Free Sentiment Analysis Tool Tracks Candidates’ Social Media Ups and Downs in Real Time

Bath, 29 April 2015 – From now through to election day, political consultants, journalists, and news junkies can watch how parties in the... read more

29.04.2015 • By Tivarri Limited

No need to further strain relations between South Africa and Nigeria

The Democratic Alliance (DA) would like to urge both the South African and Nigerian Governments not to strain already delicate relations and to... read more

28.04.2015 • By Pressat Wire

SME Workforce Lead Voting Turnout for UK General Election

SME workforce lead voting turnout for UK general election Small business (SME) owner intention to vote on May 7th is running at 93% (up to 98%... read more

28.04.2015 • By Pressat Wire

Council of Europe Secretary General urges Indonesia not to execute the Bali 9

Strasbourg, 28.04.2015 - The head of Europe's 47-nation human rights organisation has called on Indonesia not to carry out the execution by firing... read more

28.04.2015 • By Pressat Wire

Salford Residents Urged to Make Their Mark with New OOH Ad Campaign

Out of Home International has launched a new outdoor advertising campaign on the streets of Salford, encouraging residents to vote in the... read more

27.04.2015 • By Out of Home International

Vegan issues propelled onto political agenda

PRESS RELEASE IMMEDIATE VEGANISM PROPELLED ON TO POLITICAL AGENDA Vegan issues have been catapulted into the political spotlight by The... read more

23.04.2015 • By The Vegan Society

Dashboard helps schools pinpoint underperforming GCSE pupils in each subject

Schools can now track the progress of individual pupils in each subject at the touch of a button. Non-profit company FFT has launched its school... read more

21.04.2015 • By FFT Education

Streamline Promotions Proud to be Working in Europe’s Greenest City

As Bristol is announced as the greenest city in Britain, marketing revolutionaries Streamline Promotions outline the benefits of being an energy... read more

17.04.2015 • By Streamline Promotions

Archbishop Warda aka King of Iraqi Pop Thunders Defiant Anti-ISIS Battle-cry

In an unprecedented move to highlight the desperate plight of Christians and other minorities in Iraq, Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil – dubbed... read more

15.04.2015 • By Ooberfuse

GB Marketing Enterprise: Guide to Cost Effective Marketing

For the majority of small businesses and start-ups, funding is tight. GB Marketing Enterprise reveals their secrets to cost effective marketing... read more

15.04.2015 • By GB Marketing Enterprise

Training course helps boost students’ results by helping schools get to grips with data

Students' results are getting a boost with the help of a new training course offered by non-profit company FFT. An advanced training course run... read more

02.04.2015 • By FFT Education

ICT in Sudan: An Economic Analysis of Impact and Use in Universities

Technology can be a double-edged sword for emerging economies. In Sudan, information and communication technology (ICT) has proved an important... read more

31.03.2015 • By United Nations University - MERIT

"We Declare a Jihad Against ISIS"

Muslim Youth League UK (MYL), an active UK based Islamic youth organisation, has declared an ideological war against ISIS and other terrorist... read more

30.03.2015 • By Muslim Youth League UK

Autism Awareness week Campaigner calls on Government Action

National Autism Campaigner Kevin Healey is calling on the Government on World Autism Awareness week This week is World Autism Awareness Week,... read more

30.03.2015 • By Kevin Healey

Evoque Innovations: Talent is more Important than Experience

Supermarket giants Asda announced this week the appointment of a new marketing chief who lacked a traditional marketing background. Evoque... read more

19.03.2015 • By Evoque Innovations


Widespread tiredness, fatigue and stress in police officers across six English police forces has been identified in a recent study. With... read more

19.03.2015 • By Third Pillar of Health

Chiron Marketing Solutions Excited by New Plans to Support Young Entrepreneurs

After experiencing a rocky few years, RBS are revamping their Edinburgh headquarters into a hub for young entrepreneurs. Chiron Marketing... read more

18.03.2015 • By Chiron Marketing Solutions

Liverpool is a booming business hub claims Atlas Outsourcing

Along with 850 firms across the city, direct marketing specialists Atlas Outsourcing claim Liverpool's reputation for business is thriving.... read more

13.03.2015 • By AtlasCorp

Visual Insights Ltd proud that SMEs in the West Midlands have defied predicted slow down

Visual Insights Ltd are among West Midland's based small business highlight the reasons why small businesses are feeling optimistic. About... read more

11.03.2015 • By Visual Insights

Protobase Laboratories sponsors upcoming “Roerich Pact: History and Modernity” exhibition in New York

Protobase Laboratories sponsors upcoming "Roerich Pact: History and Modernity" exhibition in New York The International Center Roerich Pact:... read more

10.03.2015 • By Protobase Laboratories Ltd

Free webinars hosted by education data specialists

Two free webinars are set to be hosted by education data specialists FFT. The live online sessions will take place on March 17 and focus on... read more

10.03.2015 • By FFT Education

Out of Home International Launches New London Underground Campaign with Cancer Research UK

Out of Home International has teamed up with Cancer Research UK to show support for the charity's campaign to standardise cigarette packaging to... read more

04.03.2015 • By Out of Home International

New Global Fund Against Violent Extremism Led by Dr. Khalid Koser

Dr. Khalid Koser has been appointed Executive Director of the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund ( GCERF ), the first global effort... read more

04.03.2015 • By United Nations University - MERIT

Press statement: Charity responds to latest NEET stats

Press statement 26th February 2015 Commenting on today's NEET statistics, Lekan Ojumu, Sporteducate Programme Manager at Sported said:... read more

26.02.2015 • By Sported

Nearly 700,000 Workers on Zero Hours Contracts While Working on Average 25 Hours Per Week Latest Ons Data Shows

There are fundamental problems with single market and whatever the European vision was on integration, harmony, economic advancement and... read more

25.02.2015 • By Pressat Wire

Migration is Essential to Western Europe

Inaugural lecture by Ronald Skeldon, endowed professor of Human Geography "Migration is often seen as a problem. For Western Europe and most... read more

24.02.2015 • By United Nations University - MERIT


The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has announced that its members will take part in 24-hour strike action, from 07.00 on Wednesday 25 February until... read more

18.02.2015 • By Pressat Wire

Trieste: thousands of citizens rally in the streets against Italian violations on the Free Port

TRIESTE – Today, 8 February 2015, on a cold and windy sunday afternoon, thousands of citizens of Trieste have come to the streets to a peaceful... read more

08.02.2015 • By TRIEST NGO

Autism Campaigner hit's out at lack of support from Twitters C.E.O

Kevin Healey, Autism campaigner in the UK, is very frustrated by the lack of support from Twitter HQ after nearly a two year extended campaign to... read more

05.02.2015 • By Kevin Healey

Salviol Announces Global Launch of FROPS, a SaaS Solution to Detect, Prevent, and Manage Fraud

Backed by a one-year ROI guarantee, FROPS off-the-shelf solution automatically detects and prevents any form of online fraud in banking,... read more

03.02.2015 • By Mark Casey

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