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In support of National Gas Safety Week by the Gas Safe Register (16-22 September 2019), local Gas Safe registered engineers from CP12 Energy in Newcastle, are creating daily informational articles, to inform landlords and the public of gas safety issues and to remind everyone of the importance of having an annual gas safety check by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

This Gas Safety Week we are informing the public of a wide range of gas safety matters throughout the week. This includes how to stay Gas Safe all year round, what landlords need to know about Gas Safety, and what renters should expect from their landlords when it comes to Gas Safety in their home.

Gas appliances that have not properly been maintained can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Carbon monoxide is known as the ‘silent killer’ because you can’t see, smell or taste it. Therefore, it is highly important to have your gas appliances checked by an engineer who is on the Gas Safe Register.

Shainy Moscovitch, director of CP12 Energy said: “It is our job to make sure that people’s gas appliances are operating safely and efficiently. We have found that the Gas Safety checks performed by other gas companies can be complicated for landlords so we have made a simple process with great customer service that has helped us win regional awards and be shortlisted nationally. As people do not know the signs and symptoms of faulty gas appliances and carbon monoxide poisoning, we are supporting Gas Safety Week for the second year in order to alert the landlords and the public of the seriousness of unsafe gas appliances and how they can keep themselves and their tenants safe.”

Jonathan Samuel, chief executive for Gas Safe Register, said: “Unsafe gas appliances can be fatal, and not being aware of these dangers can cause you and your family harm. This Gas Safety Week we have the support of CP12 Energy and by working together we can keep the public informed of gas safety and help reduce the risk of dangerous gas appliances across the UK.”

A Taster Of What’s To Come From CP12 Energy this Gas Safety Week: 

We will offer tenant information on what you should expect from your landlords

Know the symptoms of CO poisoning; headaches, nausea, breathlessness, collapse, dizziness and loss of consciousness.Through Gas Safety Week 2019 we will be educating landlords on everything they need to know on Gas Safety. We are also offering the chance to sign up to our FREE guide: Landlord Gas Safety To Cover Your BackDon’t cut corners – we share some tragic tales to demonstrate why you should get your boiler serviced and only employ a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered engineer when having gas work carried out in your home. To get a head start on Gas Safety Week 2019 we will be uploading fun resources for kids to our website. They will be word searches and colouring in to keep the little ones occupied as summer comes to a close.

Gas Safe Register is the official register for legally qualified engineers. You can find a registered engineer in the North East by visiting our website at www.cp12energy.co.uk or by calling on 0191 440 6274.

Join us for Gas Safety Week 2019 by following us on social media @CP12Energy and visiting our blog https://cp12energy.co.uk/gas-safety-week-2019/

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11 Sep 2019 13:19:52 GMT
<![CDATA[ CBD HEALTH® from Canabidol® Releases New Variants of their First-of-a-Kind Supplements ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/cbd-healthr-from-canabidolr-releases-new-variants-of-their-first-of-a-kind-supplements-3f9e34b1995c10a90ce7ab4f524a16eb https://pressat.co.uk/releases/cbd-healthr-from-canabidolr-releases-new-variants-of-their-first-of-a-kind-supplements-3f9e34b1995c10a90ce7ab4f524a16eb Monday 9 September, 2019

London, UK: Canabidol® the UK’s leading expert in consumer CBD products, is proud to announce the release of new line extensions to their innovative CBD HEALTH® range, with the addition of ‘Physio’ and ‘Relax’ to the ground-breaking oral suspension gel range.

To help meet the fast-growing demand from consumers looking to add CBD food supplements to their general health regime, CBD HEALTH® is the first range on the market to combine pure, 100% European Cannabis Sativa L. with complimentary ingredients, backed with approved EU Health Claims to help with a variety of daily health needs.

Canabidol® CEO, Tom Whettem, celebrated this break-through by commenting “We now are able to offer our customers and consumers the only ‘proven-to-be-good-for-you’ range of CBD products that support your health and general well-being. No other CBD product to date can, by law, make these claims or even suggest that their products are good for your health and well-being.”

Whettem added: “The substantial scientific data that backs up each of our formulations enables us to present products that have been certified and approved for use by the European Food Safety Authority. We are excited by the prospect of consumers being able to add CBD HEALTH® to their daily routines, which is made all the easier with a range of great-tasting flavours and easily-consumable formats”.

The CBD HEALTH® range includes such easy-to-consume formats as oral suspension gel, which gives outstanding absorption of water-soluble CBD via proprietary CBD HEALTH® liposomal technology. These gels come in the following flavours and added health benefits:

Heart: with Vitamin B1 to support a healthy heart, plus natural raspberry flavour

Immune: with added Vitamin C to support the immune system, plus natural lemon flavour

Physio: with Calcium to support normal muscle & bone function, plus natural blueberry flavour

Relax: with Lemon Balm to support relaxation and mental wellbeing

More can be found out about this range at https://canabidol.com/

About Canabidol®

Canabidol® is the cannabis company that brings unsurpassable provenance, compliance and transparency into the UK’s fledgling CBD industry.

As the UK’s leading experts in the field of consumers CBD products, we like to say “We know more. Simply because we do more”.

A family-owned company, founded in 2015 by our CEO, Tom Whettem, who also acts as a Director of the Cannabis Trades Association - the largest trade body of its type, globally representing 800 member companies and engaging with government departments.

From the very start we have challenged the status quo. While others invested in gimmicks, we invested in our company, our facilities our staff and most importantly our knowledge.

The only company nationally that exclusively owns and operates multiple sites covering the complete supply chain. Including a licenced cannabis farm, a dedicated extraction/purification facility, UK based manufacturing plant and a R&D facility.

With the concerns around the quality and legality of many CBD products on the market being Canabidol can provide the assurance and confidence where no other can. Verification on the safety, legality and conformity of Canabidol products is as simple as a quick search of the batch code found on every product that is produced.

Our passion for CBD and cannabis is our IP, our knowledge is our strength and our team is the driving force behind continuous innovation of our brands and products.

Brands & Products:

CANABIDOL® - The flagship range of Canabidol products developed to meet the exacting standards required in pharmacy sector. Quality is never an accident, It’s always the result of intelligent actions. The products within the range are a testament to passion for getting thing right, our dedication to excellence and our commitment to the highest standards at every stage.

The range includes CBD oils, Capsules, Sublingual Tablets, Vape Liquids and the UK’s first clinically-proven cannabis cosmetic.

CBD HEALTH® - Launched in 2019 following 2 years of development, the CBD Health range is the first of its kind to backed with approved EU Health Claims to substantiate their efficacy. Certified and permitted by the European Food Safety Authority.

The range includes Boost, Heart, Immune, Physio, Mind, Detox, Relax and Sleep that are highly targeted to meet the health specific health needs of the consumer

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Stephen Batchelor.

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09 Sep 2019 14:30:06 GMT
<![CDATA[ Maker&Son defy BREXIT uncertainty and expand into the US ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/makerson-defy-brexit-uncertainty-and-expand-into-the-us-75131d2301e85dddc7de5d86c3630697 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/makerson-defy-brexit-uncertainty-and-expand-into-the-us-75131d2301e85dddc7de5d86c3630697 Monday 2 September, 2019

Luxury furniture brand co-founded by 3rd Generation Conran goes from strength to strength

After only 18 months of operation in the UK and Australia, Maker&Son is now expanding into the US and launching a flagship showroom in Tribeca in New York. This milestone move for the company is in response to the growing global demand for Maker&Son’s extraordinarily comfortable sofas made by hand entirely from natural materials.

“We launched in February 2018 and, in 18 months, generated over $3.5m in sales and proved that, by focusing on comfort and the innovative use of digital technology that we can sell luxury furniture without the need for physical retail premises. We’ve developed a unique mobile showroom that brings one of our sofas to a customer’s door for them to try out. It’s proved to be hugely popular, people absolutely love the convenience of it. 50% of our sales come without a customer sitting on a piece of our furniture though. We’ve now proved the concept internationally the UK, Ireland, Melbourne, Sydney and New York, so U.S expansion was the natural next step for us.” said Alex Willcock, CEO and Founder of Maker&Son.

Alex co-founded Maker&Son with his son Felix Conran, grandson of Sir Terence. Felix, who has headed up product development is relocating to the US to run the business from New York.

Conran said: “We have partnered with one of the biggest luxury furniture manufacturers in the US who are equally committed to the use of ethical, natural materials, great design and, of course, unprecedented comfort. We are so excited about our expansion into the US, the potential is absolutely huge”

“Our customers love knowing the furniture they buy from us has been engineered to last a lifetime. There’s a growing community of people all over the world that want to buy once and invest in pieces that will be with them forever. It feels really great to be at the forefront of changing the way luxury furniture is made and sold” said Conran

This development comes after Maker&Son:

Commenced manufacturing and selling in Australia within just 2 months of UK launchDeveloped a distinctive digital marketing campaign that has attracted over 2.5 million viewsIntroduced a unique mobile showroom capable of 70%+ sales conversion

To learn more about Maker&Son, visit makerandson.com or visit https://www.instagram.com/makerandson/.

Maker&Son: We live in a world of over-production and consumption. Product ranges are vast, offering endless choice. Landfill sites overflow with products engineered to be replaced. Our seas are full of plastic. It is time to do things differently.

Other: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/LQEvJdp6PU0" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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02 Sep 2019 12:36:25 GMT
<![CDATA[ Peak Art Clocks Is Looking for Kitchen Fitters and Designers to Sell Their Large Kitchen Wall Clocks ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/peak-art-clocks-is-looking-for-kitchen-fitters-and-designers-to-sell-their-large-kitchen-wall-clocks-b92a521082e1e5ff320bd73e3f13ec89 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/peak-art-clocks-is-looking-for-kitchen-fitters-and-designers-to-sell-their-large-kitchen-wall-clocks-b92a521082e1e5ff320bd73e3f13ec89 Wednesday 14 August, 2019

Sheffield based company, Peak Art Clocks – a market leader in bespoke oversized wall clocks are calling all kitchen fitters and designers to come forward. They are looking to build stronger relationship with those professionals to reach more customers around the World.

Earlier this month Peak Art have announced that they were removing all the pricing details from the website. They have introduced a new quotation-based system to make sure that each customer contacts them before buying a clock. In the end of the day, their trademark kitchen wall clocks are always made to order. Therefore, by bringing this new concept into operation they ensure that each purchase is even more personal.

“Initially we weren’t sure about removing all the pricing from the website, but we realised that our customers are always looking for something special. By adding this mandatory step to contact us we can fully understand unique client’s needs” says Anna – lead artist and owner.

This new approach also provides a great opportunity for kitchen fitters or designers that have direct relationship with many customers. They can negotiate better deals and effectively become commission-based re-sellers. This doesn’t make the purchase any less personal because the kitchen fitter becomes responsible for ensuring that customer’s requirements are fully understood. They can exchange ideas and work with Peak Art Clocks on the final clock design. In the end of the process the customer receives a custom clock that fits their perfect new kitchen.

Peak Art have already established several strong relationships with professional tradesmen and designers in United Kingdom, but they are looking to expand further. Over the past 4 years they have sold their shabby chic wall clocks to many other countries including Ireland, Australia, Canada and United States. They have also shipped their timepieces to non-English speaking nations like Poland and Austria. Based on customer’s feedback they continue to expand their range with new designs that include industrial elements so getting open-minded professionals on-board have never been more important.

Other: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZUzu1I_-LP8" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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<![CDATA[ The antithesis of disposable culture: Nepal-inspired homewares brand CHACCRA launches unique modular rugs for adaptable modern living ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/the-antithesis-of-disposable-culture-nepal-inspired-homewares-brand-chaccra-launches-unique-modular-rugs-for-adaptable-modern-living-cd812efa6c8b015e5cb2f57244785fed https://pressat.co.uk/releases/the-antithesis-of-disposable-culture-nepal-inspired-homewares-brand-chaccra-launches-unique-modular-rugs-for-adaptable-modern-living-cd812efa6c8b015e5cb2f57244785fed Tuesday 13 August, 2019

Modular rugs offering functional, adaptable and long-lasting designs for lovers of beautiful interiors turning away from ‘throwaway culture’, sit within the new collection being launched by CHACCRA, at this year’s London Design Fair in September.

CHACCRA offers premium handcrafted rugs and homewares while promoting Nepalese culture through design innovation and collaboration with local communities.

Sharon Shi, CHACCRA’s founder, explains: “Our handmade rugs are the antithesis of disposable culture. They are beautifully made and long-lasting, aimed to tap into people’s desire for great design pieces, with our modular designs bringing extra flexibility for interior design.”

She added: “We want to integrate function and beauty, but go further in supporting an energised, positive, uplifted yet balanced lifestyle – for all who come into contact with us; from the craftspeople and international designers we work with, through to our customers.

The new collections fuse artisan techniques with abstract and spiritual designs, utilising colour and contemporary contexts to encapsulate yet innovate ancient crafting techniques; while promoting Nepalese culture.

Julia Guenther from Germany and London-based Mylene Spencer form part of the team who designed this new collection. They were drawn to CHACCRA through a shared passion for diversity in design, coupled with a desire to make a positive difference to people and our environment.

Mylene, who transformed the initial concept for modular rugs into reality for the Modular Collection, said: “I’m hoping that not only can we be inspired by Nepal’s incredible crafting tradition, but that we can work towards translating the beautiful local culture into modern design. Through this we strive to support development and local employment through design innovation and collaboration with local communities.”

The concept for the Modular Collection derived from the need to tap into the ‘thoughtful consumer’ to create a functional, adaptable and long lasting modular rug using beautiful textiles and textures from renewable hemp fibres and Tibetan wool.

They have been designed to enable users to create different shape formation and styles to use across a variety of spaces and rooms. CHACCRA is also planning to facilitate product exchange within its modular buying community.

The new CHACCRA designs will be at the London Design Fair, Hall 10, Booth 31. Old Truman Brewery. 19-22 September 2019.

Current CHACCRA designs can also be found at RB12, 6 King John Ct, Hackney, London EC2A 3EZ

For more information:

Email: hello@chaccra.com or sign up online at www.chaccra.com,

Instagram: @chaccra and on Facebook: @chaccradecor

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Chaccra International .

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<![CDATA[ Armadillo Sun announce new Monaco Modular collection of luxury, weatherproof bean bag furniture ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/armadillo-sun-announce-new-monaco-modular-collection-of-luxury-weatherproof-bean-bag-furniture-463e53de3cc4a4a9a10bc5ac0cec70d0 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/armadillo-sun-announce-new-monaco-modular-collection-of-luxury-weatherproof-bean-bag-furniture-463e53de3cc4a4a9a10bc5ac0cec70d0 Monday 29 July, 2019

Hawkhurst, 29th July 2019, Armadillo Sun, makers of luxury bean bag furniture Armadillo Sun are proud to announce, after 6 months of research and product design, our new Modular Monaco collection. This unique luxury bean bag furniture range consists of standalone and interlocking luxury bean bag chairs and ottomans. The Monaco ottomans can attach to a bean bag chair, transforming it into a lounger; act as a table for canapes and cocktails; or as a seat.

The ingenious interlock design of our Monaco furniture

Our new design incorporates interlinking rings with an ingenious little connector that creates a true multifunctional piece of furniture that can be used, inside and outside, whatever the weather.

Our unique fabric is used on the new range

The new range features our class leading fabric, that is waterproof, mould resistant and easy to maintain. Spillages? Just rinse off and you are done. Being fade resistant also means this product will last for many years without losing its attractiveness.

Caroline Lomax, owner and founder commented:

“Armadillo Sun was founded because of my love of the sun, the summer and outdoor living, which inspired me to create a collection of outdoor seating, furniture and accessories that don’t just look beautiful but can stand the test of time. Adding to our product range, with the new Monaco collection, was a natural progression as I felt a need to provide a true modular seating solution, for not only outside use but that is stylish enough to use indoors as well.”

About Armadillo Sun

Armadillo Sun are makers of luxury bean bag chairs & bean furniture, which are handmade in studios based in Kent, UK.Using a tried and tested, (almost) indestructible fabric that's waterproof, mould and fade-resistant, Armadillo Sun bean bag chairs, bean bag loungers, tables and cushions are lightweight and portable, perfect for any setting.

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Armadillo Sun.

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29 Jul 2019 13:55:04 GMT
<![CDATA[ Dolly launches the Street Food Trolley Challenge for ages 12 to 112 Dolly, Its MasterChef meets ScrapHeap Challenge ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/dolly-launches-the-street-food-trolley-challenge-for-ages-12-to-112-dolly-its-masterchef-meets-scrapheap-challenge-d2cd6521c26278ab495c0040004da969 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/dolly-launches-the-street-food-trolley-challenge-for-ages-12-to-112-dolly-its-masterchef-meets-scrapheap-challenge-d2cd6521c26278ab495c0040004da969 Wednesday 24 July, 2019

Overton, Hampshire (July 23, 2019) The world’s smallest, most versatile food truck is challenging the UK to come up with a street food vehicle that’s even smaller – based on the familiar shopping trolley.

Described as ‘MasterChef meets Scrapheap Challenge’, the challenge encourages foodies with ideas to repurpose a shopping trolley into a mobile food operation offering food and/or drink made and served from the trolley itself.

“There are three things Dolly is particularly obsessed with,” Dolly's Creative Director, Andrew Mellon, says, “Fantastic food – that always comes first; recycling and refurbishment – she’s a great example of this herself; and trolleys! She has a pair of retro Monarch Airline trolleys that are perfect for so many uses, especially holding her gin. So this competition is something very close to her heart.”

The competition officially opened on July 17th with competitors invited to register at www.dollydoes.com/trolleychallenge.

Anyone in the UK from the age of 12 and above is eligible to take part, but must register and complete the first part of the challenge by August 6th.

In Round One of the challenge, competitors will create a design using the plans of the trolley ­– received upon registration – as a guide. The design should take into account that the trolley should be able to function as a street food operation, serving any kind of food or drink on the trolley itself. Food hygiene is also something competitors will need to consider.

A group of expert judges will select their favourite, most viable and interesting designs to go forward to round two where each competitor will receive a refurbished supermarket trolley to develop.


Mellon says, “We are delighted to be supported by Formbar who have offered Dolly a batch of reconditioned shopping trolleys for The Street Food Trolley Challenge. Refurbishment is something that is important to both Formbar and Dolly. Dolly herself is the ultimate refurbishment – and as ‘the car with a conscience’ she always like to reuse, repurpose and recycle wherever possible.”

Five finalists will be chosen to run their street food operation from an exclusive foodie event in London in September where the winner will be found.

The prize package will include a trip to Sweden to attend the European Street Food Awards to see Europe’s best in action £500 cash – and could be the start of a whole new career!

“As the world’s smallest, most versatile food truck and bar, Dolly knows how versatile a small vehicle can be” says Mellon, “She continues to expand her repertoire and this summer has launched her Eco Station, educating the public on becoming plastic free with her pop-up eco refill shop – and she has just become the UK’s first mobile, chilled mineral water refill station.”

About Dolly

Based in the village of Overton in Hampshire, Dolly is a 1986 Dolly model 2CV.

In 2018, the 70th anniversary year of the 2CV, she was transformed into a state-of-the-art food truck and concept bar with the help of 50 British brands, earning her the title ‘the built-in-Britain 2CV’.

Her transformation saw her outfitted as a fully working, retractable kitchen, with a series of exchangeable units that allow her to provide a range of food and drink experiences. For extra versatility, her doors and wings even come off, which allow her to slip through a double door.

Launched on 15 May, 2018 – flown in to Bicester by helicopter – she headlined soon after at the London Motor Show.

She has since gone on to take part in the British Street Food Awards, the Portsmouth Seafood Festival, London Food Tech Week and recently served 100 VIPs at L’Etape Tour de France.

Dolly and her private chef are now available to hire for private events. Find out more at https://www.dollydoes.com and @DollyDoesItAll on Twitter.

If you would like more information about Dolly, please call Andrew Mellon at 0777 804 1445 or email pressoffice@the-style-academy.com

dollydoes.com Other: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HiiNEV8ykw#action=share
Other: https://youtu.be/-HiiNEV8ykw
https://www.dollydoes.com/press.html Other: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HiiNEV8ykw&feature=youtu.be
* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact DollyDoes.

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<![CDATA[ INTRODUCING A REVOLUTIONARY AND INNOVATIVE DEDICATED TERMINAL FOR ANIMALS IN ISRAEL'S BEN GURION AIRPORT: Terminal 4 -Pets the Ben Gurion Animal Reception Center (ARC) ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/introducing-a-revolutionary-and-innovative-dedicated-terminal-for-animals-in-israels-ben-gurion-airport-terminal-4-pets-the-ben-gurion-animal-reception-center-arc-7db4377e80f73ee4a38fc749cd9b94cb https://pressat.co.uk/releases/introducing-a-revolutionary-and-innovative-dedicated-terminal-for-animals-in-israels-ben-gurion-airport-terminal-4-pets-the-ben-gurion-animal-reception-center-arc-7db4377e80f73ee4a38fc749cd9b94cb Thursday 18 July, 2019

Terminal4Pets, the Israeli agency for international pet transportation, is pleased to announce that it has been chosen to plan, build and operate the new terminal for animals in Israel's Ben Gurion Airport: Terminal 4-Pets.

Terminal4Pets was founded by Dr Eytan Kreiner in 1990 to provide a full range of services for people traveling around the world with their pets.

Worldwide approximately 80 million animals fly annually. Within the last year about 50,000 pets, the vast majority being dogs and cats (also various species of birds and rodents growing annually) flew in or out of Israel from all around the world. With an average of 7% annual growth.

We are excited to announce that the dream that has been in planning for 10 years by the entrepreneur Dr. Eytan Kreiner, born first and foremost as a result of loving animals and caring for their well-being, is taking shape. The project is the result of meticulous planning, creative thinking and vision.

The Israeli Animal Reception Center (ARC) Terminal 4-Pets is being built on 5 Dunams and will include 1,500 square meters of kennels and office space and have a capacity for occupancy of 150 dogs and 50 cats.

The ARC will provide pet accommodation and spectialized services for pets arriving or departing from Ben-Gurion Airport 24 hours a day. Flying with your pet, traveling with your pet, relocating with your pet? Pet shipping services including boarding, ground handling, manifested cargo freight services, transit services, veterinary care, VIP services, flight kennel shop, grooming, training center, emergency services, and more, all conveniently located near Terminal 1 at Ben Gurion Airport.

Ecological planning has also been invested in Terminal 4 -Pets, emphasizing on one hand the need for comfortable kennels for animals that meet all their needs and on the other hand solutions for maintaining a hygienic and pleasant environment for all visitors of the ARC. Creative solutions for noise and accessibility issues were also taken into consideration.

As part of the ARC's program to integrate people with disabilities into the work force, the ARC will employ special needs personnel amongst the staff.

Terminal 4 -Pets, currently in the planning stage, is scheduled to open for our four legged friends flying in the summer of 2020. The Israeli ARC will be joining large terminals for animals already in the world, such as London, Frankfurt, and New York. The ARC will provide easy and fast services available for pets arriving and departing from Ben-Gurion airport. With the establishment of the ARC, the state of Israel will join the most advanced countries in the world already useing the services of similar centers.

Dr. Eitan Kreiner, a graduate of Veterinary Studies from Glasgow University in Scotland, a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience, a world-renowned lecturer in the field of pet shipment, entrepreneur and "Chief Flight Veterinarian", serves as the company CEO and advisor to Israeli and global bodies on the development of the field of pet shipment and its future.

Contact Terminal4Pets for additional information regarding:

• The field of pet shipment in Israel and the world

• Statistical and economic data regarding pet shipment in Israel and the world

• Tips from our pet transportation and relocation specialists

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact terminal4pets.

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<![CDATA[ Leading UK Bathroom Website Gets An Exciting Upgrade ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/leading-uk-bathroom-website-gets-an-exciting-upgrade-9f4146dcb3dc0a0dd8b0f7e8dbb4b716 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/leading-uk-bathroom-website-gets-an-exciting-upgrade-9f4146dcb3dc0a0dd8b0f7e8dbb4b716 Tuesday 9 July, 2019

Leading international e-commerce organisation, Limitless Digital Group is proud to announce the new, improved and significantly upgraded Big Bathroom Shop website.

Burnley, Lancashire – July 9th, 2019

Lancashire-based international digital retailer Limitless Digital Group have improved and upgraded their flagship UK bathroom site – Big Bathroom Shop – a move designed to improve user experience and provide the ultimate online luxury shopping experience for their customers.

With a passion for luxury bathroom items, a commitment to first-class customer service and a wealth of experience and know-how at the heart of Big Bathroom Shop, it is anticipated these improvements will further inspire UK bathroom consumers to realise their ‘Big Bathroom Dreams’.

Since launching in 2007, Big Bathroom Shop has placed itself at the forefront of the UK bathroom buying experience, offering free expert advice through their blog and supplying a range of luxury bathroom products with some of the industry’s leading product guarantees.

The new and improved website, incorporating refreshed branding, improved navigation, an extensive product offering from its international supply chain - alongside an upgraded trade customer offering - is all part of the Company’s strategy to deliver the best digital retail experience to its consumers in its chosen markets.

With further developments to come to further enhance the customer’s experience and with its dedication to high-class service to its customers, Big Bathroom Shop anticipates continued and significant growth in its UK bathroom business.

In talking about these exciting new developments Managing Director, Steve Cunliffe said: - “We believe our upgraded website, alongside a quality product offering and our continued commitment to outstanding levels of customer service, will allow us to continue growing our UK bathroom business and become one of the UK’s leading online bathroom retailers.”

“Everybody who works for Big Bathroom Shop knows that we want to provide high-quality bathroom products with exceptional customer service. From placing your order to having it delivered, to ensuring you are satisfied with the service we have provided, we want to be the very best at what we do and offer quality in every area of the business – that starts right here with our new and improved website!”

Think BIG and dream BIGGER with Big Bathroom Shop!

Limitless Digital Group is a pure play multi-brand digital retailer with a mission to provide the best B2C digital retail experience to consumers in its chosen markets.

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At Big Bathroom Shop there’s a team of bathroom experts on hand to answer any questions you may have either before or after an order is placed. Excellent after sales care is one of Big Bathroom Shop’s core values - to learn how they can help you to realise your bathroom goals, please visit the new and improved Big Bathroom Shop website.

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09 Jul 2019 10:06:19 GMT
<![CDATA[ Cumbrian horse riding centre giddies up to raise money for The Sick Children’s Trust ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/cumbrian-horse-riding-centre-giddies-up-to-raise-money-for-the-sick-childrens-trust-7f7a87a9cc21f3ddca5c14490226d5ee https://pressat.co.uk/releases/cumbrian-horse-riding-centre-giddies-up-to-raise-money-for-the-sick-childrens-trust-7f7a87a9cc21f3ddca5c14490226d5ee Friday 5 July, 2019

There was no looking the gift horse in the mouth in Newcastle this afternoon when a team of jockeys showed up at Crawford House with their prized-mare, Ruby, and a cheque for £2,488.

Horse Riding Instructor Claire Light organised a charity showjumping event to raise money for The Sick Children’s Trust after hearing about the support it provided to a local family.

The charity, which runs ten ‘Homes from Home’ across the country, gives families with seriously ill children in hospital a place to stay close to their child’s bedside. Jumping on board to organise the bespoke showjumping event were Claire’s friends Amy Wright and Michelle Maughan, alongside Deborah Hogg – the owner of Rookin House Equestrian Centre where the event took place last month. Amy Wright said:

“After speaking to people in the area about Crawford House, it soon became apparent just how many families in our community have been supported by The Sick Children’s Trust when their child has been rushed miles away to Newcastle for hospital treatment.

“We were shocked to hear that Crawford House was funded entirely on voluntary donations and knew we could pull together to raise valuable funds.

“We had so much support from the community, with volunteers running the event and local business owners donating generous raffle prizes. The evening was a huge success, raising £2,488 which will give 80 families a comfortable bed just a stone’s throw away from their child’s hospital bedside for a night.”

The Sick Children’s Trust’s ‘Homes from Home’ are located at the country’s leading paediatric hospitals, supporting 147 families a night. It costs the charity £30 to give a family a place to stay for one night, and the charity relies entirely on voluntary donations to do this. Crawford House Manager, Andrew Leadbitter, said:

“It’s amazing to see the community get together to support families with children in hospital. Often when a child becomes ill, there is no time to plan and everything is thrown out the window. What we do at The Sick Children’s Trust is provide families with a little bit of stability and take at least one worry away by giving them a place to stay, free of charge, just minutes from their child’s bedside.

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken part in this event, because of you more families will be able to stay together.”

For further information about The Sick Children’s Trust, please visit sickchildrenstrust.org

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05 Jul 2019 10:23:49 GMT