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A lack of funding to tackle statutory targets on fuel poverty in England could have damaging long term consequences, according to the End Fuel Poverty Coalition.

The Coalition's response to the Government's Fuel Poverty Strategy Review broadly welcomes the consultation, but warns there are major areas which need improvement.

Fuel poverty means that a household is forced below the poverty line as a result of the cost of using energy in their home. Using the current measurement, at least 2.53m households are in fuel poverty in England alone.

The Strategy review proposes widening this definition to include all low income households living in cold homes (the ‘Low Income, Low Energy Efficiency’ indictor). The government believes this will better incentivise energy efficiency. This increases the number of fuel poor households in England from 2.55 million to 3.66 million: an increase of 44%.

The Coalition's response argues that the most crucial action that Government can take is to support proposals for a new ‘Clean Growth Fuel Poverty Challenge Fund.’ This would help the poorest households living in the worst F and G-rated homes, mainly in hard to heat homes.

The Coalition's detailed response to the Strategy Review also calls for additional improvements, to create a longer term framework for energy efficiency. These include:

Better regulation of the private sectorMake the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme more accessible to those in greatest needIntroduce more locally led, area-based schemes to improve energy efficiency, backed up by a national “safety net”Ensure all improvements are of the highest and safest qualityExamine new financial measures to improve energy efficiency across the wider housing stock such as stamp duty reforms, zero interest loans, etc.

Dr Brenda Boardman, Emeritus Fellow at Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute, and one of the core authors of the Coalition’s response, commented:

"Fuel poverty policy has been in the doldrums for several months, so that this consultation is welcome evidence that the Government wants to revive policy.

"There is recognition of the crucial importance of energy efficiency improvements, but no statements yet of appropriate funds. And yet there needs to be prompt, positive action to upgrade all the fuel poor in F and G-rated properties in the next 15 months, as promised.

"The growing emphasis on regulation, for instance of the privately rented sector, is encouraging, but still depends on enforcement to be effective. We believe this is a great opportunity for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to be strong and really champion the fuel poor."

Peter Smith, Director of Policy and Research at National Energy Action (NEA), said:

"Without more ambitious action 160,000 fuel-poor households could still be living in the least efficient homes by 2020, with the Government way off-track towards meeting its 2030 statutory target. As well as the devastating impacts cold homes have on their occupants, the delayed cost of inaction extend to all of us.

"Addressing fuel poverty is a crucial part of meeting the new stretching carbon targets. Without a big improvement in current efforts, the government will not meet its climate change targets. Poorer households will benefit the least from energy policies, whilst paying a higher share of the costs, despite making lower contributions to our overall emissions.

"But it doesn’t have to be this way. Ending fuel poverty is in our grasp through a National Energy Efficiency Programme, fully funded support for those in fuel poverty and reform of the private rented sector."

A full copy of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition response is available online.

You can follow the Coalition on Twitter @EndFuelPoverty.

No media attached. Please contact End Fuel Poverty Coalition for more information.

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17 Sep 2019 07:05:01 GMT
<![CDATA[ PLAYBOY CLUB LONDON ASSURES PAMELA ANDERSON AND PETA THAT FOIE GRAS IS OFF THE MENU ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/playboy-club-london-assures-pamela-anderson-and-peta-that-foie-gras-is-off-the-menu-245f2aceb3b865c0c6877829599813c7 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/playboy-club-london-assures-pamela-anderson-and-peta-that-foie-gras-is-off-the-menu-245f2aceb3b865c0c6877829599813c7 Friday 13 September, 2019

Victory: Venue Bans Cruelly Produced Dish After Urging From Iconic Playmate and Honorary PETA US Director

London – Last week, 14-time Playboy cover star Pamela Anderson sent a letter to the Playboy Club London asking it to remove foie gras from its menu – and in response, the venue confirmed that the dish had already been removed and pledged never to serve it again.

"I'm part of Playboy's family – and, I like to think, and as Hugh Hefner always told me, its DNA. I adore the brand's playfulness and luxury but was confused – and disappointed – to learn that the Playboy Club London is serving foie gras," wrote Anderson in her letter to the club.

"There's nothing sexy about foie gras – which means 'fatty liver.' In fact, it's downright vile," she continued. "Selling this abhorrent pâté is not in keeping with the Playboy brand I know and love, and I hope you'll remove it from the menu right away."

To produce foie gras, ducks and geese are force-fed several times a day until their livers become diseased and swell to up to 10 times their normal size. By the end of their lives, many birds have trouble breathing because their enlarged livers compress their lungs. PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that "animals are not ours to eat or abuse in any other way" – has released exposés of foie gras farms that show sick, dead, and dying birds, some of whom had holes in their necks from being impaled by the feeding pipes. Foie gras production is so inhumane that it would be illegal in the UK and more than a dozen other countries.

Anderson is part of a long list of celebrities – including Ralph Fiennes, Ricky Gervais, Dame Vera Lynn, Kate Winslet, Twiggy, and the late Sir Roger Moore – who have joined PETA in speaking out against foie gras.

PETA opposes speciesism, which is a human-supremacist worldview that fosters violence towards other animals. Anderson's letter is available upon request. For more information, please visit PETA.org.uk.

No media attached. Please contact Pressat Wire for more information.

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<![CDATA[ Brexit a Bigger Threat to Children's Future than Climate Change According to 1 in 5 Parents ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/brexit-a-bigger-threat-to-childrens-future-than-climate-change-according-to-1-in-5-parents-6cc2db19a36431cf3b249263f0440179 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/brexit-a-bigger-threat-to-childrens-future-than-climate-change-according-to-1-in-5-parents-6cc2db19a36431cf3b249263f0440179 Thursday 12 September, 2019

Parents have plenty to worry about. But 1 in 5 parents with children under the age of 18 believe the biggest threat to their children’s futures is Brexit.

That’s according to a recent survey carried out by Perpetual Fostering, which polled 2,000 UK Mums and Dads about the future for their children.

Brexit didn’t poll highest on the list of threats, however. The top spot went to the “rising cost of living,” with 41% citing this as their biggest concern. Climate change took 23% of the vote.

How it Varies Regionally

There are slight variations in the findings regionally too, with the highest Brexit concern in Northern Ireland (28.3%) and the highest concern about the cost of living in Yorkshire (47.50%).

RegionClimate ChangeBrexitThe Employment MarketThe Rising Cost of LivingOther (Please SpecifySouth East26.80%14.80%10.50%44.70%3.10%South West25.20%20.90%13.70%38.80%1.40%West Midlands23.30%14.90%16.70%43.30%1.90%North West21.30%18.70%16.20%41.30%2.60%North East21.60%21.60%16.70%38.20%2.00%Yorkshire21.20%17.30%11.70%47.50%2.20%East Midlands20.40%21.10%10.60%46.50%1.40%East England24.20%15.40%13.40%45.60%1.30%Scotland24.10%26.20%16.60%30.30%2.80%Northern Ireland23.90%28.30%15.20%32.60%0.00%Wales 26.30%21.10%12.60%36.80%3.20%London22.00%20.90%18.90%36.50%1.70%

Other Answers

Of the 2% respondents who gave another specified answer, common answers included:

CrimeTerrorismThe Government

Lisa Witter, Manager at Perpetual Fostering, comments:

“There are so many things for parents and carers to worry about! Climate change and the political landscape are both concerns for many. But clearly parents are predominantly concerned with the immediate and clear threat of the rising cost of living and how that will have an impact on their children.

Ever topical, Brexit wasn’t too far off climate change in terms of how parents rate the threat. Much of this could be related to the sheer uncertainty of it all and the fact none of us really know what will happen yet.”

Raw data is available at https://perpetualfostering.co.uk/insights/threats-to-future-children/

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Perpetual Fostering.

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<![CDATA[ Opendium Launches Green Online Safety Scheme ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/opendium-launches-green-online-safety-scheme-4e5daf34fcf1afe885179ed1fc8e575e https://pressat.co.uk/releases/opendium-launches-green-online-safety-scheme-4e5daf34fcf1afe885179ed1fc8e575e Tuesday 10 September, 2019

British Online Safety Business Launches Green Web Filtering for UK Schools.

United Kingdom. (September, 2019) - With concern about climate change growing, we all have a responsibility to do our bit for the environment. Schools, as much as anyone, must look after their students' futures. This September, web filtering supplier Opendium is launching a new scheme to help UK schools to meet their online safety obligations in an environmentally responsible way.

Opendium has been helping schools across the UK to protect children for 14 years. The most obvious part of their work is to protect children from the internet's many dangers whilst safeguarding and promoting the huge number of ways that the internet can be used for their benefit. Going beyond that, people live much of their lives online these days and Opendium are perfectly placed to spot children who are facing serious challenges in the offline world too. School staff can be given an early warning so that they can intervene and help children suffering from problems such as abuse, depression, drug abuse, etc.

"But we must never overlook the fact that environmental damage, such as climate change, is putting those same children at risk," explained Opendium's Technical Director, Steve Hill. "Opendium believe that protecting children from the immediate dangers must never come at the expense of putting their future in jeopardy."

Opendium has partnered with sustainable development experts ClimateCare to offer a simple way for schools to safeguard their students in an environmentally responsible way.

ClimateCare works with organisations around the world to invest in accredited carbon reduction projects. Their portfolio of projects not only offset CO2 emissions, but provide immediate and tangible improvements to peoples' lives.

Whilst Opendium's cloud based online safety products are hosted in data centres that use 100% clean energy, they were concerned about the CO2 emissions from their, more popular, on-premises options. Opendium's new carbon offsetting scheme, in partnership with ClimateCare, offers schools a simple way to meet their environmental and social responsibilities whilst keeping children safe online.

"Opendium are very proud to partner with leading carbon reduction experts ClimateCare, who are trusted by many of the world's leading organisations to help to reduce their carbon footprint."

Established in 2005, Opendium supply sector-leading online safety, web filtering, firewalling and networking expertise to the UK education sector. Opendium's culture centres around taking ownership of the customer's problems to support and deliver a timely solution.

Other: <iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/F3fdETtFlpg" style="display:block; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;" width="560"></iframe>
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<![CDATA[ OYO, MHIR and Incubit Develops an AI Model Predicting Possible Mudflows from Topographic Map ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/oyo-mhir-and-incubit-develops-an-ai-model-predicting-possible-mudflows-from-topographic-map-21a4894e6ed2339529f95a96970729de https://pressat.co.uk/releases/oyo-mhir-and-incubit-develops-an-ai-model-predicting-possible-mudflows-from-topographic-map-21a4894e6ed2339529f95a96970729de Thursday 5 September, 2019

(Tokyo,September 5)OYO Corporation(hereinafter “OYO”), Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc. (hereinafter “MHIR”), and Incubit Inc.(hereinafter “Incubit”) has developed an AI model that finds locations with high probability of mudflows and other slope land related disasters (hereinafter “Mudflows”) happening in the future. Through testing the model’s accuracy, it was found that the model’s practical application is highly feasible.

Japan has long fought natural disasters head on, from earthquakes to typhoons which lead to the country having advanced knowledge and technology in the field of disaster prevention. Even so, mapping out predictions for possible Mudflows from complicated topographic features required precise analysis by highly trained geology experts an extensive amount of time. To reinforce disaster prevention systems in broad areas, and even in regions with limited resources, we needed a creative solution that reduced the cost, manpower and the time of analysis.

OYO with ample knowledge in disaster prevention, MHIR the consultation professional, and Incubit the AI development expert, worked together to create an AI model that predicts possible Mudflows from topographic maps. The AI model was trained with topographic maps and result of the experts’ readings of the same maps. The output given by the AI model was examined by geology experts, who concluded that the model is highly feasible for practical use.

As the AI model has proven its feasibility, Incubit alongside with MHIR will continue to support OYO’s efforts to establish this new technology. OYO’s further plans include developing multi-point sensors to place in danger areas found by the AI model, providing next generation disaster prevention information services, geographic risk assessments focused on earthquakes, and disaster risk reporting services specific to businesses use.

●About OYO Corporation

OYO has been working on upgrading construction business using AI and three-dimensional ground information technology in the fields of ground and disaster prevention.

We are also actively promoting business exchanges with other fields toward the fourth industrial revolution, such as developing an automatic driving support system that utilizes underground radar technology to visualize the inside of the ground.

●About Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.

Mizuho Information & Research Institute (MHIR) is IT-system integration and Think-Tank subsidiary of Mizuho Financial group, which is leading financial institution in Japan. MHIR provides total solutions including consulting, systems integration and outsourcing, that make it a true and trusted IT partner able to support its customers transform their vision into reality.

●About Incubit

Incubit undertakes the challenge of solving industry specific problems alongside the leading companies of Japan adopting the latest technology. We’ve worked in the fields of medicine, bio tech, space, geology and manufacturing with notable achievements, by virtue of our earnest approach towards solution deployment. Our current focus and strength is image recognition using deep learning technology, nevertheless, our enthusiasm always lies in finding the best possible solution providable.

Contact: OYO Corporation Makoto Kawachi & Shinichi Hashimoto


Contact: Incubit Inc. Julia Ryan


No media attached. Please contact Incubit Inc. for more information.

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<![CDATA[ Art with Heart: Finalists announced in New SFS Introducing Art Conservation Initiative ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/art-with-heart-finalists-announced-in-new-sfs-introducing-art-conservation-initiative-f1fda39ba73e2dae749c4a5ccb1ae4d8 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/art-with-heart-finalists-announced-in-new-sfs-introducing-art-conservation-initiative-f1fda39ba73e2dae749c4a5ccb1ae4d8 Tuesday 3 September, 2019

Norfolk based wildlife conservation charity Explorers against Extinction has announced the 100 finalists in its innovative SFS Introducing
free-to-enter art competition. Finalists come from over all over the United Kingdom with dozens of endangered species celebrated.

SFS Introducing is a new initiative for 2019, which aims to showcase up and coming artistic talent while also raising awareness about endangered species and funds for nominated projects.

The SFS Introducing artworks will be exhibited in the UK this autumn alongside the charity’s core invitational Sketch for Survival collection, which has successfully toured for the last three years, attracting over 10,000 visitors last autumn.

Anyone over the age of 16 years old can submit an original work featuring an endangered species to SFS Introducing.

This year, over 450 entries were received from five continents. Trustees were joined by an international panel of award-winning artists led by Gary Hodges, the UK’s best-selling wildlife pencil artist, and were tasked with narrowing the selection down to just 100 finalists.

Finalists have their artwork exhibited alongside the core Sketch for Survival collection, comprising work by established professional artists and celebrity supporters and patrons, including Sir Ranulph Fiennes. The exhibition tour starts in October and venues include Bristol, Harrogate, Norwich and London.

Finalists also have the chance to win three awards, including SFS Introducing Artist of the Year which will be presented at the charity’s ‘On the Edge’ event at London’s Royal Geographical Society in London on 14 November 2019.

Trustee, Sara White explains the thinking behind the initiative: “Our annual Sketch for Survival exhibition and auction has gone from strength to strength and has proved to be a hugely effective vehicle in raising awareness about endangered species. It all started with an exhibition of 26-minute sketches, because an elephant is poached for its ivory every 26 minutes. This new initiative gives aspiring or fledgling artists a chance for their work to be seen on a wider stage, while also contributing to wildlife conservation.”

Lauren Asquith, 22, from Wakefield in Yorkshire graduated in illustration from the University of Leeds this summer and hopes to set up a freelance illustration business. Her digital depiction of an orangutan is one of the artworks selected by the panel. Asquith said: “I wanted to choose a species with character for my artwork and the orangutan has a good face for drawing. The campaign by Explorers Against Extinction is very close to home given my interest in nature and science and wanting to learn from the subjects I illustrate.”

All artworks are sold either by auction or in the charity’s online gallery in aid of Explorers against Extinction wildlife conservation projects which range from a Nubian giraffe translocation in Uganda, support for anti-poaching teams in Hwange, Zimbabwe protecting critically endangered painted dogs, a community project in Bandipur India aimed at safeguarding tigers and field study in Batang Toru, Sumatra where the world’s rarest great ape, the Tapanuli Orangutan is under threat.

More information at explorersagainstextinction.co.uk

Contact Sara White sara@explorersagainstextinction.co.uk
01603 964 985

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Real World Conservation Trust.

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<![CDATA[ Greatest global celebration of sound walks starts on Sound Walk Sunday, 1 September 2019. ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/greatest-global-celebration-of-sound-walks-starts-on-sound-walk-sunday-1-september-2019-0409675a3b3ea2c1d76e3a2b946fa8d3 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/greatest-global-celebration-of-sound-walks-starts-on-sound-walk-sunday-1-september-2019-0409675a3b3ea2c1d76e3a2b946fa8d3 Tuesday 27 August, 2019


Greatest global celebration of sound walks starts on Sound Walk Sunday, 1 September 2019.

With more than 60 live events and scores of self-guided walks the London-based Museum of Walking and the global Made of Walking network launch a month-long celebration of sound walks starting Sunday 1 September 2019.

From Vancouver in the west, where you are invited to play the tension wires of the Burrard Bridge as a percussionist, to Queensland in the east, where aboriginal communities come together to share their stories, there are live events across the globe, more than 30 alone taking place on Sound Walk Sunday (1 September).

Just what is a sound walk? You may ask. A sound walk, or walking piece, is any walk that focuses on listening to the environment, with or without the use of technology, or adds to the experience through the use of sound or voice. This can include a scripted or choreographed score or work that has additional audio elements.

“We are humbled by the number of artists and producers from all over the world who have contributed a vast number and huge variety of Sound Walks, such that we are fast approaching a full September of events, rather than our initial Sound Walk Sunday!” Andrew Stuck, founder of the Museum of Walking, and Sound Walk Sunday co-producer.

To illustrate the variety of sound walk events on offer, you can join a group of sound artists as they capture the sounds and silences of the world largest and Britain’s most famous library; participate in a choreographical walk event that takes place simultaneously in Oxford Street, London and downtown Boston, USA; dance amongst the trees in Chichester, walk through the night or practice a Chinese audial meditation in the Polish city of Krakow; immerse yourself in an audio-drama played out on a bus route in London or in Cape Town; or becoming a tortoise as you follow it through the Botanic Garden in Athens; or sing your heart out on a walk in a palm house in a botanic garden in Belfast.

Can you stop fidgeting, cease the chatter, or turn off your smartphone for very long? Many of the events encourage you to try your hand at ‘deep listening’ to your surroundings. There are silent walks in Berlin, Germany; Frome, Somerset; Birmingham, West Midlands; and Krakow, Poland. You can listen to the haunting sounds of a saxophone as it is played on a walk along a canal, or listen to the trees in a rainforest, or a hidden London river as it flows beneath the streets.

You can vote for your favourite - any sound walk produced in 2019 and included in Sound Walk September is eligible for an Award decided upon by public vote. There’s a second Award decided by a professional jury vote.


Sound Walk Sunday takes place on Sunday 1 September and launches a month-long Sound Walk September celebration of listening and sound walks.Museum of Walking is the brainchild of Andrew Stuck, a London-based walking artist Made of Walking is a global network and nomadic gathering for walking and sound practices, now in its 6th edition, with main encounters and satellite events extending to cities and places around the world. Sound walking events are being run independently by individuals and collectives and have been submitted to the Museum of Walking in the last 4 months.The Museum holds a publicly accessible directory of more than 150 sound walks and provides tips on how to make a sound walk of your own, as well as running ‘walkshops’ (workshops on foot) encouraging and demonstrating how to make sound walks. Event map and listing can be found here:https://www.museumofwalking.org.uk/events/categories/sound-walk-sunday-2019/Directory map and listing can be found here:https://www.museumofwalking.org.uk/walkingpiece_tag/sws19/Voting is open to everyone at the URL above.Media Resource pack and images available here: https://www.museumofwalking.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Sound-Walk-Sunday-2019-Media-Resource.pdf

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Museum Of Walking.

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<![CDATA[ Regus and SocialBox.Biz Donation drive aimed to reach a milestone of 1000+ laptops donated ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/regus-and-socialboxbiz-donation-drive-aimed-to-reach-a-milestone-of-1000-laptops-donated-709a2ac780b8a5f2c012d0d670235a66 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/regus-and-socialboxbiz-donation-drive-aimed-to-reach-a-milestone-of-1000-laptops-donated-709a2ac780b8a5f2c012d0d670235a66 Thursday 22 August, 2019

Businesses can now donate their old tech at participating centers

Regus and SocialBox.Biz have forged a highly successful partnership that is helping homeless people get back on their feet. In celebration, a special donation day was held on August 15, 2019, and aimed to hit a milestone of 1000 laptops donated by 2020.

Local press, councilmen and councilwomen, politicians, and other community figures were welcome to come for a special donation day morning and coffee.

To date, Regus sites have received approximately 200 items including laptops, office telephones, network switches, servers, desktop computers, mobile telephones, and business attire.

“I’m glad this is up and running,” said Steve Adams, Councillor for Belsize, London Borough of Camden. “Any help that can be brought through this innovative social initiative is to be welcomed. Well done.”

The initiative to reach 1000 laptops by 2020 is on track to be a success; to date, 600 have been donated. Those who want to take part in helping reach the milestone include Regus clients, which include entrepreneurs, small businesses, consultants, and more, and the public is also invited to donate laptops, computers, old mobile devices, attire, and more. Before donating, donors are asked to remove private data from tech devices as this is a public event.

Donations are also being accepted at the SocialBox.Biz donation drop off location in the London Borough of Camden in central London ( Regus-Spaces, 77 Farrington, LB, Camden, London EC1M 3JU ).

More information can be found at https://www.socialbox.biz/1000-laptops-for-homeless-support/, where a gauge is showing the progress being made towards the goal of receiving 1000 laptop donations by 2020.

About Social Box Biz

SocialBox.Biz is a community interest company (CIC) improving the local community by providing innovative tech solutions.



Phone: 0843 289 5722

E-mail: info@socialbox.biz

Website: https://www.socialbox.biz/


Previous press releases



* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact SocialBox.Biz Trading Enterprises CIC.

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<![CDATA[ Global study links short-term air pollution exposure to cardiovascular and respiratory mortality, warns international respiratory group ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/global-study-links-short-term-air-pollution-exposure-to-cardiovascular-and-respiratory-mortality-warns-international-respiratory-group-664172fbef40d0ed3232ba1371c07887 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/global-study-links-short-term-air-pollution-exposure-to-cardiovascular-and-respiratory-mortality-warns-international-respiratory-group-664172fbef40d0ed3232ba1371c07887 Thursday 22 August, 2019

An article published in the New England Journal of Medicine found associations between short-term exposure to particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) and cardiovascular and respiratory mortality risk, from over 600 cities across the globe. [1]

The adverse health effects of short-term exposure to ambient air pollution have been well documented. Particulate matter (PM) raises public health concerns because of its toxicity and the widespread exposure.

This study is an important international effort that evaluates the association of exposure to outdoor fine PM and cardiovascular and respiratory mortality across 652 cities in 24 countries from 6 continents. On average, a 10 mg/m3 increase in two-day moving average of PM10 was associated with increments of 0.44%, 0.36% and 0.47% in total, cardiovascular and respiratory mortality, respectively. The corresponding mortality increments for the same change in PM2.5 were 0.68%, 0.55% and 0.74%.

“This very large data sample allowed researchers to examine the data for obvious confounders while maintaining its statistical power and adjusting for known gaseous pollutants, such as ozone and sulphur dioxide as well as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.” said Clayton T. Cowl, MD, MS, President of American College of Chest Physicians and member of the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) Environmental Committee. [2]

The most notable finding of the study is related to the exposure-response relationship between PM and mortality. “No threshold level of effect emerges from the data, indicating that at any exposure level a health risk for the exposed population still exists. Moreover, paradoxically, the percentage increase in mortality per 10 mg/m3 increase in PM air concentration is stronger at low exposures than at the highest. This result could be explained by several phenomena ranging from development of a biological ‘tolerance’ to the adverse health effects of PM in the long-term highly exposed populations to the adaptation of ‘avoidance’ behaviours (e.g. stay at home on the most polluted days) due to the higher awareness among them of this public health issue,” said Sara De Matteis, MD, MPH, PhD, Adjunct Professor at Humanitas University, Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, and member of FIRS Environmental Committee. [3]

“Although the study’s size gives it strength,” warned Teresa To, PhD, Senior Scientist, The Hospital for Sick Children and Professor at the University of Toronto and FIRS Environmental Committee member [4], “the variation across countries may limit its ability to generate a ‘general global estimate.’ The differences between countries could be from varied exposures of concomitant gaseous pollutants, which add to the toxicity of the PM.”

The wide range of the composition of the fine particles (PM2.5) and the different toxins they contain is extremely important and also varies in different regions. Dr. Cowl concludes “Studying anything that involves data across the entire planet is difficult and involves attempting to find common denominators for measurements that span geopolitical, programmatic, or individual variation. Despite this, the study shows extremely compelling data that suggest inhalable and fine particulate matter does not just represent a common annoyance but is associated with human mortality most affecting our most vulnerable populations who suffer from underlying cardiac and respiratory illness. It should prompt not only medical providers, but also policymakers to take notice.”


[1] The paper can be viewed at: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1817364

[2] Dr Clayton Cowl is board certified in Pulmonary, Critical Care, Occupational, and Internal Medicine and is the President of CHEST. He chairs the Division of Preventive, Occupational, and Aerospace Medicine at the Mayo Clinic. He is the Immediate Past-President of the Civil Aviation Medical Association. His research interests are in occupational asthma and toxic inhalations.

[3] Dr Sara De Matteis is Occupational and Environmental Health Physician and epidemiologist whose research centers on the effect of the environment and genetics on health, especially with regard to occupational lung diseases ranging from asthma to lung cancer.

[4] Dr. To is a Senior Scientist at The Hospital for Sick Children and a Professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, whose population-based research focuses on childhood asthma and its environmental influence. She is also at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences where she works on administrative databases to study healthcare in a variety of medical settings.

About the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) The Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) is an organisation comprised of the world's leading international respiratory societies working together to improve lung health globally: American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST), American Thoracic Society (ATS), Asian Pacific Society of Respirology (APSR), Asociación Latino Americana De Tórax (ALAT), European Respiratory Society (ERS), International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (The Union), Pan African Thoracic Society (PATS), Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA), and the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD).

The goal of FIRS is to unify and enhance efforts to improve lung health through the combined work of its more than 70,000 members globally.

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22 Aug 2019 07:53:07 GMT
<![CDATA[ Regus and SocialBox.Biz Announce Laptop Donation Drive Across Regus Centers ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/regus-and-socialboxbiz-announce-laptop-donation-drive-across-regus-centers-e579f604a40d602a110e34aa37f6266b https://pressat.co.uk/releases/regus-and-socialboxbiz-announce-laptop-donation-drive-across-regus-centers-e579f604a40d602a110e34aa37f6266b Thursday 15 August, 2019

Donation drive aims to reach a milestone of 1000+ laptops donated

Regus and SocialBox.Biz have forged a highly successful partnership that is helping homeless people get back on their feet. In celebration, a special donation day is being organized and is slated for August 15, 2019, and aims to hit a milestone of 1000 laptops donated by 2020. 

On Thursday, August 15, 2019, local press, councilmen and councilwomen, politicians, and other community figures are welcome to come for a special donation day morning and coffee. 

To date, Regus sites have received approximately 200 items including laptops, office telephones, network switches, servers, desktop computers, mobile telephones, and business attire.

“I’m glad that this is up and running. Any help that can be brought through this innovative social initiative is to be welcomed. Well done” said Steve Adams Councillor for Belsize, London Borough of Camden commenting on the event held at Regus-Spaces Farringdon, London EC1M 3JU in the Borough of Camden.

The initiative to reach 1000 laptops by 2020 is on track to be a success; to date, 600 have been donated. Those who want to take part in helping reach the milestone include Regus clients, which include entrepreneurs, small businesses, consultants, and more, and the public is also invited to donate laptops, computers, old mobile devices, attire, and more. Before donating, donors are asked to remove private data from tech devices as this is a public event.

More information can be found at https://www.socialbox.biz/1000-laptops-for-homeless-support/, where a gauge is showing the progress being made towards the goal of receiving 1000 laptop donations by 2020.

About Social Box Biz

SocialBox.Biz is a community interest company (CIC) improving the local community by providing innovative tech solutions.


Social Box Biz

Phone: 0843 289 5722

E-mail: info@socialbox.biz

Website: https://www.socialbox.biz/


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