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Two teachers have launched LifeGames, a free app designed to address increasing behavioural issues in UK and Irish schools. It comes after exclusive research revealed an urgent call by teachers for more development of social skills within the current education system.

The free app teaches key life and social skills such as empathy, respect, responsibility and effective communication through a collection of over 40 activities and games for three age groups (3-5, 6-9, 10-12). A further 250+ activities and games are also available in a variety of modestly-priced premium packs.

Frustrated by the increased focus on academic achievement at the expense of essential life skills, and driven by their experiences of teaching children with behavioural issues, teachers Lukarte Turner and Gabriela Andino developed the LifeGames activities to help reverse the trend of misbehaviour and social ineptitude, and give a helping hand to our already highly stressed teachers.

"LifeGames activities have been created thinking about children, of course," says Lukarte, "but also thinking about teachers, because they are the ones who told us how much stress they’re under and how difficult their job is. LifeGames has been designed with them in mind, to give them a vital classroom resource that helps students understand a better way of living, happier, healthier and more connected to each other. Students need to learn more about life and about themselves, and teachers, together with parents, can help them with that."

Initial research by LifeGames revealed that teachers claim empathy is the most lacking of social skills taught in the current education system, with other key words such as compassion, respect, resilience, cooperation and responsibility also mentioned. 87% of teachers surveyed said they were likely to use a product that helped develop these social skills and traits, with 90% saying they’d use it at least once per week.

LifeGames activities were successfully trialled in a pilot program involving 22 schools in the UK and Ireland in January 2019, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from teachers who rated the activities according to their simplicity, popularity and effectiveness. With most activities scoring at least 4 out of 5, teachers reported that students were motivated and engaged by the activities, felt better able to express themselves, were more respectful of others, and had a greater sense of responsibility afterwards.

"One of the problems teachers were telling us was a lack of time," says Lukarte. "We created this app with that in mind. Our activities are very simple, short, easy to use and have proven highly effective."

Activities in the collection include role-playing games that tackle bullying, puzzles that incentivise cooperation, team challenges that promote leadership and responsibility, tasks that foster trust and good communication, group projects that inspire sharing and community thinking. Premium users also get access to a lesson planner to help fit activities around normal class scheduling.

LifeGames is available as a free app from Google Play and App Store, and also in a large format, illustrated teachers handbook entitled 'Introducing LifeGames - 101 Fun Life Learning Activities for Juniors, available from Amazon.co.uk.

Other: <iframe width="690" height="388" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/gD8egSf_IVQ" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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<![CDATA[ Opendium Launches Green Online Safety Scheme ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/opendium-launches-green-online-safety-scheme-4e5daf34fcf1afe885179ed1fc8e575e https://pressat.co.uk/releases/opendium-launches-green-online-safety-scheme-4e5daf34fcf1afe885179ed1fc8e575e Tuesday 10 September, 2019

British Online Safety Business Launches Green Web Filtering for UK Schools.

United Kingdom. (September, 2019) - With concern about climate change growing, we all have a responsibility to do our bit for the environment. Schools, as much as anyone, must look after their students' futures. This September, web filtering supplier Opendium is launching a new scheme to help UK schools to meet their online safety obligations in an environmentally responsible way.

Opendium has been helping schools across the UK to protect children for 14 years. The most obvious part of their work is to protect children from the internet's many dangers whilst safeguarding and promoting the huge number of ways that the internet can be used for their benefit. Going beyond that, people live much of their lives online these days and Opendium are perfectly placed to spot children who are facing serious challenges in the offline world too. School staff can be given an early warning so that they can intervene and help children suffering from problems such as abuse, depression, drug abuse, etc.

"But we must never overlook the fact that environmental damage, such as climate change, is putting those same children at risk," explained Opendium's Technical Director, Steve Hill. "Opendium believe that protecting children from the immediate dangers must never come at the expense of putting their future in jeopardy."

Opendium has partnered with sustainable development experts ClimateCare to offer a simple way for schools to safeguard their students in an environmentally responsible way.

ClimateCare works with organisations around the world to invest in accredited carbon reduction projects. Their portfolio of projects not only offset CO2 emissions, but provide immediate and tangible improvements to peoples' lives.

Whilst Opendium's cloud based online safety products are hosted in data centres that use 100% clean energy, they were concerned about the CO2 emissions from their, more popular, on-premises options. Opendium's new carbon offsetting scheme, in partnership with ClimateCare, offers schools a simple way to meet their environmental and social responsibilities whilst keeping children safe online.

"Opendium are very proud to partner with leading carbon reduction experts ClimateCare, who are trusted by many of the world's leading organisations to help to reduce their carbon footprint."

Established in 2005, Opendium supply sector-leading online safety, web filtering, firewalling and networking expertise to the UK education sector. Opendium's culture centres around taking ownership of the customer's problems to support and deliver a timely solution.

Other: <iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/F3fdETtFlpg" style="display:block; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;" width="560"></iframe>
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<![CDATA[ YOU ARE AWESOME! A BIG, YELLOW THANK YOU TO THE EMERGENCY SERVICES ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/you-are-awesome-a-big-yellow-thank-you-to-the-emergency-services-18afeb60401bd7d171219fc6c3da6d25 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/you-are-awesome-a-big-yellow-thank-you-to-the-emergency-services-18afeb60401bd7d171219fc6c3da6d25 Monday 9 September, 2019

Friday 20th
September 2019, London, UK: An open-topped, double-decker, bright yellow bus will be driven all around London stopping at Ambulance Stations, Fire Stations, Police Stations and Hospitals giving out coffee, donuts and gifts to say thank you to the awesome men and women of the Emergency Services.

September 2019, will be a day to remember for all of the amazing people who protect us and save lives every day. The mission of the day is to permanently cement respect and gratitude from the public in the form of continuous kind gestures to the Emergency Services; like buying someone a coffee, a donut, or some other way of saying thank you. The more sporadic and unexpected the gestures are, the more special they will feel.

Michael Howard, Founder of The Awesome Movement said, “Following a BBC News article in September 2018 of notes being left on an Ambulance berating paramedics for parking over a drive whilst on an emergency call, I was shocked, but also made a realisation, we don’t show our appreciation enough. Almost immediately I created a group of like-minded individuals to help change the way that we as a country think about our awesome Emergency Services teams throughout the country going out and risking their lives to protect and save ours.”

Shocking facts:

Around eight paramedics are subjected to a serious attack every day, including stabbings, assaults and verbal abuse.
Recorded attacks on Firefighters have soared to a whopping 900 per year.
Over 15% of nursing staff have experienced physical violence from patients, relatives or members of the public.

Michael and his team of Awesome Appreciators will be driving an open-topped bright yellow bus all around London to shout about the amazing work that these brave men and women do every single day. Starting at 0630am at London Ambulance HQ, Waterloo Road, SE1, they will be visiting Ambulance Stations, Fire Stations, Police Stations and Hospitals giving out coffee, donuts and gifts.

Michael says, “Putting yourself in danger, saving someone’s life and dealing with harrowing events every day is unbelievable and worthy of our huge appreciation and gratitude. Our goal is to have a National Awesome Day every year, but more importantly we want the public to show their appreciation continually. For example; when you see someone from the emergency services, say thank you, buy them a coffee, make them feel appreciated.”

The Awesome Movement was founded in 2018 in London, UK by Michael Howard as a response to the horrific statistics relating to how Emergency Services staff are treated.

Instagram: @awesome_movement

Facebook: @awesomemovement

Web: www.awesomemovement.co.uk

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Awesome Movement.

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<![CDATA[ Future of Industrial Work Conference: From Artificial Intelligence to Premature de-industrialization ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/future-of-industrial-work-conference-from-artificial-intelligence-to-premature-de-industrialization-6e9c36be9d8ca3c19faf581430e73d7f https://pressat.co.uk/releases/future-of-industrial-work-conference-from-artificial-intelligence-to-premature-de-industrialization-6e9c36be9d8ca3c19faf581430e73d7f Monday 9 September, 2019

UNIDO Headquarters, Vienna, Austria

VIENNA, 19-20 September 2019 – Two United Nations agencies will join an international network of academics, civil society organisations and policymakers to host a workshop on automation, artificial intelligence, and premature de-industrialization.

The interdisciplinary workshop, co-hosted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the United Nations University and the Global Inequality Dynamics Research Network will investigate the future of industrial work, including threats posed to developing countries by emerging technologies and ‘premature de-industrialization’.

With sessions focusing on automation and globalization, jobs and development, as well as premature de-industrialization and structural transformation, the event will feature researchers from the Universities of Cambridge, Harvard and Johannesburg, as well as from the International Monetary Fund, the Overseas Development Institute and the World Trade Organization, among many others.

The workshop will open with a keynote speech from Margaret McMillan (Tufts University), followed by five subject-tailored sessions, and a policy panel chaired by Kunal Sen (UNU-WIDER). As such, more than 30 researchers from around the world will tackle the most pressing questions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

What is the impact of new technologies and ‘Industry 4.0’ on comparative advantage, industrial work and social and economic inclusiveness in developing countries?What are the distributional and political dynamics of new modes of structural change? And what public policies are plausible and appropriate?How are the manufacturing and service sectors interdependent? Does a strong manufacturing base support the growth of high-tech service industries? Can the growth of high-productivity service industries drive industrialization? What public policies are required to create synergies between manufacturing and service development for inclusive and sustainable growth?What would make traditional forms of structural transformation – industrialization – more viable in the future years? What public policies should be discussed and implemented?

The event will feature a number of practical outputs, including media interviews with high-level researchers and a series of policy briefs, set for release in late 2019. For more details, including the two-day programme, please see the event homepage and follow the Twitter accounts of UNIDO and UNU-MERIT and the ESRC GPID Network.


Note to Editors:

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. https://www.unido.org/who-we-are/unido-brief

The United Nations University – Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT) is a research and training institute of United Nations University based in Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands. The institute explores the social, political and economic factors that drive technological innovation, with a particular focus on creation, diffusion and access to knowledge. http://www.merit.unu.edu/about-us/.

The ESRC Global Poverty and Inequality Dynamics (GPID) research network is an international network of academics, civil society organisations, and policymakers. It was launched in 2017 and is funded by the ESRC’s Global Challenges Research Fund. https://www.gpidnetwork.org/about/

https://www.merit.unu.edu/events/event-abstract/?id=1877&speaker= http://fiw.merit.unu.edu/
* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact United Nations University - MERIT.

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<![CDATA[ Fresh Award Win Highlights SmartSurvey’s Growing Presence in Global Online Survey Software Market ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/fresh-award-win-highlights-smartsurveys-growing-presence-in-global-online-survey-software-market-bdf355fcdc0cc6c0e17713aa7fd61bb8 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/fresh-award-win-highlights-smartsurveys-growing-presence-in-global-online-survey-software-market-bdf355fcdc0cc6c0e17713aa7fd61bb8 Monday 9 September, 2019

Latest tech accolade caps a series of award wins during the Summer of 2019

Tewkesbury 9th
September 2019: Leading UK-based digital survey solutions provider, SmartSurvey, has been named a Rising Star in the Online Survey Software category of the Summer 2019 Customer Success Report, published by B2B software specialists Featured Customers. This latest accolade swiftly follows SmartSurvey’s award win with business technology software reviewers G2 Crowd, which is reflective of the online survey provider’s growing reputation and appeal in the global online survey software market.

Having launched in 2010, the rapidly growing online survey specialist, who is experiencing 40% year on year growth, has already become a trusted survey supplier to some of the world’s leading brands across multiple sectors.

SmartSurvey was one of only a few companies who successfully met the criteria necessary for inclusion in the survey software category of FeaturedCustomers’ Customer Success Report. The online survey provider earned their Rising Star award based on the authentication, quality and volume of their customer success content across a mix of case studies, testimonials and user reviews from multiple third-party sites.

Having seen how crucial research has become to the success of market leaders in both B2B and B2C sectors, companies of all sizes are now looking at how they can better utilise their data to make smarter decisions. They have realised the power that gathering internal and external feedback provides in helping them develop better strategies across marketing, training, employee relations, customer engagement and more; driving significant impact to their profitability and market share. Consequently, the demand for simple to use, quality survey software continues to grow. SmartSurvey’s ability to meet these requirements, together with the advanced performance and high levels of security offered by their survey software, has led to the company already successfully helping more than 250, 000 customers worldwide.

The latest awards are a great endorsement for the company and offers a marker towards their next stage of development, which SmartSurvey’s CEO, Mo Naser is extremely excited about:

“We are really delighted with this achievement, which together with our earlier award win with G2 Crowd, reflects our emergence as a significant player in the global online survey software market. Given today’s heightened customer concerns around data protection and security due to current Brexit uncertainties, our ability to provide clients with a completely UK based offering, both regards to our team and data, which is hosted on UK based servers, puts us at a distinct advantage. It is a value proposition, which very few of our rivals can offer. And it is an opportunity we are relishing, as we look forward to providing even more customers with the higher levels of data security assurances, they need to collect feedback throughout their business and drive better decisions and outcomes.”

More details about the Rising Star award, the Summer 2019 Customer Success Report and SmartSurvey’s profile, which includes detailed product scorecard ratings is available at: https://www.featuredcustomers.com/vendor/smartsurvey

Notes to editors

About SmartSurvey:

SmartSurvey is a UK-based provider of digital survey solutions. Launched in 2010, the company has rapidly grown into one of the leading online survey software suppliers in the UK and across Europe. Its powerful, secure and easy to use software, enables customers to create innovative surveys and questionnaires that helps them to deliver impactful results. A trusted provider for its customers, SmartSurvey is an ISO 27001 accredited and Cyber Essentials Plus Certified company, which hosts all its data securely on UK-based servers.

For more information go to: www.smartsurvey.co.uk

About FeaturedCustomers:

FeaturedCustomers, the world’s only customer reference platform for B2B business software & services, helps potential B2B buyers research and discover business software & services through vendor validated customer reference content such as customer testimonials, success stories, case studies, and customer videos. Every day their platform helps influence the purchasing decisions of thousands of B2B buyers in the final stages of their buying cycle from Fortune 500 companies to SMB’s.

For more information, visit their website.


For further information, please contact:

Phil Cleave

Content Marketing Executive


Email: phil@smartsurvey.co.uk

Tel: 01684 342267

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact SmartSurvey.

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<![CDATA[ Job-Filling & Job-Finding App Hela Job Launches as UK Gig Economy Doubles ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/job-filling-job-finding-app-hela-job-launches-as-uk-gig-economy-doubles-84fc881420a0e5c5db2aeef60709a13b https://pressat.co.uk/releases/job-filling-job-finding-app-hela-job-launches-as-uk-gig-economy-doubles-84fc881420a0e5c5db2aeef60709a13b Monday 9 September, 2019

With one in 10 UK adults now working on gig economy platforms, the Hela Job app is the first to focus on local job markets. Launching in London this week and then cities throughout the UK, the app will help business owners find local, part-time workers with a click on their smartphone and help job seekers find work in their own neighbourhood just as fast.

September 9th, 2019, London, UK – In the latest sign of the increasingly digital UK job market, Hela Job launched in London this week. The app is the first in the nation to focus on the HR needs of restaurants, retailers and other businesses that rely more than most on a local, part-time workforce. While other gig apps help businesses find contractors and freelancers for work that is primarily managed online, Hela Job helps local businesses find local workers.

“Just as entrepreneurs with skills focused on niche markets are the most successful in a gig economy, Hela Job is focused on the needs of local businesses and local job seekers,” said Hela Job Founder and CEO Ioannis Antypas. “While most job apps help companies find workers around the world, we help companies find workers around the corner."

A recent study by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) found that Britain’s booming gig economy more than doubled in size over the past three years and now accounts for 4.7 million workers. The study also concluded that one in 10 working-age adults now work on gig economy platforms, up from one in 20 in 2016.

While Uber, the ride-hailing smartphone app, is the most notable exception, most gig platforms are not focused on fulfilling the HR needs of local job markets.

Enter Hela Job, an app focused on helping businesses find local, part-time employees in an instant. How does it work? Once the business owner or HR manager posts a job on the platform, the most qualified local worker is notified instantly on their smartphone. Similar to Uber, if a worker doesn’t respond within a few seconds; the job automatically rolls over to the next local, pre-qualified worker. Also similar to Uber, when a worker accepts an offer, the app uses GPS to physically track them as they drive or, if they live in the same neighborhood, walk from their home to the job site.

HR managers in the UK who previewed Hela Job before this week’s launch, believe the app will save them time and money, allowing them to avoid paying large agency fees. Employers were particularly impressed by the app’s digital shift tracking feature, which allows employees hired through Hela Job to scan a QR code with their smartphones at the start of every shift and scan another code when their shift ends. This makes time-sheets digital, more accurate, and dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to track employee hours.

HR managers save even more time during the hiring process because Hela Job pre-screens and pre-interviews job seekers before they are eligible to be hired through the platform, a step that eliminates the time employers would use to interview job candidates themselves. In addition to interviewing prospective workers before the are eligible to be hired through Hela Job, they’re also subjected to an AI-powered security check.

Job seekers who previewed the app before its launch found it empowering. “The location feature is great, who doesn’t want to work closer to home?” said Sia Tehrani, a London resident who works part-time at a London coffee shop. “I like the freedom the app gives me. Just like Uber, when I want to work, I’ll turn it on and make myself available. When I don’t want to work, I'll turn it off. I’m in charge of my work schedule and I love it!”

After launching in London this week, Antypas plans to make Hela Job available in every major UK city by December. And later, to keep pace with the booming gig economy worldwide, the company will introduce its job-filling, job-finding app to international markets. Hela Job’s next target - the United States, where an estimated 57 million workers have joined the gig economy.

The company’s slogan, “Fill a Job, Find a Job with Hela Job”, will likely be translated into multiple languages as service industries in industrialized countries worldwide undergo a fundamental, digital transformation, relying less on full-time employees and more on part-time, local workers looking for jobs in their own neighbourhood.


MEDIA INQUIRIES: To schedule an interview with a Hela Job Manager, please contact Gary Gabriel at the company’s London headquarters on 020 8080 2775 or gary.gabriel@helajob.com.

Other: <iframe width="1280" height="720" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/cb_N9EiDtDE" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Hela Job.

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<![CDATA[ As freshers' week approaches, charity warns that over 264,000 students could be at risk of problem gambling ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/as-freshers-week-approaches-charity-warns-that-over-264000-students-could-be-at-risk-of-problem-gambling-c616e73891f15e8c2ad67516c2d39844 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/as-freshers-week-approaches-charity-warns-that-over-264000-students-could-be-at-risk-of-problem-gambling-c616e73891f15e8c2ad67516c2d39844 Thursday 5 September, 2019

The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) has published the results of a survey that looks specifically at higher education students, their attitudes to gaming and gambling and considers the related behaviours and potential challenges.

Whilst a large number of those asked said that they enjoyed the social side of both gaming and gambling, the survey results indicate that it can also have a negative impact on the academic performance of students and the quality of their friendships and social activities. In addition, for the students who gamble, nearly half said that they are constantly concerned about their financial situation.

Summary of results

Gaming is a popular way to reduce stress. Students are finding the university experience stressful. With 79% of students playing digital games, easing the pressures may be a positive benefit but 48% of those who game every day said it has got in the way of friendships and studies.The more frequently students game, the greater the impact. The research revealed that for those who game every day, one fifth have a negative sense of belonging at university, and over one-third say it has got in the way of their social life. 264,000 students in the UK are at some risk from gambling with around 88,000 already defined as problem gamblers.59% of students who gamble say they are always worrying about their financial situation while 16% have gambled more than they could afford.Students gamble to escape the stresses of university. For students who are moderate risk or problem gamblers the findings show they are more likely to gamble to ‘cheer them up when they are depressed’, even though 9 in 10 feel guilty about the way they have gambled. One third of these students say their gambling habits have a negative effect on their wellbeing, over half have considered dropping out of university and one in seven have a negative perception of their overall university experience.

The full report is available to download at www.ygam-research.org

Helping to Improve student life

As a charity committed to practical action, YGAM will be expanding their work with universities, students’ unions and others working with students in higher education on the key recommendations from this research.

Increase understanding of the wellbeing and support services available and how to access them, reaching students whom gaming or gambling is negatively affecting them.Raise awareness of gambling and gaming as addictions, providing students with a safe space to explore the risks and seek support.Provide accessible budgeting and financial advice particularly for students starting university.Extend easy access to social events and communities to help students build positive social relationshipsProvide additional academic support to reduce the anxiety about academic performance, workload pressures, uncertainty about the future

Former gambling addict, Joe Woof explains: “For me, going to university fuelled my addiction, it gave me independence and access to more money than I’d ever had before. I could go wherever I wanted and spend money on whatever I wanted, without anyone really knowing. My mind was on gambling 24/7 which meant I missed numerous lectures and essay deadlines, I was living two lives, it was exhausting, stressful and really effected my mental health. Sadly, my problems continued for years after, which led to the breakdown of my marriage and at my lowest, I even attempted to take my own life.

There is still a long road ahead but I’m off the bet and I can see a better future. Raising awareness of the potential dangers is so important, especially whilst at university. I didn’t even know that you could be addicted to gambling. I was careful to avoid the other dangers I was exposed to at that point in life (e.g. alcohol) but I was very naïve when it came to the harms of gambling, as I just didn’t have the awareness – awareness campaigns, like YGAM’s may have helped me or one of my friends spot the warning signs and do something about it.”

Of the findings, Lee Willows, YGAM CEO says: “There has been growing concern around the impact of gaming and gambling for young people and the purpose of this survey was to better understand a less well researched community, students in higher education. Students at university are often away from home, managing their finances and their lives independently for the first time. The research shows that we need to continue to expand our university partnerships and work together to raise awareness around financial advice, well-being, support services as well as the potential risks of gambling and gaming.”

Dr. Sarah Hodge, Lecturer in Cyberpsychology and Psychology, Bournemouth University, welcomes the research: “This insight report provides valuable statistics on the prevalence and behavioural habits for university students. Representing university students is particularly important as university life provides potential vulnerabilities, such as the changes in financial circumstances and time management.

Gaming continues to be a popular past time among university students, with developments in technology creating more potential overlaps between gaming and gambling. Some of these developments include the gamification of gambling and increased accessibility of both gaming and gambling. This combination of gaming and gambling behaviour also provides a good foundation for the following: further research in the area, teaching students about gaming and gambling behaviour, comparing and contrasting gaming and gambling behaviour, and developing further support for university students.”

Helen Rhodes, Programme Director
at the Gambling Commission said: “We welcome this research by YGAM which provides further information, detail and understanding on the relationship between young people and gambling.

There are a variety of actions and educational initiatives which are connected with the research and it is important these are undertaken in a planned, joined-up way. The National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms, launched earlier this year, will be the most effective way to ensure this vital coordination and partnership work takes place and drives faster progress to reducing gambling harms. We look forward to working with colleagues at YGAM in the months ahead.”

The survey of over 2,000 current students in higher education was developed by Red Brick Research, specialists in higher education and student research and carried out independently of the gaming and gambling sectors.

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Young Gamers And Gamblers Education Trust.

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<![CDATA[ Thousands of young people set to take part in Tomorrow's Engineers Week Big Assembly ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/thousands-of-young-people-set-to-take-part-in-tomorrows-engineers-week-big-assembly-f076ccea728a09152628899d93d598a8 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/thousands-of-young-people-set-to-take-part-in-tomorrows-engineers-week-big-assembly-f076ccea728a09152628899d93d598a8 Thursday 5 September, 2019

A drive to showcase how engineers help people’s health and wellbeing is underway as plans for Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2019 (4-8 November 2019, #TEWeek19) have been revealed.

At the heart of the Week will be a “Big Assembly” where around 50,000 young people are expected to take part in the same school assembly at the same time. The Big Assembly will feature inspirational engineers on a mission to improve people’s health and the nation’s wellbeing.

The Tomorrow’s Engineers Week Big Assembly will take place and streamed live on Wednesday 6 November at 10:30am – and will be available on demand 24 hours later.

Last year, more than 850 schools and 50,000 young people took part. Schools can sign up to take part and download lesson plans at www.bigassembly.org.

The Assembly and the wider Week of activity will highlight how engineering can be the career to fulfil young people’s dreams of rewarding careers tackling important issues facing society.

Nine in ten young people would like a job with a purpose [1]. Almost two-thirds (64%) of parents want their children to have a job that is something they can be proud of and two-fifths (38%) want their child to make a positive difference to society with their careers. [2]

With such public demand to hear about worthwhile careers, the Wednesday of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week will also see the Royal Academy of Engineering unveil the next major moment in its This is Engineering campaign, This Is Engineering Day, a new national awareness day dedicated to publicly celebrating the engineers and engineering technicians shaping society and solving global problems.

This year, This Is Engineering Day is focused on changing the stereotypical image of the engineer and engineering among the wider public and will see engineering organisations, engineers and supporters like Amazon, Ocado and Facebook showcase what 21st Century engineers and engineering really look like.

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week is delivered by EngineeringUK a not-for-profit organisation, which works with the engineering community – employers and professional institutions - to inspire tomorrow’s engineers.

Beth Elgood, Director of Communications at EngineeringUK, said:

“With so many career options open to young people, it’s vital that they understand the sheer range of exciting opportunities engineering provides.

“From tackling diseases to saving lives at sea to stopping flooding, preventing plastics from entering our oceans and even helping animals, engineers are at the heart of making the world a better place.

“Last year’s first ever Tomorrow’s Engineers Week Big Assembly was a huge success with 850 schools taking part and we look forward to even more students being part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week in 2019.”

For 2019, lesson plans will also be available to support the Tomorrow’s Engineers Week Big Assembly. These will help teachers integrate the Assembly into a wider school assembly, a science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) subjects lesson or a personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) session.

Now in its seventh year, Tomorrow’s Engineers Week takes place from 4-8 November and provides a unique opportunity for universities, schools, employers, professional institutions and engineers to drive interest in engineering careers, showing young people the ways in which engineers are on a mission to make the world a better place, find innovative solutions and shape the way we live.

The Tomorrow’s Engineers Week Big Assembly is sponsored by EngineeringUK, Institution of Civil Engineers, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the National Centre for Computing Education. It is supported by the Energy Institute, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine. It has the backing of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact Tomorrow's Engineers.

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<![CDATA[ Noise Solution CIC named a finalist in the UK Social Enterprise Awards, recognising businesses which are changing the world. ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/noise-solution-cic-named-a-finalist-in-the-uk-social-enterprise-awards-recognising-businesses-which-are-changing-the-world-2045f6d6b81f448205a983fed25bdfa8 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/noise-solution-cic-named-a-finalist-in-the-uk-social-enterprise-awards-recognising-businesses-which-are-changing-the-world-2045f6d6b81f448205a983fed25bdfa8 Wednesday 4 September, 2019

Local social enterprise Noise Solution CIC has been shortlisted in the UK Social Enterprise Awards, recognising it as one of the leading social enterprises in the country. This follows shortly after they were named one of the top 100 performing social enterprises in the UK according to the Natwest SE100.

Noise Solution CIC based in Bury St Edmunds and working across the East of England is a finalist in the Prove It! Impact Award. It is a business which delivers 1:1 music mentoring to people facing challenging circumstances. In the last few years it has engaged with over 600 of the hardest to reach individuals across the East of England. With a population facing significant engagement challenges Noise Solution have seen: 40% of participants re engaging with education, work or voluntary placements, with 330% savings for family and services (independently assessed) 190% of which are ‘in-year’ savings.

Social enterprises are businesses which trade for a social or environmental purpose. There are 100,000 social enterprises in the UK contributing £60bn to the UK economy, each one being set up to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face from homelessness to climate change.

The UK Social Enterprise Awards run by Social Enterprise UK, the national membership body for social enterprises, recognise the nation’s most pioneering social enterprises. Noise Solution will be joining other shortlisted organisations at the prestigious awards ceremony held at London’s iconic Guildhall on 4 December.

Previous SEUK award winners have included well known organisations such as Cafedirect and Celia Hodson, founder of ‘buy one give one’ menstrual product brand Hey Girls.

Commenting on being shortlisted, CEO of Noise Solution Simon Glenister said:

“We are delighted to have been shortlisted for this award. The last five years have seen us at the forefront of the development of digital youthwork; understanding how impact is generated, understanding how to measure it and then understanding how to move from merely capturing data to instead making it an ‘active agent’ in improving the highly significant outcomes that we are achieving”.

Commenting on the Awards, Chief Executive of Social Enterprise UK Peter Holbrook said:

“Every year the standards of applications for the UK Social Enterprise Awards gets higher and higher. At a time when public confidence in business is at a low and when we are facing crises both political and environmental – this year’s shortlist shows how business can be used to build a better world.”

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<![CDATA[ NEC launches new IGCSE Double Science ]]> https://pressat.co.uk/releases/nec-launches-new-igcse-double-science-ceb8bdc5acfd29f6dba3b56c8f994919 https://pressat.co.uk/releases/nec-launches-new-igcse-double-science-ceb8bdc5acfd29f6dba3b56c8f994919 Thursday 29 August, 2019
“I have found studying by distance learning a rewarding yet challenging experience. Studying in this way lets you choose your own hours to study and go through the course at your own time. I have enjoyed being in control of my learning” - Emma, NEC science student.

In response to student demand, the National Extension College (NEC) has launched a new IGCSE Double Science distance learning course which is equivalent to two GCSEs. There are 21 sections - seven each across biology, chemistry and physics meaning that students gain a broad scientific perspective.

NEC already has a strong offer in single science subjects at both GCSE and A level and has seen the sciences grow in popularity over the years. This is in line with national trends where students studying STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) has increased in recent years, especially amongst women. 50% of students who sat IGCSE sciences with NEC this year were female. There was also an exceptional 100% pass rate in IGCSE chemistry.

The requests for Double Science GCSE is reflected in the national statistic, where double science entries rose from 740,916 in 2018 to 778,626 this year (Schools Week, 2019).

Double Science opens up a fascinating world of discovery. As Professor Brian Cox says: “One of the great joys of science is to understand something for the first time–to really understand, which is very different from, and far more satisfying than, knowing the facts.”

NEC’s Double Science specification enables the learner to develop essential skills in enquiry, problem-solving and analysis in a flexible way which suits their lifestyle. Covering three sciences helps students make an informed choice about pursuing science in the future, such as at A level. It also provides a strong foundation for students wanting to go on to health-related professions like nursing or physiotherapy. Apprenticeship providers, universities and employers value candidates who can demonstrate science-based skills.

GCSE success stories

Callum, 25, IGCSE Biology grade 9: “I failed all of my GCSEs at school, I returned to education in my mid 20’s through NEC and received a grade 9 in Biology. It’s never too late for education.”

All students who enrol with NEC have access to comprehensive, high quality online learning materials with support from an experienced and qualified personal tutor who marks their assignments.

Meet Julie who is just one of NEC’s first-class Double Science tutors: “I love learning and I love inspiring other people to learn. I’ve worked with students from primary to undergraduate level as I have taught in schools and universities. Now, I specialise in home education and distance learning, teaching people in the UK and overseas. I have a degree in physics with astrophysics and a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) in physics, science and maths, both from the University of Birmingham, and an LLM in Law from the University of Leeds. A senior examiner for several exam boards, I am also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors.”

NEC is unique among distance learning providers. NEC is an approved exam centre able to offer a guaranteed exam place and complete exam booking service to their students. They can also provide additional support to students and families under 18.

Dr Ros Morpeth, CEO of NEC comments: “Science qualifications both at GCSE and A Level open doors to jobs, careers, university places and professional training. NEC is delighted to add IGCSE Double Science to our existing range of subjects.”

About the National Extension College (NEC)

The National Extension College (NEC) transforms lives through learning. It opens up futures for people of all ages, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, by offering access to flexible distance learning courses across the UK and beyond. Over the past 55 years, NEC has forged a reputation for quality and innovation in learning, alongside a deep commitment to offering each student an exceptional level of support in achieving their future ambitions.


w: www.nec.ac.uk

t: 01223 400 261

e: marketing@nec.ac.uk

National Extension College

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No media attached. Please contact The National Extension College (Part of the Open School Trust) for more information.

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