You Can Now Make External Phone Calls With Microsoft Teams

Wavenet, a leading UK Telephony and IT solutions provider introduces TeamsLink™, a Microsoft certified way to connect the Office 365 Phone System... read more

17.12.2019 • By Wavenet Ltd.

Sandstone Luxembourg presses Criminal Charges against EUobserver

In an article headed “Blood from Stone. What did British PR firm do for Malta” the EUobserver published a claim that the UK-based PR consultancy... read more

17.12.2019 • By Sandstone SA

Genesis launches MiFinity eWallet as a new global payment option

Dublin, 17 th of December 2019 MiFinity, a global payments provider, today announced the launch and go-live of the MiFinity eWallet... read more

17.12.2019 • By MiFinity

Ecosulis co-releases a call to action for a wilder Europe

Rewilding offers solutions to our current climate and nature emergencies. Today 15 leading European rewilding organisations are calling for a... read more

12.12.2019 • By Ecosulis

Tactical Vote 2019 – Last-Minute Changes Risk Undermining Tactical Voting Drive – warns voting advice group.

With polling stations opening tomorrow, and last-minute changes to voting recommendations in 200 constituencies, voters are being urged to double... read more

11.12.2019 • By Represent Us

Students step up to help Slough vulnerable children

Slough Children’s Services Trust has welcomed five new students who are set to become the social workers of the future. The group has come on... read more

10.12.2019 • By Slough Children's Services Trust

Animal Protection Group launches 'Killing Badgers' music track

Track pre - release for airplay–“ Killing Badgers” A group of vets, scientists and researchers based in Brighton have worked with... read more

10.12.2019 • By Prion Group

Surge in Tactical Voting Enquiries Reveals Hidden Volatility in Thursday’s Election

Surge in Tactical Voting Enquiries Reveals Hidden Volatility in Thursday’s Election – says voting advice group. With the General Election only... read more

09.12.2019 • By Represent Us

UK public will support disabled children in Uganda to go to school this International Day of People with Disabilities

To mark International Day of People with Disabilities, UK charity Motivation launches their UK Aid Match All-Stars Appeal, which will support... read more

03.12.2019 • By Motivation Charitable Trust


The social mobility charity The Mayor’s Fund for London is aiming to double supporters’ Christmas donations by taking part in the UK’s biggest... read more

03.12.2019 • By Mayor's Fund for London

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