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London, UK: Canabidol® the UK’s leading expert in consumer CBD products, is proud to announce the release of new line extensions to their innovative CBD HEALTH® range, with the addition of ‘Physio’ and ‘Relax’ to the ground-breaking oral suspension gel range.

To help meet the fast-growing demand from consumers looking to add CBD food supplements to their general health regime, CBD HEALTH® is the first range on the market to combine pure, 100% European Cannabis Sativa L. with complimentary ingredients, backed with approved EU Health Claims to help with a variety of daily health needs.

Canabidol® CEO, Tom Whettem, celebrated this break-through by commenting “We now are able to offer our customers and consumers the only ‘proven-to-be-good-for-you’ range of CBD products that support your health and general well-being. No other CBD product to date can, by law, make these claims or even suggest that their products are good for your health and well-being.”

Whettem added: “The substantial scientific data that backs up each of our formulations enables us to present products that have been certified and approved for use by the European Food Safety Authority. We are excited by the prospect of consumers being able to add CBD HEALTH® to their daily routines, which is made all the easier with a range of great-tasting flavours and easily-consumable formats”.

The CBD HEALTH® range includes such easy-to-consume formats as oral suspension gel, which gives outstanding absorption of water-soluble CBD via proprietary CBD HEALTH® liposomal technology. These gels come in the following flavours and added health benefits:

Heart: with Vitamin B1 to support a healthy heart, plus natural raspberry flavour

Immune: with added Vitamin C to support the immune system, plus natural lemon flavour

Physio: with Calcium to support normal muscle & bone function, plus natural blueberry flavour

Relax: with Lemon Balm to support relaxation and mental wellbeing

More can be found out about this range at https://canabidol.com/

About Canabidol®

Canabidol® is the cannabis company that brings unsurpassable provenance, compliance and transparency into the UK’s fledgling CBD industry.

As the UK’s leading experts in the field of consumers CBD products, we like to say “We know more. Simply because we do more”.

A family-owned company, founded in 2015 by our CEO, Tom Whettem, who also acts as a Director of the Cannabis Trades Association - the largest trade body of its type, globally representing 800 member companies and engaging with government departments.

From the very start we have challenged the status quo. While others invested in gimmicks, we invested in our company, our facilities our staff and most importantly our knowledge.

The only company nationally that exclusively owns and operates multiple sites covering the complete supply chain. Including a licenced cannabis farm, a dedicated extraction/purification facility, UK based manufacturing plant and a R&D facility.

With the concerns around the quality and legality of many CBD products on the market being Canabidol can provide the assurance and confidence where no other can. Verification on the safety, legality and conformity of Canabidol products is as simple as a quick search of the batch code found on every product that is produced.

Our passion for CBD and cannabis is our IP, our knowledge is our strength and our team is the driving force behind continuous innovation of our brands and products.

Brands & Products:

CANABIDOL® - The flagship range of Canabidol products developed to meet the exacting standards required in pharmacy sector. Quality is never an accident, It’s always the result of intelligent actions. The products within the range are a testament to passion for getting thing right, our dedication to excellence and our commitment to the highest standards at every stage.

The range includes CBD oils, Capsules, Sublingual Tablets, Vape Liquids and the UK’s first clinically-proven cannabis cosmetic.

CBD HEALTH® - Launched in 2019 following 2 years of development, the CBD Health range is the first of its kind to backed with approved EU Health Claims to substantiate their efficacy. Certified and permitted by the European Food Safety Authority.

The range includes Boost, Heart, Immune, Physio, Mind, Detox, Relax and Sleep that are highly targeted to meet the health specific health needs of the consumer

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<![CDATA[ Direct Produce Supplies Limited expands the benefits from EDI with First B2B ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/direct-produce-supplies-limited-expands-the-benefits-from-edi-with-first-b2b-065fcf76a4064da1d20785e10eacc686 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/direct-produce-supplies-limited-expands-the-benefits-from-edi-with-first-b2b-065fcf76a4064da1d20785e10eacc686 Monday 9 September, 2019

Direct Produce Supplies Ltd (DPS) approached First B2B for assistance in addressing the complexity of their customer requirements around efficiently managing order changes. Initially working with a competitor's product, DPS migrated to our service in March 2018, and has since significantly escalated their use of EDI.

DPS source fresh fruit from over 40 countries, dedicated to minimising the distance from farm to fruit bowl so that each and every fruit, sourced from as far afield as New Zealand, arrives looking as fresh as when first picked. Partnered with the best growers across both hemispheres, DPS consistently ensure that consumer demand for high-quality fruit is met, meaning that DPS' channels of communication and document interchange are high in both number and complexity.

Working in the short lead-time industry of fresh food supply, we identified the need for a seamless integration into the DPS' business process. The inclusion of tight integration assists in handling the complexity of customer requirements: in particular, the handling of time-critical order changes.

With over 10 years of experience in business-to-business document exchange in this unique market, we tailored advanced EDI technology to integrate seamlessly into DPS' business processes.

A key consideration when supplying the perfect EDI solution was to consider the comprehensive purchase order requirements. DPS requires purchase orders to be issued in three different formats - a critical element of the process that we were able to accommodate.

In order to deliver to the demands placed by complex customer requirements, we worked with leading software provider for the supply of perishable goods, Prophet. Prophet is dedicated to driving down costs and improving margins through comprehensive control, working exclusively in the perishable food industry.

Following the successful implementation of tight integration into their business process, DPS is now adding new customers to the First B2B service, continuing to escalate their use of EDI to support their business.

First B2B, commented:

''When Direct Produce Supplies decided to migrate their EDI usage to First B2B, we were honoured that they entrusted us with such an important aspect of their business. Speed and resilience are essential to such a critical business process in the Fresh Produce Sector. We understand these requirements and are focused on providing solutions that deliver on these requirements and provide unique solutions for this sector.'

Hamesh Luthra, Business Systems & IT Manager at DPS, commented:''With their fast and easy to use service, First B2B has proved to be a valuable EDI partner. The team is very approachable, committed and knowledgeable, providing a quick turnaround which is essential in the fast-paced fresh produce sector.''

Other: <iframe width="1024" height="576" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/-ojJ3YiNk-c" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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<![CDATA[ New Battery-Powered Digital Signage to Replace Outdoor Sandwich Boards ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/new-battery-powered-digital-signage-to-replace-outdoor-sandwich-boards-a41cadf7db9cfba2b10f28cdf3ffdc25 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/new-battery-powered-digital-signage-to-replace-outdoor-sandwich-boards-a41cadf7db9cfba2b10f28cdf3ffdc25 Monday 9 September, 2019

Dual-Sided Digital A-Frame Engages Customers in Shop-Front Locations

Armagard announces the launch of its battery-powered DigiStopper. This unique range of cable-free, outdoor digital A-frames replaces the traditional sandwich board with portable, high-bright and weatherproof advertising ideal for shop-front locations and customer entrances.

“Businesses benefit from engaging outdoor advertising that makes a great first impression on passers-by and helps them stand out on the high street,” says Mark Neal, MD of Armagard.

The portable outdoor A-frame has two 43” displays, lockable castor wheels and an IP56 rating that allows vendors to advertise effectively in any weather.

“Importantly, the dual-sided design captures the attention of people walking in both directions, so vendors enjoy twice the customer engagement from a single digital signage unit,” says Mark Neal.

Battery-powered units are available with displays of 700 NITS and 1,000 NITS, offering run times of up to 14 hours from an overnight charge. For maximum visibility in direct sunlight, a 2,500 NITS, mains-powered option ensures promotions stay clear in the brightest conditions.

“We wanted to provide businesses with a user-friendly and engaging solution to pavement digital signage,” says Mark Neal. “Cordless operation makes it easy for users to position the A-frame each morning and move it around during the day, ensuring promotions get seen by the greatest number of people.”

As an outdoor-ready solution, the IP56 digital A-board has an innovative environmental controller board that ensures reliable advertising up to 40°C. The sunlight readable screens also feature automatic brightness controls that keep promotions clear and engaging throughout the day.

The first production batch has already been ordered. Armagard’s Germany-based partner, an existing user of DigiStopper units, says: “We’re excited to be the first company to partner with Armagard to bring these unique displays to businesses looking for convenient and effective shop-front advertising.”

Armagard welcomes enquiries from resellers and end users interested in purchase or lease options. For more information on the full range of DigiStopper units, visit www.armagard.co.uk or call +44 (0)121 608 7210. For the latest updates, follow Armagard on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

- ENDS -

For further press information, and to request additional images, contact Mike Thomas, Senior Marketing Executive, Armagard Ltd, on +44 (0)121 608 7210 or mike.thomas@armagard.com

Editor’s notes

As outdoor digital signage enclosure specialists, Armagard has over 25 years’ experience designing and manufacturing protection for screens in hazardous locations. Over 100,000 Armagard enclosures protect equipment in more than 50 countries, giving the company a worldwide reputation for quality that customers can count on.

Armagard Ltd, 9 Fortnum Close, Kitts Green, Birmingham, B33 0LG | +44 (0)121 608 7210 | sales@armagard.com | www.armagard.com

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<![CDATA[ Job-Filling & Job-Finding App Hela Job Launches as UK Gig Economy Doubles ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/job-filling-job-finding-app-hela-job-launches-as-uk-gig-economy-doubles-84fc881420a0e5c5db2aeef60709a13b https://pressat.co.uk/releases/job-filling-job-finding-app-hela-job-launches-as-uk-gig-economy-doubles-84fc881420a0e5c5db2aeef60709a13b Monday 9 September, 2019

With one in 10 UK adults now working on gig economy platforms, the Hela Job app is the first to focus on local job markets. Launching in London this week and then cities throughout the UK, the app will help business owners find local, part-time workers with a click on their smartphone and help job seekers find work in their own neighbourhood just as fast.

September 9th, 2019, London, UK – In the latest sign of the increasingly digital UK job market, Hela Job launched in London this week. The app is the first in the nation to focus on the HR needs of restaurants, retailers and other businesses that rely more than most on a local, part-time workforce. While other gig apps help businesses find contractors and freelancers for work that is primarily managed online, Hela Job helps local businesses find local workers.

“Just as entrepreneurs with skills focused on niche markets are the most successful in a gig economy, Hela Job is focused on the needs of local businesses and local job seekers,” said Hela Job Founder and CEO Ioannis Antypas. “While most job apps help companies find workers around the world, we help companies find workers around the corner."

A recent study by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) found that Britain’s booming gig economy more than doubled in size over the past three years and now accounts for 4.7 million workers. The study also concluded that one in 10 working-age adults now work on gig economy platforms, up from one in 20 in 2016.

While Uber, the ride-hailing smartphone app, is the most notable exception, most gig platforms are not focused on fulfilling the HR needs of local job markets.

Enter Hela Job, an app focused on helping businesses find local, part-time employees in an instant. How does it work? Once the business owner or HR manager posts a job on the platform, the most qualified local worker is notified instantly on their smartphone. Similar to Uber, if a worker doesn’t respond within a few seconds; the job automatically rolls over to the next local, pre-qualified worker. Also similar to Uber, when a worker accepts an offer, the app uses GPS to physically track them as they drive or, if they live in the same neighborhood, walk from their home to the job site.

HR managers in the UK who previewed Hela Job before this week’s launch, believe the app will save them time and money, allowing them to avoid paying large agency fees. Employers were particularly impressed by the app’s digital shift tracking feature, which allows employees hired through Hela Job to scan a QR code with their smartphones at the start of every shift and scan another code when their shift ends. This makes time-sheets digital, more accurate, and dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to track employee hours.

HR managers save even more time during the hiring process because Hela Job pre-screens and pre-interviews job seekers before they are eligible to be hired through the platform, a step that eliminates the time employers would use to interview job candidates themselves. In addition to interviewing prospective workers before the are eligible to be hired through Hela Job, they’re also subjected to an AI-powered security check.

Job seekers who previewed the app before its launch found it empowering. “The location feature is great, who doesn’t want to work closer to home?” said Sia Tehrani, a London resident who works part-time at a London coffee shop. “I like the freedom the app gives me. Just like Uber, when I want to work, I’ll turn it on and make myself available. When I don’t want to work, I'll turn it off. I’m in charge of my work schedule and I love it!”

After launching in London this week, Antypas plans to make Hela Job available in every major UK city by December. And later, to keep pace with the booming gig economy worldwide, the company will introduce its job-filling, job-finding app to international markets. Hela Job’s next target - the United States, where an estimated 57 million workers have joined the gig economy.

The company’s slogan, “Fill a Job, Find a Job with Hela Job”, will likely be translated into multiple languages as service industries in industrialized countries worldwide undergo a fundamental, digital transformation, relying less on full-time employees and more on part-time, local workers looking for jobs in their own neighbourhood.


MEDIA INQUIRIES: To schedule an interview with a Hela Job Manager, please contact Gary Gabriel at the company’s London headquarters on 020 8080 2775 or gary.gabriel@helajob.com.

Other: <iframe width="1280" height="720" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/cb_N9EiDtDE" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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<![CDATA[ AWARD-WINNING BREWERY TO SUPPORT LOCAL HOSPICE WITH THEIR CHARITY ALE ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/award-winning-brewery-to-support-local-hospice-with-their-charity-ale-d2faa5026d8de5259905a8f6cc5c7303 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/award-winning-brewery-to-support-local-hospice-with-their-charity-ale-d2faa5026d8de5259905a8f6cc5c7303 Tuesday 3 September, 2019

Every year, award-winning Harrogate brewery, Rooster’s Brewing Co, based at Hornbeam Park, brews a charity pale ale White Rose, which was launched on Yorkshire Day, August 1. This year, Rooster’s named Harrogate-based hospice care charity, Saint Michael’s Hospice as beneficiary of this beer.

Saint Michael’s Hospice will receive 10p from every pint of White Rose sold, which will go towards caring for people who are living with terminal illnesses and bereavement.

Ian Fozard, Director of Rooster’s Brewing Co, said, “We have always been keen supporters of Saint Michael’s and are delighted that this year they will benefit from the sale of our annual charity beer. They provide a unique and much needed service across the Harrogate district.”

Chief executive of Saint Michael’s, Tony Collins, said: “We’re delighted that Rooster’s Brewing Co, has chosen Saint Michael’s this year. Their support will help us ensure that the increasing number of local people living with a terminal illness or bereavement receive the right care and support. As an independent charity, we rely heavily on the support of our community to rise the almost £6Million needed to provide our vital care.”

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Saint Michael's Hospice .

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<![CDATA[ Haerfest opens at CCA Derry~Londonderry ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/haerfest-opens-at-cca-derrylondonderry-4f6f02876ecd0318ceb9e65f2123ec4f https://pressat.co.uk/releases/haerfest-opens-at-cca-derrylondonderry-4f6f02876ecd0318ceb9e65f2123ec4f Wednesday 21 August, 2019
Åsa Sonjasdotter, Asunción Molinos Gordo, Kevin Gaffney, Sonya Schönberger
27 August – 12 October 2019Launch event: Thursday 29 August 2019, 7–9pm

Bringing together four artists working with ideas around agriculture, trade and the politics of produce, Haerfest takes its name from the Old English word for the harvest season. Works in Haerfest draw on historical and contemporary narratives around inequalities within the international “free market” that produce both scarcity and glut, and consider the environmental and social impacts of changing farming methods and scales of production. The exhibition includes film, photography, textiles and audio works.

Kevin Gaffney is currently studying for his PhD at Ulster University. His film A Numbness in the Mouth takes place in the near-future on a self-sustaining, militarised island where climate change has benefited agricultural production. An enforced ration system shows a surplus of flour and, in order to retain economic balance between supply and demand, each citizen is requested to consume more than five pounds of flour per day resulting in absurd and increasingly horrific outcomes.

Sonya Schönberger is a Berlin-based German artist whose practice combines her studies in social anthropology and experimental media design in her artistic practice. Following her research into the impact of the Kenyan cut flower industry, she has developed a body of work, Kenyan Roses for the Kingdom. This project combines photography and documentary to discuss the geopolitical background story of the cut-roses and their colonial entanglement from the time of the British Empire until today.

Asunción Molinos Gordo divides her time between Cairo, Egypt and her hometown of Guzmán, Spain. Her practice is centred around the social and cultural changes that are taking place within the rural context, “always looking at what we are leaving behind in the rush of progress”. Ghost Agriculture (Unlimited Resource Farming) uses source material from satellite images of the delta and riverbanks of the Nile showing the thousands of small, rectangular plots of land cultivated by 4 million fellahin (Egyptian peasants) supplying the food demands of the nation. By contrast, large circles, roughly 25 times larger, appear in the reclaimed desert land, cultivated by a handful of private companies in partnership with the central government for the international export market.

Åsa Sonjasdotter is a Swedish artist who has devoted much attention to the potato plant. The potatoes that were bred and cultivated during the introduction of industrialisation of food systems carry memory of early colonial and capitalist transformations. The cultivating of these older varieties today, make possible a reconnection and re-reading of their embodied memory. Åsa presents different perspectives on these historical spacetimes. She works across narrative formats in various long-term projects. CCA is presenting a special screening of a new film produced by the artist on Saturday 5 October 2019, 3pm.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a Public Programme of events.

This exhibition and associated events are made possible through the generous support of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and with the further support of Derry City and Strabane District Council. Sponsorship from Caldwell & Robinson, The Sandwich.co.

CCA Derry~Londonderry10–12 Artillery StDerry~Londonderry BT48 6RG, Northern Ireland+44 (0) 2871 373538Opening hours:Tuesday to Saturday, 12–6pm (during exhibitions)Admission Free

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Centre For Contemporary Art Derry~Londonderry.

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<![CDATA[ 14 Years of Celebrating Oktoberfest in London ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/14-years-of-celebrating-oktoberfest-in-london-0a1ea0c97a0486d57ce6753114c8776c https://pressat.co.uk/releases/14-years-of-celebrating-oktoberfest-in-london-0a1ea0c97a0486d57ce6753114c8776c Tuesday 20 August, 2019

The Octoberfest Pub located in Fulham has the longest running celebration of the famous Oktoberfest in London, started by a group of people that love everything about Bavaria and their unique festival and culture.

Fulham has been running for 14 years and Brixton is now in its third year and this year they will be adding another location in Peckham, so that more people across London can enjoy their authentic celebration. Their Oktoberfest events are backed by traditional Munich breweries such as Erdinger, Lӧwenbräu and Spaten who have all joined forces with the Octoberfest group to help spread passionate celebration of all things Bavarian across London.

Having attended other Oktoberfest events across London, the team at Octoberfest are not trying to have the biggest event, instead their goal has always been to provide the most genuine of settings. They have been recognised by Time Out, Evening Standard, The Londonist, and many other London publications over the years.

MyLondon - “All in all, we were treated to a night of brilliant entertainment, perfect service and were left feeling full to the brim with delicious food and beer. If you're looking for a merry night with a difference - this is the place to go!”

Sara Lühmann – Hammersmith & Fulham Communications Team: “So, as a German, how realistic is Octoberfest? It is, as far as I can say, authentically Bavarian. Lots of beer. Very big beer glasses. Lots of meat on the menu. A few too many vegetarian options for it to be truly Bavarian! (Not that I was complaining).”

If you seek the most authentic Bavarian Bierhaus Oktoberfest-style experience in London then book your tickets now, at one of these three locations:


The festivities kick off in Fulham at the Octoberfest Pub Beer Hall where live brass bands combine with a selection of over 60 authentic German beers and an extensive, mouth-watering menu of traditional cuisine to create the longest running Oktoberfest event in the world starting 13thof September. With over 1,000,000 litres of beer sold since the start of their London Oktoberfest events in 2004 this festival is hugely popular so make sure you book your tickets early as Friday and Saturday nights are always full during the Oktoberfest season!


Brixtoberfest is back again this year and has been up scaled due to popular demand at Pop Brixton! There are now two weekends (October 11th, 12th, 18th& 19th) of Bavarian beer filled frivolity that you can take part in. Pop Brixton is transformed into an open air Beer Tent and invites all comers to don their finest Bavarian garb (Lederhosen or Dirndl) and come along for a unique experience in which you are guaranteed to be standing on your chair and singing along by the end of the evening!


An equally distinctive venue where the Germanic-style fun is being held on levels 5/6 at Peckham Levelson the 25th& 26thof October. This converted car park is singular in its cool and trendy vibe and holds 1,200 people who will all be rocking to the hip Bavarian tunes and enjoying boutique Munich beers that whole weekend long so don’t miss out!

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Octoberfest Pub.

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<![CDATA[ Yearsley Food to tackle Yorkshire Three Peaks for Francis House ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/yearsley-food-to-tackle-yorkshire-three-peaks-for-francis-house-6304ed933ebdab413db2637b6526c4be https://pressat.co.uk/releases/yearsley-food-to-tackle-yorkshire-three-peaks-for-francis-house-6304ed933ebdab413db2637b6526c4be Friday 16 August, 2019

Staff from Yearsley Food, in Heywood, are gearing up to walk, climb and even pub crawl in support of a children’s charity.

The national frozen food supplier is aiming to raise as much as possible throughout 2019 - to support its chosen Charity of the Year, Francis House Children’s Hospice, the north west charity for the families of children and young people with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions.

As part of the company’s fundraising initiatives, a team of up to a dozen staff from the group’s food sales office, have set their sights on tackling the three peaks of Yorkshire - Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough and all in under 12 hours.

Ian King, Yearsley Food’s managing director, said: “We are delighted to be working with Francis House this year. We looked for a charity with a history behind it and Francis House has helped so many people over the years.

“Many of our employees have young families themselves and wanted to do something really challenging to help raise awareness of the incredible work of the hospice. We know that every penny we raise will go towards providing much needed care to local children and young people and support for their families.”

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge route is 38.6km and includes 1585m of ascent. The peaks form part of the Pennine range, and encircle the head of the valley of the River Ribble, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The sales, technical and purchasing team members will be looking to their families, friends, suppliers and more than forty other colleagues from Heywood to sponsor them. Training is already underway for the challenge on August 31.

Future fundraising plans by Yearsley Food, focus around activities that everyone can enjoy, including ice lolly sales, a sponsored BBQ and an ale trail from Batley and back to Manchester Piccadilly train station.

Kate Puc, fundraiser at Didsbury based Francis House said: “We really do appreciate all the time and effort that Yearsley Food are putting into the organisation of this event and raising vital funding for Francis House - for which we are truly grateful.”

Francis House supports more than 500 families of children and young adults with life-limiting conditions including 28 families from Rochdale, Heywood and Middleton.

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Francis House Children's Hospice.

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<![CDATA[ NOVELTEA and The Florist rewrite rules for high tea ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/noveltea-and-the-florist-rewrite-rules-for-high-tea-ed30704d5e0bc846f8b8effbd00ddfc0 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/noveltea-and-the-florist-rewrite-rules-for-high-tea-ed30704d5e0bc846f8b8effbd00ddfc0 Monday 12 August, 2019

NOVELTEA and The Florist have held the World’s highest afternoon tea party on Scafell Pike to challenge the norm with how the time-worn tradition can be enjoyed. In a bid to inject the spirit of adventure into the British staple, the two brands served high tea at the 978m summit to showcase their attitude towards creating more memorable high tea experiences.

The very British tradition of afternoon tea was taken to dizzying new heights on Monday, after the world’s highest high tea took place on the summit of Scafell Pike, England’s tallest mountain. [Ahead of afternoon tea week].

The 978m ascent surpasses the current record held by the Burj Khalifa on the 122ndfloor at 584.5m.

Hosted by alcoholic tea brand NOVELTEA, and bar & restaurant chain The Florist, the pair set out to launch The Florist’s new high tea menu in a bid to challenge the norm for the way traditional British afternoon tea is served,while beating the current world record.

On the summit, NOVELTEA and The Florist treated hikers on the hill to high tea inspired by Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging amongst the spectacular mountain-top views in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The selection of beautifully-presented dishes including bao buns, sushi and Nutella doughnuts, whilst sipping from the NOVELTEA alcoholic tea menu, consisting of tea blended with either rum, gin or whisky.

The afternoon tea trend is experiencing a shift away from the British tradition of sweet pastries and cucumber sandwiches, as consumers become more experiential with their choice of menu and the environment with where it is served; this has led to a new joint collaboration between NOVELTEA and The Florist who will be serving Japanese inspired savoury dishes alongside alcoholic tea.

NOVELTEA Managing Director Vincent Efferoth Said: “As the world’s first infused alcoholic tea, we’re delighted to have celebrated the timeless British concept of afternoon tea with a unique adventurous twist. Partnering with a brand who seek new experiences such as The Florist was an ideal opportunity.”

Lauren Allen-Maher Group Brand Manager of The Florist Said: “The Florist’s food and cocktail menus are inspired by three key styles of floristry; Ikebana, Modern Contemporary and English Garden, so we’re excited to offer our guests a contemporary, floral twist to the traditional occasion of High Tea.”

The world’s highest high tea coincides with The Florist’s new High Tea offering across their venues, which fittingly launches during National Afternoon Tea Week.


Media Contact:Amber Patterson | amber@twistmarketing.co.uk


The concept for the ‘higher tea’ event at the top of Scafell Pike was created to challenge expectations of the time-worn British afternoon tea during National Afternoon Tea Week

Guests included 20 people, a mix of local people and lifestyle influencers from across the UK

Guests were led by experienced local guides supplied by outdoor tour operator largeoutdoors.com and the high tea service was presented by The Florist’s Creative Development Lead Kelly Harrison and The Florist’s Operational Chef Ash Wooley.


Launched in April 2017, NOVELTEA is the first brand in the world to create tea and alcohol fusions to test and tickle taste buds. Ranked as one of the top new businesses in the UK by the Startups 100 2018 index and a 2018 SIAL Innovation Award Winner, NOVELTEA’s blends start with tea, taking inspiration from its ingredients and origins to create unique flavours that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Ranging from a quintessentially British combination of Earl Grey and gin, to an exotic pairing of Moroccan green mint tea and white rum, to the recently launched Chinese Oolong tea and Scotch whisky, NOVELTEA offers a refreshing twist to your afternoon tipple. Tea with spirit.

Winner of Speciality Food Magazine’s ‘New Producer Award 2018’ for crowdfundingFeatured in Great Taste Awards 2018 list of winnersand Silver medal winner in the Spirits Business Award 2018Stocked in over 150 stores across the UK and exported globally to countries including China and Germany.NOVELTEA has successfully raised over half a million pounds in crowdfunding over a two year period and revenue has grown by 320% in the last twelve months

Online: http://www.noveltea-drinks.com/ |Twitter: https://twitter.com/novelteadrinksFacebook: https://facebook.com/novelteadrinks| Instagram: https://instagram.com/novelteadrinks

About The Florist

Since launching in Bristol in March 2018, The Florist bar and restaurant has grown to 3 locations across the UK including Liverpool and Watford. In 2018, it was named one of the UK’s “most Instagrammable bar and restaurants”, and in 2019, won 3 awards Casual Dining Awards 2019 including Best New Restaurant for The Florist Liverpool. The extensive cocktail menu and diverse food offering is inspired by the three key styles of floristry: English Garden, Ikebana and Modern Contemporary and offers guests a unique experience in beautiful surroundings.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefloristuk/
Website. https://theflorist.uk.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thefloristuk

Jack Jolly, National Campaign Manager – Jackjolly@nwtc.uk.com

About The Florist’s High Tea with NOVELTEA

The Florist’s new high tea will be available to book Monday to Friday (12-5pm) and Saturday (12pm-4pm) Dishes include Vegetable Gyoza skins, Bao Buns, Sushi of the Day and Nutella Donuts.Available from Monday 12thAugust from The Florist Watford and The Florist Bristol. For details of The Florist Liverpool High Tea launch, keep an eye on our website.The Florist’s high tea is priced at £25 per person and comes with a choice of one of three NOVELTEA cocktails, with a minimum of 2 guests required and available as a vegetarian and vegan option on request. Advance booking required. Guests may choose to swap their cocktail for a pint of Amstel (568ml) or glass of house Prosecco (125ml) or selected mocktail.

About New World Trading Company:

The New World Trading Company (NWTC), operator of The Florist, is a leading bar and restaurant operator, with 27 sites across 8 award-winning brands in the UK market; including The Oast House, The Botanist and The Smugglers Cove. NWTC’s instinct for adventure drives everything they do and takes guests to the most unusual and exciting places. The company is also recognised as a leading employer not only in the hospitality industry but across the UK, placing 5thin The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to work for 2019. For more information, visit: http://nwtc.uk.comor call 01565 213213.

Jack Jolly, National Campaign Manager – Jackjolly@nwtc.uk.com

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<![CDATA[ Bladnoch Distillery Launches New State-of-the-Art Visitors Centre ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/bladnoch-distillery-launches-new-state-of-the-art-visitors-centre-b2376a64eb6fbd1fd0847746b3ce6021 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/bladnoch-distillery-launches-new-state-of-the-art-visitors-centre-b2376a64eb6fbd1fd0847746b3ce6021 Monday 29 July, 2019

The 25th of July will mark the official opening of Bladnoch Distillery’s new state-of-the-art Visitors Centre in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway. The iconic distillery is one of the oldest working distilleries in Scotland and is owned by Australian businessman, David Prior.

The new Visitors Centre will feature a historical gallery, gift shop, café, and tasting bar serving the entire range of Bladnoch Single Malt Scotch Whiskies and Pure Scot Blended Scotch Whiskies. At least two tours of the distillery will be offered daily during the high season, taking guests on a journey through the distillery’s history and showcasing how Bladnoch Single Malt is crafted on site.

Bladnoch Distillery was founded in 1817 by the McClelland brothers who were some of the first in Scotland to acquire a license to make Scotch Whisky. In 2015, David Prior purchased the distillery with plans to reinvent the Bladnoch Single Malt offering and restore the historic distillery.

He enlisted the help of acclaimed Master Distiller, Ian MacMillan, and has invested over five million pounds into installing all new equipment including two pairs of copper stills from Forsyths of Rothes and six new wooden washbacks. Since 2017, the distillery has produced new make spirit once more, and has launched multiple award-winning expressions across both of its brands, Bladnoch and Pure Scot.

David Prior said of the re-opening of the historic distillery, “Over the past 4 years my team and I have restored and upgraded the distilling operation of Bladnoch and launched our Bladnoch Single Malts into 30 countries.

The opening of the Visitor Centre represents the final piece of this exciting and rewarding project. We are delighted to welcome guests from all over the world and deliver Bladnoch back to the local community, as an ongoing source of pride and employment.”

Earlier this year, Bladnoch Distillery announced that former Master Distiller of The Macallan, Dr Nick Savage, would join the team as their newly appointed Master Distiller. Nick Savage played an integral part in launching The Macallan Visitor Experience in 2018 and will now lead the team producing whisky in the heart of the Lowlands.

For more information on the Bladnoch Distillery Visitors Centre, please visit www.bladnoch.com/visit-bladnoch/ and sign up to our mailing list for regular updates here: http://eepurl.com/dsUrDn

For any further enquiries or images, please contact: Rachel Brown: rbrown@bladnoch.com

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