimate Live Football on TV Guide for UK footy fans looking to find out who, when and which TV channel the match is playing on, including the official live streams - they source and aggregate all the Football Fixtures throughout the season and create the perfect little scheduler for you, saving you the time and effort trawling the Sky Planner or multiple websites. Result!

“Wheresthematch.com has grown massively over the last 10 years as a UK and Global resource for the entire football fan and sporting community. Our aim to is to continue to develop it further for fans through the website and the mobile app so that they have the latest fixtures and TV screening information at their fingertips” ~ Wes Lewis, Director of Wheresthematch.com

If you are a top 6 fan and want to track if your beloved Man Utd or Liverpool are playing live on Sky or BT this weekend, or perhaps you’re a Crawley Town follower desperate to see your team in the spotlight on the big screen, WherestheMatch.com covers all fixtures and channel information for you.

You can even customise the TV match schedules to tailor the matches important to you - filter out those non-league and Chinese Super League matches or get rid of the TV channels you're too tight to pay for on your pay-per-view subscription.

And there's more ... WherestheMatch.com is also available on the App Store and Google Play, so for users who are happier using an app than a browser, you're more than covered.

Why wait until the new Football season to start organising your life? WherestheMatch.com doesn't just cover Football - it follows every sport you can think of (well, apart from tiddlywinks). The service is updated every hour of the day so you never miss out on the biggest sporting events being played including Rugby (both codes), Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, F1, MotoGP, Cycling, Snooker, Racing, Darts, American Football and UFC to name a few. It really is the premier website for finding live sport on TV.

Head over to WherestheMatch.com today or download the app so you never miss another match on TV again!

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact WherestheMatch.Com.

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<![CDATA[ UNVEILED: The historic King's Cup ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/unveiled-the-historic-kings-cup-3196bdc147a57a68604a8807b8f5ac27 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/unveiled-the-historic-kings-cup-3196bdc147a57a68604a8807b8f5ac27 Tuesday 2 July, 2019

100 years after the first King’s Cup was raced, the much anticipated 2019 King’s Cup trophy has been unveiled in a moving ceremony at Henley Royal Regatta.

The Cup is made of highly symbolic material from each of the eight nations competing in this week’s historic event, including original copper roofing from the Royal Mausoleum at The Frogmore Estate on the River Thames, donated by Her Majesty The Queen.

The trophy was unveiled by the Chairman of the Kings Cup Organising Committee, Chris Hartley before 120 athletes from eight international defence forces.

“It is hard to overstate just how important and symbolic this Cup is,” said Mr Hartley.

“It is not only something of beauty, but it uniquely acknowledges the coming together of eight great nations in friendship and peace,” said Mr Hartley.

The Cup is made of Sterling silver with an outline reminiscent of the original 1919 trophy. It has a silver clad wooden turned base of eight sections from original Henley Royal Regatta booms. The unique golden line on the Cup traces the River Thames and its major tributaries with the Thames gold’ incorporating the eight national gifts. The placement of a single diamond on the ‘golden river’ represents the Henley Royal Regatta course.

The Chairman of Henley Royal Regatta, Sir Steve Redgrave, says the Regatta is honoured to be able to host the event.

“This regatta is 100 years on from rowing starting again after World War I – we were very honoured to do that then, as we are this year,” said Sir Steve.

The King’s Cup will see crews from the six original nations that competed in 1919 – Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, the UK and the USA – joined by Germany and the Netherlands, competing in a knock-out format over the final three days of the 2019 Henley Royal Regatta.

The 2019 event will also create history by being the first time men and women in the military will row in the same boat at an elite international event.

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